Monday, April 25, 2005 

steal some time...

at this moment, i should be attending my DSP class... but today I am thinking of going to 'ponteng' and try to search some infos on my 1st Control assignment which the deadline is.. - TODAY - ...huhuhu ape daaaa sume buat last minute...tapi maner fair, dapat tajuk susah...'Sistem Putaran Mekanik'...apekejadahnyer tuu....takpe, tomorrow I'll send mine to Mr Tatang & hopefully he will still accept it...ader ramai lagi budak yang tak antar lagi...hmmm akunyer PSM pon terkebil-kebil gak...ikut deadlinenyer hari ni gak... aku ades habbeeesssss camna lepas ni pon aku tak tau....aku ingat nak buat pasal micro-c...tapi tak tau lecturer maner yang pakar dalam nih....abiss lerr aku tak antar tajukk.....menjawab aku esok esok nanti....tapi rasenye, kalau sesape tak submit tajuk, nanti die akan fixedkan tajuk utk kiter, sama ade kite minat ke tak, boleh buat ke tak...cenggitu ler aku dengar....tapi kalau rase boleh bagi lagi...aku nak kasi esok jugak arr....warghh...

Monday, April 11, 2005 

back here...

assalamualaikum...i'm back here in the linux's still around 10am...there's an hour left before the start of my one of short semester's subject...(yes, i'm taking it now)...darn, i had to lessen my credits a bit so i can lift some burden in the next i had to sacrifice my 3 months of holiday,taking 5 credits this semester...but i think there's good news for me anyway since usually i will become very boring to death during the holiday season...coz i've really got nothing to do...i'm not the type of going out and enjoy blablabla that kind of guy...besides, it's the same thing everyday...what else to see? you might wanna call me 'anak dara' who always stays home...but now, the ladies are the one who usually don't stayed at home very often...always walk around window shopping, buy girlie stuffs...right?at least here, i can concentrate doing BIG projects with my trusty pc...i still not in the mood to resume the class dvd thing...maybe some other time...i have to think about my psm first as the deadline is in two weeks time and i have to submit what am i going to do, and have to find a supervisor...hmmm....for those who are not taking this short semester, then happy holiday! those who already grad...well, it's about time you find a job...remember, blanje me when you get your 1st month salary okehh!!! wassalam...

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