Wednesday, November 29, 2006 

the lazy disease strikes back!


so, it's been a while (verrryy whiillee) I haven't write anything useful here...I know, you all are surely impatiently waiting for my latest entry. Did ya miss me? did ya did ya? hahaha...First of all, this blog is not officially dead yet...It is just under a long-term hiatus, waiting for its author to fill up his brains for stuffs to write about...but of course, most of the time, there's nothing...or actually, it is the same thing over and over again, in an endless loop...the same boring stuffs here and there...although, there is also something I want to share with you guys but I don't know where to start at...but yeah, I need to write something for this month or there'll be no entry at all for November..

---------- about start about my raya? haha xde org pikir dah, mood raye dah lame abis...pejadahnye baru nak tulis...yeah I know but, what the want stories, right?

It becomes a tradition for us to visit both kampungs during Hari Raya for past couple of years...its just a matter of which kampungs to visit first...before this, we only visit 1 kampung on one raya sessions, and the another kampung on another sessions [Either Eid-Ul Fitr or Eid-Ul Ad-Ha]...due to some popular belief, Eid-Ul-Adh-Ha will always be more joyful on the east-coast side of the Peninsular, while the former is on the west-coast...for me, they both share the same joyfulness...this year, we've 'balik kampung' at Abah's at Rantau Panjang, Kelate first...Abah has 9 siblings, multiply for avg. 3-4 children of them, and I've got around 30+ of my cousin coming at one time...this numbers varies from day to day, though, as some of them came 2-3 days after raya while others already left...some of my cousin already married and even had their kids, so...meriah le cucu2 cicit2 Mak-Ayah...and yeah, I am still receiving duit raya, shamelessly...At 24, you would think that I should be giving it instead of getting it...Oh well, if they want to give, my 2 hands will always open...huahua...We didn't visit a lot of homes though, only went to Ayah Din (2nd of Abah's siblings in order - Abah is the 3rd) Ayah Ki's (6th) home, which is just within walking distance to Mak-Ayah's...

We've stayed there for 4 days and 3 nights, and then went for my Mama's kampung at Gopeng, Perak. (we made a 'pit-stop' at Grik on the way, at Mak Jah's (1st) home)...Uchi lives alone there (Mama's dad passed away very long time ago, even before I exist on this planet)...Mama has 5 siblings, and she's the 1st...We've visit Mak Chik's (3rd, obviously!) home before went to Uchi's...We've also visit Mak Ngah's at Jelapang on the next day...We've decided to surprise Nurul and made a birthday party for her (actually, it was a belated birthday) was a verryyy long time we haven't had a birthday cake (since we were grown ups and the cake-eating era days were numbered)...we headed home on the day after...Mamak (4th, the only male siblings) and Mak Su came on later days...


I've got the chance to go at my 1st open's Kaluts, one of my STARian's friends, and he's home at..emm, can't remember lohh...Bukit-something, somewhere at PJ or so... Bukit Jelutong, Shah is a wealthy place for wealthy, Lan, Achor As came together...there were others who came early - Boyout, PakTam - and one latecomer - Nan...


I stayed at home for 2 weeks before I came back to Parit Raja...I'm eagerly waiting for my very last paper exam - Optoelectronics. It was on the last day of the exam days. I wasn't hoping to score it anyway, the 1st thing came to my mind was to finish it...Anyway, there's another raya open house we've attended to...2 actually..1st, it's Kodok home...He (and his family) is a great cook, not only expert in burgers but also in other variety of foods...For the 1st time, I ate Laksa Johor, and it was truly marvelous...they also made Baryani Gam, another great "appetizer" (not necessarily light food, you know)...After Kodoks, we went to Naz's home for some light supper...beehun, keropok and each of us were 'full tank'...before we came back, we stopped by at Andy Co's (Shai Pokli) fare house at JB since he works there...


...there's a lot of other things I've been thinking, particularly, "Where am I heading after this?"..."Who am I going to be?"..."What is my destiny?"...and so on...I'm not sure if I am to become an EE...You know, when you discover something else that you are more capable of, you tend to sway from your original 'path' and lost focus of it...Instead, you are more determine to do something you actually like and believe that you have the talent to do it...It happens to me all the time, or at least, for 2-3 years, when I feel that I'm more suited in Media stuffs than Electronics...Sometimes I wonder, why am I even taking EE the 1st place? (for now, let's reserve the answer of the question in other times)...I am eyeing some job related to videography/cinematography, those kind of stuffs...something that I, not to become a director/producer of a box-office movie...not just yet, probably...just something like short stories, advertisements, documentaries, music video clips, wedding/meeting/family day videos and such...

However, there's a quote that goes, "The ones that you like most is the ones you will never get", I may get something that I don't like, but if I take it patiently and sincerely, who knows it might turn better than expected...But of course, whatever my choice is, I should created my own path, and try not follow other peoples' path which has been laid before me...I know that there's a lot of their path leads to glory, the winning ways, while some of them leads to nowhere and becomes lost...but if they manage to do it on their own, so can I..there's always risk here and there, but it's worth taking it...and that's make life very interesting...everybody will have their rough time, and it might happen a lot in their life...if you think that you should be born in a happy, rich family, then easily scores and excels in exams, getting into the best university and achieve 4-flat all the time, get a great job with 5-6 digit salary and becoming a big boss in a big company, married to a beautiful girl/boy and have a happy family, and so on, that would be TOO EASY...might as well you simply wish God just put you to heaven directly without all those earth fuss, or even better, wish He never create you at all...

I've mention this matter how weird, how irrational, how unrealistic choice one has made, if he BELIEVES it, it will turn out very well, even better than the original path intended for him...Insyaallah...


what am I rambling about? sometimes when emotion gets over me, I tend to be 'snapped-in' and write trivial things (or not?)...but hopefully it might be useful to you, and me as well...

I would like to apologize to my former house mate and roommate, Mr Wan Abdul Azir Wan Musa a.k.a Jowan-Manja-Kuben-Raksasa-Kapitan for not coming to his wedding on 26th Nov...He is marrying his sweetheart during his study years, Harabiyatul Zanariah Hj Din a.k.a. Zana..I kinda knew her since I've seen her picture in Jowan's PC...It's the one whom Jowan will wake up early, iron his shirt and pants, take the early bus to JB to meet her --- (betul ke yg ni Jowan, ke org lain?) huhuu...and at night, we usually can see Jowan use his slow-and-sweet talk on the phone, in our room...even Wady Lan could not challenge him...hahaha...Jowan is the 1st boy in Samad's gang to marry, 2nd overall after kak a roommate for 5 years, I felt that I am obligated to come...In fact, I actually already reached the BP bus station and were planning to buy the ticket to Alor Star (his home at Jitra)...but sadly, the last bus was at 8.30pm, and I reached there at 8.40pm...(dgn xsemena2nye kompeni Johor Motore untung RM4 gitu2 jer :p)...this was almost the carbon copy of what happened to me 2 years ago, when I was planning to visit Nana in her wedding...On that time, instead of buying bus tickets, we (with Maram12th) went to Summit and buy movie tickets of the film AVP instead. (i've wrote about this some time ago)...tough luck for me..

I've called him on his wedding day...and of course, you can sense that he is extremely happy and cheerful (who isn't? it's his wedding!!)...maybe I'll visit him one fact, there's still someone else at A.S. which I would love to meet...hmmmm...

This is the Google Earth map I've kept for my guide, prior to my unsuccessful journey...

Finally,...Selamat Pengantin Baru Jowan-Zana..semoga perkahwinan anda dirahmati Allah swt...

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