Wednesday, February 28, 2007 

Inspiring Mode

haahaa...nampaknye terpakse aku 'menipu' tarikh entry nih supaya bulan februari aku ade entry...tapi kan...mmg sekian lame aku tgh pikir nak tulih entry sebegini, sbb dah lame gak aku merancang ayat2 best dan menyusun prosa kata yang sesuai..ape2 jelarr..wargh!


salam and's been so long that i haven't write anything useful here (like if there's any :p)...i'm sorry if i keep you waiting and waiting all this time for my latest entry...after the flood, i virtually did not have anything interesting story to share, and so I've become idle for quite some time...yup, for the past couple of weeks, my mind is overwhelming with lots of ideas and things of which might be useful, waiting to be materialize..but yeah, if you didn't quickly jot it down, you tend to forget it and then, all those wonderful thoughts disappeared in a blink of an eye...

anyway, here's the main story...I've mention of how i have faltered and wished for a change...i've also mention of myself making a biggest mistake of my life and made a weird decision...

..the change, the decision i made, is what i am facing right now...and the good thing is, i've (somewhat) successfully overcome it..yup, I'm in the process of rediscover the 'real' fact, i currently have a 'feel-good' mood ala NTV7 within me that i hope it would last for a very long time (or forever for that matter)...

this mood is somehow come all of the began with...hmm i don't know how...let's just say that i've got a 'knock' on my head and it disrupt my normal brain functions and my usual routines..while my brain still haven't been resetted, i've made another 'weird' decision...that is...


and so i have this daunting task of making sure that i always step forward, with my own path, and never retreat back to where i don't want to, since it takes all those time to come back, and to start all over again in another path is a pain in the butt...

for my case, it isn't really that daunting, as i have another factor of keeping me look ahead...the feeling of being is one of those feelings that, once it posses you, you will try to do whatever it takes to reach your goals,your ambitions,your dreams,your hopes, to keep on going...

there's a lot of ways to feel inspired..I've got mine from Him, the Most Compassionate One,He who will always ever be with us all the time, be in good times or hard times...i've got another from my friends and families, from those who loves me and those i love :)...finally, i've got another within myself, the one who is initiating oneself to be inspired from the start..

i'm sure most of you (including me) have this moment of being so inferior,that you are weak,that you think you couldn't do anything,unable to achieve anything because of difficulties, or unfortunanate things happen...everyone WILL face it, just the matter of what/when/where...i thought of this most the time,but that's just some kind of 'bug' passing by our mind,where it can be easily squashed with a high-flying feel-good inspiring mode...we don't say that we have reached our limits because we actually don't know what/when/where is our limitation...In fact, we have unlimited and infinite abilities, with God's will...and being inspired helps you dig out your true abilities and potentials hidden inside you..

and one thing for sure, don't compare yourself with others too much,but instead, be INSPIRED with others so you can INSPIRED yourself..I've just realized that this is one of my major weakness..too much comparing does makes you feel so left-over,left-out and left-behind, so it has to stop...instead of thinking like this:

"they have a great job, i'm not...they have a big house, i'm not..they have fast cars, i'm not..they have a lovely wife, i'm not...they have cute kids, i'm not.."

think like this:

"they have a great job, SO WILL I... they have a big house, SO WILL I... they have a fast cars, SO WILL I... they have a lovely wife, SO WILL I... they have a cute kids, SO WILL I..."

while we certainly aiming to go forward, each of us have different PACE..either you step quickly and much further, or you step slowly and a little bit...for a football player, having a slower pace at their later stage is normal because of aging,body metabolism bla2 (i don't score in biology so i don't know in this area)..but for us, we can be dynamic, faster or slower, big step or small step, depending of what we are facing...the more you've become inspired, the more you accelerate, and your pace will surely increase...

in fact, we all have the same, one finish line where nobody wins or lose (because of who is faster,greater,etc), just the matter of actually reaching it...this one finish line is to seek for God's Mercifulness and Countenance..the real loser is the one who never reach this goal at all...

hey, i think i've found a be a motivator...hahaha...actually, i write this so i can motivate myself, but if you find it useful, you could also become motivated and INSPIRED by my always have a great day, and always be INSPIRED..

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