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Monday, February 16, 2009 

Fox In The GREEN Box


On 13th to 15th February 2009, there was a gathering held for GREEN Batch IV participants called ‘Foxholing Retreat’, located at Mines Spa & Resort, Serdang. This gathering was for those who were still under apprenticeship at their respective company and yet to get a ‘proper’ job (either being absorbed or getting at other places). And it was compulsory for us to come, or we’ll be seeing blanks in our bank account for a month :p..

While others took their day off on Friday, I still gone to work until afternoon, then I went back home and packed up. My home is so near to the place (Putra Permai, about 6-7km away), so I opt to depart a bit later. But of course, even though I know where Mines is (specifically, Mines Wonderland), I never went to this Resort before, so I was a bit lost, huhu. Luckily, we were provided with maps so I had to do a little bit of trekking. I was amongst the few last person to register here. I’ve gotten myself room 3012, and I was the ONLY person to stay in this room! (others had roommates of 3). Am I (un)lucky or what? Anyway, I brought along my laptop, hoping to get connected to the outside world while I’m here. Apparently there was no WIFI access point available here, and the room’s network services weren’t free. Darn.

[This big room is all mine!]

I went for my dinner afterwards at the cafetaria. Here, I’ve got to see a lot of familiar faces since we parted our ways at Darul Puteri, Cheras. I didn’t remember a lot of names, though, (especially girls :p), and I didn’t get to talk with them all. You know, the (un)usual me...huhuhu...

[First encounter with resort’s food]

We gathered at the main hall for the opening ceremony. There were approximately 120 participants here, and according to the organizer (Irshad & Khazanah), this was the largest turnout in any of the GREENians gathering, and they were very happy with it. We all, too, as we can meet with even a lot of long lost friend, but at the same time, gotta admit that we felt some kind of tingling feeling that almost all of us were here because of yet to GET A JOB huhuhu…My company, Sigma Corp were amongst the fewest; only 10 including me were here. And 3 of us actually had been absorbed but came because of friend factor. We’ve been divided into groups, and Bob named our group ‘Cekodok’ (presumably because of his favorite food). Our module for the 3 days was ‘Employability Enhancement Workshop’ by Dr. Ismail. This module was supposedly to be done during pre-apprenticeship time at Darul Puteri, but since we were busy preparing for our Retro Night Dinner, this module was thought to be ‘cancelled’, when in fact it was rescheduled to this date. One of the activities was to jot down the 3 jobs that each of us desired to become one.

[MRCB gangs at different places…Mr Zaidi, me and Mr Zuwairi]

[the ‘Cekodok’ members…Bedah, Bob, Aiman, Intan and Pot]

[in another angle of ‘Cekodok’…Aiman, Intan, Pot, Faizal, Ardi, Fazri]

That night after supper, we took some time, enjoying the ‘scenery’ at the ‘beaches’. There was a small jetty to port ferries that you could hop on and travel around the lake, but of course we’re not ‘paid’ to do so haha…

[waiting for something to come and save me…I’m a castaway]

[friends who were oblivious and insane…]

[feeling the waves that washed the shore]

Since I thought that it would be wasted not to spend the night doing something, I followed Ejal (CEO of Amphibious & my ex-roomate at Darul Puteri), Mie (also my ex-roomate) and Haisu (an Amphibians) ‘flew’ to Mines Wonderland to watch the local smash hit movie ‘Geng Upin dan Ipin’ (I’ll write a review of this on another entry). We got back to our resort around 2am. Since I stayed alone in the room, and I thought that having another person would increase the chance of me getting up, I asked Ejal to sleep with me in the room…No, not to become my sleeping partner, mind you. I’m straight, and I don’t play with people’s a**hole, geez. There’s another bed beside me as shown at the above picture, all for him.

[pose from fashion model]


The next morning, I went to breakfast without bringing the voucher given together with my card keys. I thought it was some kind of receipt :p, but nevertheless the waitress let me in.

[unused meal voucher...apparently no need to..hehe]

The morning activities in hall were ‘tell me about yourself’ session, the one you would introduce yourself in front of interviewers. We had to type the wordings on the computer, and when it flashes at the front, we had to come out and give speeches about it. I remembered that during my turn, I talked for only 30 seconds or less because I wanted to make a quick pass (without being signaled to stop by the panelists) huhuhu...Beside the activity, there’s this drawing stuffs about the group’s top ambition and had to paste it on the wall.

[As usual, with Bedah…also with Sue, another of my Sigma’s comrades and a Khazanah-bound employee]

[they took time to write a one-slide presentation as like they were writing a novel..huhu]

[Doc Mail watching the Cekodok team in action]

[I also want to make some action…hahaha]

[The wall of weird and weirdoes]

On the evening after tea break, we had a beach volleyball competition. Once again, all of us were reshuffled into four groups, and I happened to be part in a group called ‘e-Stint’, named by one of our member, Yusfa, and even she didn’t know the meaning. Our group fought heartily and bravely, and in the end, we were emerged as No.1…from bottom-up order. Well, not quite as there were no 3rd/4th place decider. There was also group cheer and pom-pom girls’ competition.

[e-Stint gal ready to rumble!!]

[Bobby showed what he’s made of..(no, he’s not from e-Stint group)]

[Where the heck did the ball go?]

[e-Stint guys also rock on!!]

[let go, it’s my ball!!!]

[Anxiously waiting for Bedah to serve]

[…and everybody was so concerned about Bedah including Mr Azahar…GREENians knew her ‘dark’ story about sports and injuries back at Darul Puteri, and I’m not going to write details about it here…]

[What (or who) Albert wanted to hold on to?]

[It seemed that the opponents were too scared to make a serve]

[Yeah, see my pretty gals intimidate the foes..GO GO E-STINT!! GrrRRR!!]

[the e-Stint team]

[Now it Sigma’s team to show off…Asri Isbahani, Aiman (He’s a Warcreavians actually), Bedah, me, Sue and Iza…Lina was ‘hiding’ behind Iza]

That night was the time we’d been waiting for, the barbeque dinner at the side of the ‘beach’. Not as grand as our Retro Night, but, as long as there was tons of food for us to fill our tummies, then no matter the rest.

[what kind of stupid pose was I doing?]


That night, it’s Asri’s turn to stay in my room. He just arrived that evening because of his other work to do.

The next day, the last of three-day programme, focused more on the last chapter of the module. the story was about how the big boss treated his subordinates and the like. It was a bit tense as almost all of us didn’t know how to do it, or do it incorrectly as the Doc’s asked to. It’s about giving a suitable traits for certain characters in the story, and rate it either it was dominant or secondary/backup. The marks were tallied. Surprisingly, our group emerged as the second runner-up in this part and got our hamper (yay!)

[Cekodok gangs with the prize]

Coincidentally, that day was also Ejal’s birthday, so we made a surprise when he entered the hall.

[Luckily for you, we didn’t prepared the rotten eggs..huhuhu]

And that was the end of our day. To relive the Darul Puteri moments again here was simply amazing and wonderful, and I am proud to be part of GREEN. I hope that we will meet again sometime in this foreseeable future, especially with the rest of Sigma. But hopefully, it isn’t during the closing ceremony, haha. (Hey, even Khazanah/Irshad are hoping for us NOT to come. This is only for those who are still unemployed till the end of the apprenticeship program.)

[See here, see here…]

[Gonna missed my self-owned room…sigh]

[We even got ‘drunk’ with the bottle of grape juice...maybe we're going out to get laid afterwards..hahaha..]

PS – See the rest of the pictures here. BTW, if you’re happened to see a lot of me and Bedah there, then it all was a friendly gesture. Bedah has her eccentricity, and a bit quirky so I just simply let her do what she wishes. She already has a boyfriend, and with her assurance that “Nih kalau Hajah Maimunah (her mum) tengok ni nak buat calon bakal menantu, konpem kene rejectnyer!!”, which is not really a bad thing to me after all, so no problem.hihihi…

PS2 – I’ve uploaded the rest of my GREEN/Sigma collection at my Picasa. This is only from my digicam, so if you want other people collections, you have to ask them to upload it themselves, even though I do have most of it. Each of it has been resized to 2MP range, which is good enough for archiving, except the Sigma company photo, which I retain the original size of 5MP.

PS3 – I’ve mentioned 7 Sigmas. In case you’re wondering, the remaining 3 were Hazlina, Faizah and Imah.

good..good...keep it up..
bagus ar blog ko nie...banyak gambar aku ambik ek hahaha...aku takde gambar lagilah suma gambar yang aku tangkap da kat kamera zaim dia punya....sabor yerr

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