Saturday, February 26, 2005 

Camna mau surf??

assalamualaikum...sori lame tak update....tepon aku kene potong line so takleh le aku dial-up lagi...biaseler, kat ceruk sini maner ade support keneler aku merempat kat rumah kodok jugak....aku pon tak tau nak kecah pasal aper kat sini...memandangkan minggu depan banyak kelas yang dah takde, maka rasenye ramai yang amik kesempatan berenjoy sakan dulu selama 2 minggu (termasuk stadi week) seblum final exam nanti...aku lak, ade 2 test mase stadi week...huh...nak buat camna.....tapi ape pon....kalau aku tak cite progress dvd aku kat sini memang tak sah....dah jauh giler aku buat yang utk disc 1 sumer dah enkod (memperuntukkan seharian utk keje tuh) lak aku buat dolby digital...jangan main-main wooo...ingat cikai sangat ker...siap kat photo album tu aku letak subtitle lagi tuh...hehehe...serius bile korang tengok nanti mesti kagum munye...hahaha...pade sape yg tak kasi biodata dan gambo...kamon lerr....orang dah nak siap nih...80% kot....disc one je...disc two 0% lagi lar...hahahah...insyaallah dalam minggu depan aku buat demonstration sikit arrr...compile dulu aper yan ader pastu buat 'tayangan amal' kat 'pawagam' terpilih...hahahaha...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005 

nice...sooo niiiiccceeeee.....

i've got my NA test just now....and you know what, i'm not surprise with the results....i've got what i deserved...sometimes, i feel like going to laugh all the time, thinking about it...i just wondering, how it is like to be the STUPIDEST boy in a whole class? imagine how it is like to get the LOWEST ever mark, and the ONLY boy with that particular grade?... but that's that and cannot be changed...we all know that life is like wheel...sometimes we are on the top side, sometimes we are at the bottom...however, the wheel will keep turning on and on (it's stops when we die), which means that there will be time I'll bounce back...and we also have to anticipate the next downfall and how to deal with it...But for now, I accept this 'historic' I can 'boast' to my friends that I actually got the 1st rank...from behind...this makes life more interesting and adventurous...OK, enough from me now...I have to study for CN test tonight...

Monday, February 21, 2005 

No Quadruple For Chelsea...

A couple of weeks ago, I whined about how sucks Arsenal can be, with the Premiership title fading away...and I also mentioned about the 'im'possibility of Chelsea to sweep clean all 4 cups...Well, yes indeed...Just now, the Blues lost 1-0 to Newcastle United a.k.a. Toons, courtesy of Patrick Kluivert header in 4th minute...Chelsea even have 3 players booked (with Carlo Cudicini sent off), while Newcastle, none...this was to show how desperate this teams wants to conquer English all-round...with this result, they may face even a bigger task to get over their confidence in the next massive match, Barcelona...and I have to say this, I don't think they going to win the Champions League the only left is the Premiership title and Carling Cup...since their main talisman Arjen Robben is out injured, they really struggling to go on attack...remember that the statistic said that with Robben, goal-per-match ratio is 2.28 while without him, only 0.8...I was hoping that this is the time Chelsea have their crisis and beginning to drop points, like Man Utd and Arsenal had earlier...the Gunners currently seems to be back on their best, crushing teams without mercy (although the issue of going all-foreign players is still hot)...if they keep playing like this, then who knows, the title "may" be still in sight...

Saturday, February 19, 2005 

PoliPD...this is my second full-length movie...we were the 'leftovers' that had to follow this trip while the rest of you went to the TNB power station (damn quota!!!)...So I couldn't feature all of your face in the video...pity me (and pity you too, I suppose...) Posted by Hello


This is my biodata menu...I do not know what else information can be put in (suggestion?)...Anyway, I can't finish this part as I don't have your complete biodata AND pictures...I hope that you all did gave yours to Chee Meng so I can collect from him later on...if there's one or two person missing, it'll complicated matters... Posted by Hello


Classmates Part usual, I cut-paste your face from various photos of mine...since I don't have your passport size photo...huhhuhu... Posted by Hello


Damn busy!

adooiiii....giler arr...start minggu depan melambak-lambak keje nak kene buat...hari isnin nak kene antar lab NOS, pastu present CN petang nun...keje CN nak kene antar pulak....Selasa ader test CN...Jumaat anta assignment Ekon...nih katenye ader test NOS lak biler nak buat ntah...test EMTII aku pon tak tau lagi...warrghh....aku rase akhir-akhir ni aku dah jadi tak kehaluan lak...tgk keje-keje bertangguh nih...tuler, sape suruh malas...tapi aku sebnarnye baru sembuh dari selesema aku nih...semenjak 3-4 hari lepas...dgn hingus lagi...tekak pahit...telinga sumbat...pening lagi...nak stadi NA pon tak selesa....dah la ari tu retttiisss abbissss jawaabssss....serba serbi blank...duduk kat kerusi 1st class pon tak membantu..lagi tak sedap ader le, sebab tak biasa duduk...tu lerr, datang lambat lagi...kerusi sume dah abis kene kebas...maunye kantol test NA aku niihh...(Mr.Sham, if you're reading this...sorry for not performing well...that wasn't my day after all...)...malas malas gak, ade pulak mase nak ngadap blog nih....luahan hati yang duka...huahuahua...baik aku berbakti kat kelas...tu pon aku tak tau sempat ke tak...grrr...

Tuesday, February 15, 2005 

I modified the Classmates menu and ended up like this..then you can highlight the person's face and click on it to view his/her you can see, there are only half of the classmates...the rest will be on dvd 2...nice, what? Posted by Hello


WTF??!!!'s been almost a week since my last entry...i'm not actually busy, probably somewhat lazy...things currently weren't so well for me...but anyway, let's start what happened last week...On Saturday, I've followed KUiTTHO's soccer team to UM for their last Uni-League game of the season...I wasn't really going to watch that game but I had to wait for Lann's bro, who wanted to see his younger brother's performance on the pitch...Guess what? KUiTTHO lost 2-0 and astonishingly, Lann failed to convert a penalty kick which might bring them back into the game...oh well, back to division 2...try again next season, lads...After the game, I stayed at my home at Putra's been so long I haven't gone parents were worried about how i've been doing all the time at's just me, I felt like being a worthless son...KIDS, REMEMBER YOUR PARENTS!! On Sunday, I went to Low Yatt and bought lots of computer stuffs (what else?)...I almost landed myself a new processor and ram had not it wasn't available when I surveyed for it...well, I bought a lot of DVD+Rs, plastic cover, DVD labels and stuffs for my BVC Video Project disc...I hope it was worth it, coz you guys/girls will have to buy it!! HAHAHAA!!..I also bought a new carrying case and MemoryStick for my digital camera...I reached home about 1:30 am, with the help of Najib (thank you!!)...then, there was Economy test last night...the question was so hard that I almost unable to lift my pen to write anything!! of course, I didn't really study this subject so my mistake...Just now (this morning), I've got back my N.A. quiz..when looking at the marks, I felt like I'm the 'stupidest' boy in the class, scoring only 2 out of 14...I wonder if I have enough preparation for the 2nd test this make the matters worst, my 1st N.O.S. test result was only 42/100...and it's all because of the Linux question...the rest of my class also had this kind of problem...hmmm...enough of my babbling..let me just continue doing the DVD stuffs...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005 

Hijrah 1426...

Assalamualaikum...Tonight is the 1st of Muharram, 1426H...which is the new year for is the anniversary of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) migration from Mecca to Medina. There are some Western people perceive it as running away, or the Prophets withdrawal from Mecca to escape persecution. This is not really correct. He didn't ran away. It was the Almighty Allah's will who instructed Him so the migration was required. Also, the Ansar's (Helpers) from Medina actually invited Him to come. It's about time to unite with the Muhajirins (Emigrants), to build a strong, Islamic community.
Well, since I myself unable to describe more about the past history of the historic event (I'm in a learning process, we all do...:D), there are lots of link that I found out useful.
The Significance of Hijrah (
Islamic History in Arabia and Middle East (
History of Hijrah Calendar ( and others...
Lastly, it's time for us to 'migrate'...for the good....Wassalam...


Originally, what I'm going to do is, when highlight the persons' body on the picture, it will link to his/her biodata..but I think this is not very possible to make in DVD so I have remove this and make a single face each of you instead...but I upload this one for you, anyway... Posted by Hello


remember Effective Communication class? we were under Mr. Nizamuddin...and he required us to do an interview within groups...well...this is it...the 1st page of that menu... Posted by Hello


The Full-Length Features Menu...there are 2 videos here...the rest is on DVD 2, hopefully Posted by Hello


the 1st page you'll see in the DVD...the Main Menu Posted by Hello


BVC's DVD Project...sort of...

Assalamualaikum....1st of all, I believe it's not too late to say Gong Xi Fa Chai to all Chinese...may this year brings even more prosperity to all of you (and us too :D)...goodbye monkey, welcome rooster...i hope my back neighbours' 'Jalak' (I dunno his name...belasah jelah..) can make sure I'll wake up in the morning for my morning prayers....If not i'll capture & slaughter him!! HAHAHA (just kidding..)...2nd, how about my blog layout? This template is called 'Thisaway Blue' by Dan Rubin. Not to say it is the most beautiful available, but I just need to refresh a bit my blogsite...Looks like Gen also use this template but since he's very lazy to write anything, maybe I 'take over' from him...hehehe...and 3rd, which I think the main story for today, is my progress of the DVD Video Project of the Class of BVC...I believe only just a few of my classmates knew about this, so maybe I'll clear some bits up...My intention is to compile most of our class activity video into a DVD...not just one, but TWO DVD's!!...I think most of you all know that I have a passion to become ala Videographer...It started when I have a video camera 3 years ago...and I would love to take shots of all of you so that I have something to remember when you and I leave our beloved Colleague...hehehe...Originally, I only wanted to keep it for myself but I think it is not fair as without you all, there would be no videos of you (obviously!!) I decided to compile it into two DVDs...and if you like it, I'll give (READ : SELL) it to you...if I assume that this is for class, then I hope all of you would buy it, then I'm gonna make it even more seriously, maybe with stickers on DVD and plastic cover...but if just 'nak beli, boleh beli...taknak beli, sudah...', then I'll buat 'cincai-cincai', just like that, for maybe 5-6 person only...Why not free? 'dalam dunia ni mane ade bende free, masuk tandas kene bayar gak, dik...' as what you always heard...I'm not going to make profits out of this, I'll make sure it is as near as it's cost prize, which is include the DVD-Rs, plastic cover, stickers, papers, printer's ink, and most importantly...the TIME, IDEA and all my SWEAT (yeah, right...) on making videos...Some of you think that it is easy...Well, it isn't...1st, you have to transfer it to the HDD in real-time...DV files are HUGE! and I don't always have big spaces on my HDD...and when transferring, it puts CONSTRAIN on my PC as it take MORE recourses than usual...then I have to EDIT it to make it interesting, and delete useless wouldn't want a boring presentation, right?...then the hardest part is ENCODE..that is changing format from DV to another format like DIVX, WMV, MPEG-1/2 and such...(DVD requires MPEG-2)...this may take minutes, to hours, to days...There are once on my experience, I have to convert a video to WMV for 35 HOURS NON-STOP!!...of course, I have a slow ala snail PC...Imagine what will happen if there is a power failure or PC crash in the middle of the process...(Believe me, a big pain in the arse)...then, to burn a full 4x DVD-R would take about 15 minutes...if there is 65 of you, the math...And, for the fact that we all busy with labs, assignments, tests, PSM I/II, and my LAZINESS amplifies it, things doesn't look good for me currently...But I'll try to finish it as soon as possible...Oh yeah, I heard that one of us (Nazrul, I believe) will do a CD containing Flash of our biodata, like what Mr.Yusmady done during his time...If Nazrul proceeds, then it'll be a great idea only if you just need that...I've already included this and a picture gallery within the DVD...but I didn't have the latest information and pictures of you...maybe I'll ask Shahul & Chee Meng on this...My current progress is....huhuhuh..pathetic 10%...(the rest of the content is video...)...Alright, I've upload some of the menu pictures here..feel free to give some comments and ideas on how to improve this, or what do you expect in the DVDs...till then, Wassalam...
PS - if you are thinking of making pirated copies, then I'm not going to stop you...feel free to do it...After all, even I use downloaded softwares when creating this DVDs...I always think that 'What goes around, comes around''s your choice...hmmmm...

Tuesday, February 08, 2005 

This Is Islam


To Muslims and Non-Muslims, please visit this flash site is a great nasyid song, and will tell you what is the truth of our teaching are, contrary to what the world perceive nowdays...
if you need the lyrics, i've written it here, just like what's inside the flash files...

This Is Islam

People of the world,
Do you know the truth about Islam?
Or do you think it's about
Bombing planes & killing innocent people?

Forget about the lies,
I'm here to tell you how it really is,
You deserve to know the truth about this
Beautiful way of life...

People of the world,
ISLAM, it's all about peace,
TERRORISM, it doesn't teach.
It's all about LOVE,
and praying to ONE God,
This is ISLAM...

It's something you should know,
I know it's really helped me grow,
It does away with GREED, FILTH, ARROGANCE
and teaches us MORALITY...

A perfect way to live,
So don't believe all you see and hear,
Too many people wear a title of a Muslim,
But they don't practice Islam...

People of the world,
ISLAM, it's all about peace,
TERRORISM, it doesn't teach.
It's all about LOVE,
and praying to ONE God,
This is ISLAM...

And it teaches us the Creator's
made this life for us a test,
And if we follow Truth and do good deeds
He'll reward us in the Next,
If we remember God and teach each other
the Truth and patience in His way
Together we can live in PEACE...
This is ISLAM...

People of the world,
ISLAM, it's all about peace,
TERRORISM, it doesn't teach.
It's all about LOVE,
and praying to ONE God,
This is ISLAM...

God Is The Greatest...

Monday, February 07, 2005 

Always You

I'll hold a place for you and I
Inside my heart for you and I
I won't forget these tears I cried
With every year that passes by

And I can't sleep without you
And I can't breathe anymore

Good times last forever
I'll keep my heart with yours
For every minute I am gone (I am gone)
Swear you'll never leave me
I'll be there every time
In your heart and in your eyes

I'll give it up this time again
Some things are better left unsaid
And all I have are lasting dreams
Our word's worth more this time it seems

And I can't sleep without you
And I can't breathe anymore

Good times last forever
I'll keep my heart with yours
For every minute I am gone (I am gone)
Swear you'll never leave me
I'll be there every time
In your heart and in your eyes

Good times last forever
I'll keep my heart with yours
For every minute I am gone (I am gone)
Swear you'll never leave me
I'll be there every time
In your heart and in your eyes (In your eyes)

Good times last forever
I'll keep my heart with yours
For every minute I am gone (I am gone)
Swear you'll never leave me
I'll be there every time
In your heart and in your eyes (In your eyes)

In your eyes

Songs 'Always You' by AMBER PACIFIC
From the E.P. 'Fading Days', 2003

Sunday, February 06, 2005 

lubang punyele besoo..ader 3 lagi...hampeh tanduk tak masuk jugak...huhuhuuh :) Posted by Hello


pose poyo ditepi gelanggang human fussball...mainnyer tak..:P Posted by Hello


team Walk-a-Hunt...bersama Zurina, Yan & Pakya... Posted by Hello


celcom ada dimana-mana...

assalamualaikum...hhhuhuhuhuuu.....memandangkan ari jumaat lepas kepala otak aku dah benak giler setelah menjawab 2 kuiz berturut-turut (NA dan CN)...maka semalam ader gak mase nak bersuka ria dan berpoyo-poyoan...Celcom telah mengadakan Football Inplaynerr kat KUiTTHO...memacam acara yg diorang buat, antaranye Walk-a-Hunt, EPL Playstation, Human Fussball, Bend it like Beckham &Header like...ntah saper...tapi aku cumer masuk Walk-a-Hunt jer...sparring dgn Pak Ya...kitorang ditugaskan menjawab soklan2 berdasarkan klu yang bersepah dalam kampus...kebanyakkannyer teka nama blok/pejabat/fakulti...of coz, jawapannyer memang unsangkarable...ntah manerle diorang blh reka-reka camtu...yg PS tuh main Winning 11 yg merupakan game bola PS (dan PC) yg paling realistik,kalah FIFA series...tapi oleh kerana aku lambat pi tempat tuh, nama aku dah kene delete...huhuhu...tapi jejiran aku cam Rashid pon boleh kuar awal, padahal die banyak gak tindik aku mase main kat rumah...heran aku...Fussball lak...giler arr, kene ikat kat palang...dah le takleh gerak kedepan/belakang...main rembat je...Najib gak hero dalam sepakan kecundang gak...huhuhu...aku header nak masuk lubang pon payah...asyik tanduk balik ke orang yg baling kat aku jer...memang sengal tul aku hari tuh...petang tu lak ader Uni-League...KUiTTHO vs UTM...result...kite KALAH 3-2...memang hampes tgk game tuh..padahal 1st half leading 2-1...ape dah jadi nih? cam Arsengal lak...malam tu lak ader seni pertahankan diri dari semua persatuan yang berkaitan...tapi kitorang tak sempat tengok sebab pi melantak kat bengkok dulu...chess...ape ape hal, hari tu memang enjoy gilerr...tapi yang tak best nyer, tak menang prepaid....waaaaa...jowan bleh lak menang pen, Rashid bleh dapat tangan dgn keychain...aku...dapattsssssss....poyo belaka...

Friday, February 04, 2005 

pulang dengan penuh bergaya...huhuhu...Is terperasan lak...abis rosak gambo.... Posted by Hello


Geng Clickers, 2nd trip Posted by Hello


makan pon terpaksa duk atas lantai...punyele pack tempat nih...takpe, janji sedap...wowowoww.... Posted by Hello


permandangan jejaka kacak dibelakang nun dalam bilik conference...ade sorang gadis malu dikiri sane nun...kover2 lak...:) Posted by Hello


bersama celebriti terkenal Louisa Chong...serius aku sendiri pon tak perasan sampai aku tgk gamba ni balik :P Posted by Hello


antara shaggy dan yus....saper paling kacak...heheheh... Posted by Hello


shaggy bersama...emmm tak nampak lerr...orang halimunan kot?? hahahaha (ane, jgn mare....) Posted by Hello


setelah kekenyangan maka blahler kami dari jentayu Posted by Hello


sarap dulu kat jentayu seblum bertolak... Posted by Hello


le tour de la tmnet clickers...ahakss..

Pada hari khamis, 3 feb 2005 yg lepas, class of bvc telah mengadakan rombongan sambil belajar ke TMNet Clickers di Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Rombongan ini bertujuan sebagai memenuhi syarat utk subjek NOS (Network Operating System) yg mengkehendaki satu lawatan diadakan supaya pelajar dapat mengetahui bagaimana satu2 organisasi beroperasi...ewaaahhh cakap skema lakk....okis, sebnarnye asalnye utk sumer org ahli kls tapi memandangkan tmpt kecik je, dilimitkan ke 50 org aku sebnarnye tak adil klu ade yg keciciran nih...patut kalau nak gi,sume kene gi atau sume tak gi...tak pon pi tmpt dah terlmbt...kite manusia merancang,tuhan menentukan...oh well...ade 2 trip, satu yg 5:30pg, 25 org, satu 7:30pg lagi 25...kitorang sume mmg tak nah pi kat PJ nun...kalau tak asalnye nak pi Cyberjaya tapi TMNet kate tak byk blh buat di situ...hmmm...maka sampailer kitorang dlm kul nak cite lebih-lebih pon bukan ade byk aktiviti yg dibuat...setakat amik gambar-gambar, usha-usha sekeliling, pastu dgr ceramah...diorang tak buat pon demonstration ke...melawat tempat2 tertentu itu expected lerr...kalau dah clickers, amende yg blh buat? masuk surf tenet jelah...pastu bayar bil streamyx yg tertunggak ke...huhhuuu...aku dgr trip 1st sempat round2 kat Giant...kitorang xde mase kitorang dpt makan sedaappp wowoowowoooooo...nasik beryani maaa, stakat bihun goreng ape barang..hahaha jgn jeless...okeh okeh tulis byk tak gune, sile-sileler usha gegambo yg ditangkap nih...ader dlm 9 keping aku upload nih...kalau nak byk lagi blh mintak atau kat digicam org lain pon byk gak...chow,wassalam...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005 

It's all over....Chelsea march on...

terrible....simply TERRIBLE...allright, maybe i should list out all possible words...awful, dreadful, rotten, appalling, poor, abysmal,horrible, horrifying, horrific, horrendous, shocking, terrifying, frightful.....i am describing a team simply played THE WORST EVER MATCH IN THE WHOLE PREMIERSHIP HISTORY!!!!...and that team is ARSENAL...the so-called 'INVINCIBLE' team that went through the last season UNBEATEN....the team that made an ENGLISH RECORD of 49 matches WITHOUT DEFEAT!!!....yearh, righht....rriiigggggghhhtttt.......(say it in sarcastic tone)...just now, i've witnessed one of the BEST 1st half (read again:1st half) game by the Gunners.....they lead their greatest rival Manchester United a.k.a. Red Devils by 2-1...True, it may not be as fluent or free-flowing as they played early this season when they'd simply terrorizing all other teams and scoring for fun....but they seemed to get back on track to the way they'd use to started with Patrick Vieira who headed home Thierry Henry cross....(1-0) but then an awful clearance by Sol Campbell enabled the Devils to break out and eventually Ryan Giggs scored with a huge deflection of Ashley Cole....(1-1) but a magnificant strike by Dennis Bergkamp, also assisted from Henry, in between the legs of Roy Carroll puts them ahead....(2-1) Arsenal took control entirely the 1st half...with both Giggs and Gabriel Heinze been booked, it looked as Devils were in a very big pressure to keep up....but no...something happened......something wierd the 2nd half....and it still amuses me until just like....>>SNAP!!<<..and suddenly a complete turnover....for those who didn't watch the game, use your imagination of what i'm going to tell you next....a quick counter-attack from the left flank have release Christiano Ronaldo while the Gunners' defence were sleeping...and Ronaldo made no mistake in front of Matthieu Almunia when he hits the target to the right side of the post with a very HUGE space in between them....(2-2)...then....Giggs performs his trickery of evading past Vieira AND Almunia....the keeper went out off the line and to the edge of the penalty box in attempt to stop Giggs....HAAH!! prove very costly indeed as Giggs went around him and made a splendid cross, past Cole & Pascal Cygan, and reached Ronaldo for him to tap in to an empty net in close range...(2-3)...if you think that Mikael Silvestre's sending off given the Gunners the lifeline to claw back into the game...think again....Campbell was replaced by inexperience Justin Hoyte because of injury...Jose Antonio Reyes who should be on the field earlier replacing Matthiew Flamini...and...believe it...Cesc Fabregas substituting Lauren....which left Arsenal with only 3 defenders...this was a desperate attempt by Arsene Wenger to save the game....but actually, it made even WORSE for them....nothing could go wrong for Devils when John O'Shea eluded the offside trap and scored a cheeky lob beyond the helpless Arsenal keeper in the very last minute....(2-4) about that?the title race is effectively over for them...and to get the 2nd place is one hell of a job...Red Devils are currently above the Gunners...if Chelsea wins their game against Blackburn tomorrow, that will be 11 points between the Blues and United, and massive 13 POINTS above pathetic Gunners...what more can i say? except Bergkamp, every other Arsenal players SUCKS BIG TIME!!(at least, that what i saw)...even Henry was below par...since Chelsea, he didn't score any more goals...Oh, well.....while i believe MIRACLES can happen, it's not for's for Chelsea indeed...marching on to their 1st title for 50 years....However, in my little heart, i actually doubt that the Blues will make a cleen sweep of 4 cups...maybe 2...i don't know....i only babbles what i thought about my team...sorry if this blog is simply to long...i am mad doesn't worth my time watching that stupid game....huhhh....PS - want more soup and pizza?


BVC's photo session!!!

assalamualaikum!! well well well...we all had a good time taking pictures of friends this morning, right? hehehe i believe this is what we always wanted....since that this is the last semester for all...err, i mean, most of us....we need to collect as many as possible these pictures...something for us to remember, right?....just like one english phrase says that" a single pictures contains thousand word" (like that ker??? bantai je lahh...)....i'll upload a few here..if you want more, you may ask me...there are also other digicam holders like majot, bulue,jerry,shahul,ooi,arther, many of us....we can exchange pictures and give to anyone who needed it...can or not? can laa....cheers...
PS - i've uploaded 6 pictures...if you didn't see all of them, feel free to look at the archive section...some of the pictures (and articles) have been pushed to the past date...


together with "The Spice Girls"... Posted by Hello


Samad's Gang of BVC... Posted by Hello


mari menghenjut bapak...yeeehaaaa!!! Posted by Hello


the beautiful girls... Posted by Hello


the handsome boys... Posted by Hello

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