Thursday, May 31, 2007 

Life of a Husband and Wife:Live...(sort of)

assalamualaikum...How do you do? I'm fine, thank you...To lil' kids and brats, happy holiday! may you enjoy this period as much as you can while it last, and make sure you do your homework early. You would't want to make your teacher angry, right? Teacher is good, kan Teacher kann? :) hihihiiii....emm, Today, i would like to tell a story of my journey to the eastern coast of peninsular...This kind of journey is kinda different, but it is more fun than my past long-distance travels...The primary purpose of this journey is to visit one of my closest friend at Terengganu, Mr Fadhil bin Ramle aka Padil aka Boss...for an introduction, Padil was my BVC coursemates during the UTHM days...We've been together, with the rest of BVC friends, since year 1 in 2000...but under some unfortunate circumstances and events (let's just say that i'm kinda lazy and slow), i was not able to graduate on time with him in 2005..Currently he already has a Master Degree in Education, as is teaching at Politeknik Kuantan as a lecturer..

so why am I visiting him? just exactly the same reason as my couple of past entries, Today (31 May - Thursday) is his wedding day!! actually, they already wed on 28 May - Monday at Besut (bride's home), and today is at his home at Gong Badak.Padil is the 4th BVC coursemates (to my knowledge larr) to wed, after Mazlina Yusoff, Amin Che Hassan, and Mahadzir Mat Zili (who wed a week earlier at Kedah). They already engaged 2 years before.

Emm, lets start with the 'build-up' story to this day first..I've got to know his wedding date at Friendster, where he announced it in a forum...that day was Monday, the day his 1st wedding occured...i was thinking for the reason his family not to make the ceremony at the weekends, when it is much easier and most people will definitely be able to come...but for me, any day is OK (just wanna tell you that i'm still JOBLESS)..i've become so determined and so fire-up that I wouldn't wanna miss this know, i missed a lot of my important friends' wedding in the past...I missed Nana's and Jowan's, both at Kedah because of this failed attempt (limited bus ticket sold..or i simply came late at the bus station..)i missed Mazlina's as 1st rasmie kawin (I had an exam during that time)..I did come to Amin's wedding at Batu Pahat, but didn't meet him at all (he was still on the way from Ayer Hitam)..I couldn't come to Che Det's since I had 'some other things' here..there's a couple more STARians and SKTKians I I said myself,"I'm not going to miss this one..nope..never.."..and by coincidence, my family was 'balik kampung' to Rantau Panjang to my grandpa & grandma's home, so I could continue my journey further north after visiting fadhil.. So on the 30th, I packed my stuffs, and at around 6 pm, I was already inside 'Johore Motor' bus, moving from PR to BP...reaching there, I was looking for a direct bus from BP to KT....i thought that it should be available since that day was in the middle of the holiday period...har har what a blatant assumption...every ticket to KT has sold out...leaving me with the same exact dilemma as during my attempt on Nana's and Jowan's trip i made a gamble that i would 'bus-hopping' as much as possible as long as i'll reach KT no matter what...luckily for me, i've got myself a ticket to KL at 8.00pm, and eventually reached there at 11:30pm...A quick survey at the ticket booths around Pudu raya, and with the help of info i got earlier (Thanks :D), there weren't any tickets to KT sold, so my 2nd bus-hopping was to take a Kuantan bus at 12.00am...I thought that i'll reach there around subuh but to my suprise, this bus was so fast that it took only 3 hours from KL to Kuantan..."what the heck am i going to do for the remaining hours? there's still a long time.." i thought...let's see, be a kutu lepak, kutu rayau, mat rempit, mat ganja, mati...warghh!! senang2 tido kat surau stesen bas udah...I was tired, so a quick nap at the surau would be sufficient..from the warning sign outside, nobody is allowed to sleep inside the surau, and the surau is locked during "off-hours"...but it can be seen that the lock has broken a long time ago, either by vandalism or by those who actually fully utilize it (like doing tahajud) I slept until subuh and done the prayer afterwards... I thought I could find an early ticket to KT, say around 8am...but the earliest available was 10am..."OMG, will I arrive there early enough to see them?"..there was still about 3 hours more, so I had my breakfast there, and read newspaper thoroughly (i usually flip around and glimpse the headlines..only read it if it is really interesting)...whew, 7 hours stucked at kuantan! I finally moved from kuantan to KT on my 3rd and final bus-hopping,and it took almost 5 hours! (there were too many stops and the bus was packed like a can of sardines)..[the end of build-up story]

So here I am at Kuala Terengganu, looking for a way to reach Gong Badak...Had I arrived here earlier, padil would fetch me and let me rest at his home...but now, I believe that he is sitting on the "royal chair", with his wife, posing for pictures, then eat at the "royal table", feeding each other (i mean suap-menyuap), while I still remain here, regretfully misses those wonderful moments..I could not afford a RM20 cab (cekik darah ke ape), so I just hoping that padil or someone would read my text message and fetch me...sempat buat jamak dulu, before I've got a call from padil's sister around 4pm that she'll come and take me...and so she usually take about 20minutes to Gong Badak, but traffic jams increase the time to 30minutes...yup, my guess is right, padil has finished doing all those necessary pose for the photographers..I'm so happy to meet him again, the last time about 8 months ago when he has finished his Masters...and I think I made him happy as astonishing fact is that i am the ONLY person from UTHM, let alone BVC, to come to his wedding ceremony...kirenye aku jadi wakil rerakan taulan le nih,huhuhu...afterwards, I immediately fill up my tummy..

You may wonder that I haven't mention the name of the one who wins padil's heart (or vice-versa, sape start dulu ek :p)..hihih saje suruh korang bace sampai sini, dah panjang cam apentah..Her name is Nor Hidayah bt Muhammad..From the info i've got from padil in an 'interview' session, she is 2 years younger and is currently pursuing Bachelor Degree at a local university college.Want the rest of the detail? you have to ask him yourself.haha (kang padil marah kecoh perihal bini bebyk lak :p)..Or, you may want to look for her friendster within padil's network of friends..Nick die cari sendiri la ekk..huhuuh..

emm,anyway,after I took my pictures with both of them (the ONLY picture in this blog..tularr lambat sampai, dah terlepas acara menarik :'( ), I am thinking of leaving as soon as possible so I could get at least one full day at kampung.Padil and his family suggests that I should stay for a night, but...uiiikkk malu lerr tido rumah pengantinnnn :"| I remembered last year at Nadzmi's wedding that his parent also ask me to sleep there...hush aku ni sbg orang luar, takut2 jadi pengacau lak dalam hari bahagia orang..So about 6pm, he (with his uncle) sends me back to the bus station, and we look for a KT-RP or KT-KB bus ticket...hahaha hampes abisssss maaa...licin the outcome is, I buy the ticket to RP for the next day trip, and then return to his home sambil cover2 malu (memule dah siap salam2 sume dgn ahli famili dah)...adoiiii..

Skip further to dinner time, where this is the time his family's turn to do the interview. I could sense that his mom and his macik thought that i'm a 'budak KL' who have a kampung at Rantau Panjang, Kelate (sbb diorang tanye2 ngape balik RP & tak balik KL)...I would love to chat a bit more on this but time is jealous of us (masa mencemburui kami..betul ke ayat omputih camni? belasah jer aa)..If I said to them (and to you as well) that i'm actually a KELANTANESE, surely they have a hard time to believe (so do you, i think)..One main point is that I do not 'sound' like oghe kelate, very logical indeed...ambo tak gheti kecek kelate langsong..huhuhu (padil was also originate in Kelantan, so that makes the two of us with the same origin blood, but currently living in a different state..huhuhu) topic that interest them is when i mention about my kampung at Kubang Rambutan,RP, which happens to be where padil's ancestors (waris-waris) still lives (mungkinkah kita pon ade pertalian darah? huhuhhu)..

When I write this entry's topic, if you think of some 'certain' things I've done at their home, then you thought wrong...hahaha...what i mean here is that, this is posibble the first time ever I witness my closest friend's life as a husband..on my many previous friend's wedding day visit, we've come to eat, to take pictures, shake hands and leave without actually staying here, I could actually see a glimpse of the closeness, the bond, the companionship, the happiness of his and her life..tulih melayu lak nih..kirenye boleh tengok telatah2 manja, lucu, usik mengusik, belaian kasih sayang sang suami dan makes me wonder if i could achieve the same happiness like them, like everyone see, i'm not a 'fully-established' person just yet, so to dream on something like this, its kinda bit premature...being lagged behind for nearly 2 years, the option I have is to keep doing what I am doing for another 2 years, or doing my things twice as fast..I hope that somewhere, someone out there, my other side is still waiting for me until the moment comes...warghh ape aku melalut nih? jiwang plak..snap out of it! (tampar pipi byk2)...

back to the main story, after watching them pack and clear some stuffs (I also help a bit,huhu), padil brings me to his 'rumah tumpangan' at Wakaf Baru...whew, so I don't need to sleep at his home and possibly disrupt their day,huhu lagi..this 'rumah tumpangan' i'm talking about is actually a full-fledge, complete and confortable modern day house, not just 0-1 star type the one you typically found with its unpleasiness, dusty and hot with mites, mice and roaches..seriusly, andaikate ade orang yg nak cari rumah nak beli kat area nih, mesti jatuh ati munye dgn rumah nih...kalah rerumah kat taman bintang yg dah merase air banjir nih..(dah tolong promote ni padil, xde komisyen ker? huhu :p dah duk pree semalam nak lelebih lak).this 2-sided home (rumah berkembar, dunno the actual meaning) is not for sale, but is available for rent with the rate of RM150 per if there is any of you who has any kind of eastern coast trip and need a place to lay by, then this is it...mmg baikknye tempat..Contact padil or his dad for reservation...Luckily I do not sleep alone here, as there is also 2 young girls, possibly Hidayah's friend also stayed for a night..Once again, don't try to get the wrong idea, as i'm a good, young, handsome, vibrant, responsible, not-quite-but-somehow noble to-be-man's a 2-sided home, remember?

On the next day,I have a snack with the lovely couples,also with his mom and his macik..(its rice with 3 variations of meat, dried fish and bloated fish - ikan kembong ke ikan bawal,haha main sebut je...if you could call all of these as a 'snack')..macik has a lot of stories to tell, doesn't she..sampai aku tersipu-siput (bukan heidir shah) maluss..terpaksa tambah lagi 3 pinggan nasik serta perabih segala daging dan ikan yg, they with their relatives and family members open every present they've got..dah lengkap pon peralatan dan perkasasan rumah,xyah beli2 dah..But during this time, I am continuously writing the 26th alphabet letter, non-stop (paham x maksud nih? huhu)

After friday prayers, its time for me to leave for good, but not forever.. once again padil sends me to the bus station for my 2:30pm...insyaallah, we'll meet again at Convocation's Day, or any other day, before and after this..

Terima kasih banyak-banyak sebab susah2 layan aku, sampai kena tido sane...mintak maaf le kalau terkacau2 hari hepi ko & wife, n susah2kan famili ko sume nun ek..Semoga kehidupan anda dilimpahi berkat dan rahmat oleh Allah s.w.t. sepanjang masa, insyaallah

PS - originally i did not pickup, why Monday and Thursday? the more I think about it, now i know that it does make sense..Selain hari puasa sunat yg afdal, ape lagi ekk? pengantin maneler posa sunat hari tuh....huhuhu :p

Monday, May 14, 2007 

Into Oblivion (Reunion)

The days I felt alone
The sea, it brings me back again
So that I can see my wife
And I can see my child
Home, I'm home, it never changes
Same old faces, same old places

I stared into oblivion
And found my own
I stared into oblivion
Into oblivion

Find in me the hope
That you have never known
Find in us the faith
The faith to bring you home

I stared into oblivion
And found my own
I stared into oblivion
And found my own
I stared into oblivion
And found my own reflection there (reflection there)

Home, now that I'm coming home
Will you be the same as when I saw you last
Tell me how much time has past
Home, now that I'm coming home
Will you be the same as when I saw you last
Tell me how much time has past
Home, now that I'm coming home
Will you be the same as when I saw you last
Tell me how much life has past

I stared into oblivion
(And found my own)
I stared into oblivion
(And found my own)
I stared into oblivion
(And found my own)
I stared into oblivion
And found my own reflection there

SONG: Into Oblivion (Reunion)
ARTIST: Funeral For A Friend
ALBUM: Tales Don't Tell Themselves [2007]

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