Sunday, June 26, 2005 

Komenasai!...(26 June 2005) i've completed watching some more anime...Midori No Hibi...Ai Yori Aoshi..Air (gile tak paham siot...)...Smash Hit (ngarut semacam je)...and FMP Fumoffu one more time! (bcoz i want to see my sweet dear Chidori Kaname again..hihhihi)...oh yeah, there's one less than 2 days, i'd 'marathoned', non-stop, watching Fullmetal Alchemist (it has 51 episodes you know)...while the story is interesting, i have to say that this one of the most...emm i write this in malay arr...paling KEJAM, BRUTAL, SESAT, NGARUT, TAK LOGIK, TAK MASUK AKAL, ade AETHIES (golongan tak caye tuhan, tu sbb ade alchemist kot),n ending pon aku TAK PAHAM...camna ekk...walaupun citer anime lain cam naruto n gang pon ader gak ketaklogikannyer (dah katun,buat ler slapstick sikit mmg tak heran), tapi FMA mmg melampau-lampau gak...let me review a bit (it's been a long time i haven't review an anime...the last time was on eary this year..about Green Green and Onegai Teacher)...Fullmetal Alchemist mengisahkan 2 adik-beradik laki, Edward Elric & Alphonse Elric yg sesame nak jadi alchemist..alchemist ni kire macam kepercayaan sains gak ler, yang menyatakan bahawa 'kalau nakkan sesuatu, kene korbankan sesuatu..dgn kadar yang sama'...boleh dikatakan inilah die hukum alam...tu yg dikatakan depa ni tak caye tuhan...pada satu hari, ibu diorang meninggal...dan camna, kat celah maner dlm pala otak diorang, nak merevive balik ibu depa tuh guna alchemist...walhal sume org tahu, 'human transmutation' is forbidden tp diorang nak buat gak...akibatnyer, dah le gagal, si Ed hilang satu tangan dan satu kaki, dan si Al...hilang KESELURUHAN badan...yg ade cume roh Al yg sempat disatukan pada baju perisai (armor) Al ni dah jadi armor begerak...utk mendpt kembali anggota badan yg hilang tu, depa berdua bertekad nak cari 'Philosopher's Stone' yg dikatakan terlampau power, sampaikan boleh defy hukum alam,meaning, tak perlu korban sesuatu kalau nak sesuatu..Ed mndpt automail utk anggotanyer yg ilang dari Winry Rockbell, member pompuan yg sgt syg kat depa berdua...Ed n Al 2gether mengembara ke Central, nak jadi National Certified Alchemist dibawah didikan Colonel Roy Mustang n konco-konconyer...cite selanjutnyer, korang kene tgk tu ler, tang last episod tu yg aku blank sikit...kalau Al transmuted semula Ed yg dah mampus tu aku blh paham sikit..sbb Al sendiri jd Philosopher's Stone camna Ed boleh transmute Al yg 'terhilang' tanpa die mampos??(dikatakan bhw die juga tlh korbankan 'masa' 4 tahun bersama Al yg menyebabkan die still hidup..agaknyer lar..) dah le tu, bolehlak Ed berpindah ke Munich pada tahun 1926!! cam time travel mmg pd tahun yang same?kalau tahun yg same, aku blh conclude yg bahawa Ed nak cipta rocket tuh nak terbang semula jumpe Al n familynyer kat Japang (atau kat memaner..aku pon tak tau origin tmpt tu)...hmmm blank gate dlm human transmutation tu sebenarnye merentasi masa n tempat la ek?..kirenye badan org tu berpindah tmpt lain dan pada masa lain...ntah aku pon tak tau...anyway, aku rase episod yg paling kejam ialah time si Tucker dgn begitu jahatnye cantum anaknyer sendiri dgn anjing sbg bhn eksperimen...giler kejam siyott..sampai aku sendiri rase bengang n nak campak monitor ni ke bwh...camna org yg cipta anime nih blh terpikir nak buat jalan citer camtu? last last aku tak pueh ati sbb cam golongan yg tak caye tuhan ni prevail..kecian Scar yg dikatakan membawa misi dari tuhan nak menghapuskan golongan alchemist nih..huh!!anyway,korang boleh antar sebarang komen utk tlg aku concludekan cite tuh...kalau tak aku terase nak hentak cpu ni lak sbb penat stay up layan 51 episod tp tak paham1!! >:(
PS - tp aku akhirnye suke tgk Roy Mustang bersama2 Riza Hawkeye...aku dah agak diorang mmg pasangan ideal!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 

The Caped Crusader is back! (22 June 2005)

Today, Mr.Father aka Bapaks brought me out for a simple 'jalan-jalan' cuz he knew i was very 'sangap' here...together with Lann, we went to Mines, Seri Kembangan to watch Batman Begins...this movie i'd eagered to watch since its opening day...and no, not because it is a 'Batman' movie..ala ala superheroes-must-see-show...its because the hero is Christian Bale...i like this actor because i believe he's gonna do a lot of actions, fighting and butt-kicking, just like he did in my all-time best action movie, 'Equillibrium' cool and yet,so serious...and he did it again in Batman Begins...even the film itself, the mood was somewhat dark and much more...'evil'...but this one is way lot better than the 2 previous Batman movie,'Batman Forever' and 'Batman & Robin', which was so stupid...anyway, before that, we filled our hungry tummies at Nando's...frankly, it was my FIRST time i ate here, simply bcoz i wanna try to eat at other place and not just that 'usual' place (read:KFC,McD,rotikosongmamak...)'s all Bapaks fault as on today, it was HIS birthday (and also Masitah's...hepi besday to u!) he wants to 'katok' me every last cent of my money...heheheh sori pak, aku nak buat fitnah sikit...Lann had just graded and yet to get a we (our housemate) give him a chance..only until graduation day bcoz it's time we 'katok' him back....hahahahah...ehem, back to Nando's...while Bapaks n Lann ordered quarter, I ordered half...haha, it's just that i need to add up my weight a bit...and i ordered the spiciest flavor of the chicken (i forgot its name)...wargh pedas giler tahap cipan! tapi takpe, nak kontrol machonyer pasal, masih mampu merakuskan diri dan makan dengan lahapnyer half tersebut...sampai menangis maaa...over and out!

Friday, June 17, 2005 

You Baka! (17 June 2005)

I've read The STAR newspaper yesterday (Thursday, 16th June 2005)...on page 10, under the headline 'Caning cannot be carried out until law is gazetted', quoted:
'******* ** ***** programme manager ********* ****** pointed out that the Quran DID NOT spell out a punishment for the consumption of intoxicants, either in private or in public.'
'"By making public consumption of alcohol an offence under the Syariah Criminal Offences Act, the Government has criminalised what is deemed a 'personal sin'," she said.'
I have to say, I'm not a noble man...and I did not read the Quran oftenly (shame on me! :P)...but looks like there are even more stupid people than me out there...based on my past learning, and my research, while i found out the Quran only mentioned that alcoholic liquor consumption is a SIN and MUST be avoided (please correct me if i'm wrong), Rasulullah p.b.u.h. (s.a.w.) himself mentioned in a hadith about the punishment for the sinners...the only thing i haven't found out whether it should be made public or private....hope anyone out there can shed some light on this...
I have one very nice source, here others as well...
remember, while our main source is the Quran, other sources should not be overlooked, like Hadith Rasulullah,Ijmak Ulama,Qias and other methods...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 

"Aishiteru" :) (14 June 2005)

it's been almost a week since i came back to my home...and i'm gonna face another 4 weeks of darn, boring days here...that is, if there's nothing interesting to do...of course, i have tons of animes to be enjoyed...probably, this is the ONLY enjoyable things i can do at home...on my last one-week break, i've finished watching Full Metal Panic & Full Metal Panic Fumoffu...for this holiday, i've completed 2 full-seasons animes so far, Girls Bravo & Kannaduki No Miko...i haven't decided which will be next, since most of the episodes are still ongoing (eg. Bleach, Naruto) and there are also animes contains 40> episodes which is too much for me (eg. FM Alchemist,NG Evangelion,GA Rave, blablabla)...i'll get on with that later...not to mention, my DVD-ROM is acting strange and go nuts...sometimes it can read properly, sometimes it can' this moment, i prefer animes that have full, completed season, but only few episodes in it...alright, i think i know what to watch...i'll tell you more on this later...happy holiday!

Sunday, June 12, 2005 

Happy Wedding Day, Mazlina (12 June 2005)

On 4th June 2005, one of our BVC friends, Mazlina Yusoff a.k.a Maz @ Lynn had tied the knots with her hubby, Mr Azzaruddin Amran at her home at Kuantan...this makes her the FIRST person in the class to be enganged and married...We would like to take this oppurtunity to congratulate her, and may she and her husband live calm and peacefully, and happily ever after under Allah's blessings...Amin
Personally, i would like to apologize to her, deep in my heart, for unable to come to her wedding...had not because of the Control System final examination on last Friday, i (we) would definitely come...after the exam, we didn't have much time and preparation to come and so..;(..what makes me feel guilty is before that day, about a month or so, i made a 'written' (or text-message, to be precise) promise that i would come when she asked me to...she was 'msg'ing me, asking for BVC friends' addresses, so she can send the invitation card...
But, while humans can plan, it is God who decide...maybe the timing of the exam wasn't right...or maybe i shouldn't take the short semester at all...huh, what was i thinking? makes me wonder, if there was someone, anyone among us, the BVC especially, attending her wedding...true, her other friends from primary & secondary school had probably come, but i believe she also expected us too...imagine what one feels if his/her school friends unable to come...
This makes me think of my other friends wedding in the past...the first ever wedding i attend was in's my STARian head boy marriage, Arie and his love, Izzah...since he was the first in our batch (aka first rasmie) to marry, and of course, being the batch leader, the anticipation of fellow friends coming to see him was really high...and it was...almost half of our batch's probably the happiest day of his life (apart from being a father after his daughter was born last year :D)
During my Industrial Training, my Samads' Gang next-door neighboor, kak Sarah wed bro.Shaful...only 4 of the gangs attended...Lann, Omaq, Elaiza n me...but i believe it was more than enough to make her cheerful...and, to our surprise, even our 'tuan rumah' Mr. Samad n family came all the way from B.P. to her wedding at...emm Rawang? (don't remember...)...
there's another one of my old pals' wedding in was my friend from primary school..her friendly name was Nana and her hubby was of my best classmates for a couple of years during the 'hingusan' days...actually, i *almost* able to come to her day before that, around 8 o'clock at night, Omaq gave me a lift on his bike to the Batu Pahat's bus station...i was searching for a bus ticket to Alor Star, thinking that i would reach there by morning and had some time to buy gifts...i've asked every ticket counter there BUT, guess the ending...even the destination to Ipoh & Butterworth was sold out (i was thinking of doing the 'bus-hopping')...disappointed, instead of buying any bus tickets, Omaq & me went to the Summit then, and bought 2 'movie' tickets to watch AVP (Alien vs Predator)...:P...i did called & apologised her that night, though...and that was the last time i ever called her (or sms), until now...
Back to original topic, today, 12th June 2005 is also Mazlina-Azzaruddin wedding day..but this time it is at her hubby's home...taking my friends' advice, i couldn't go today or it would be very wierd...except if i know her hubby very well before...once more, i'm sorry...maybe i'll pay her a visit & buy her wedding gift someday...of course, i need my 'driver' to bring me there...then we can also visit Amin Lorrey & doing some fun stuffs!
PS - with all this marriage & wedding amongst my friends, i am wondering...when will *I* be next in line? for now, it's just a rhetorical question...huhuhuuh :/ ...all i need is to aquire 'the one', say the magical 3-words, and all is set...
* UPDATE! (23 June 2005) - Maz messaged me...she told me that there were NO bvc friends came...just only her housemate...shame on us!anyway, do you know that her hubby is 10 years OLDER than her? That makes our Mr.Azza is around 32-33 years old now...maybe, just maybe, if i can't find one now, then i'll also marry around that year, and try to find girls that is 10 years younger than me...warghhh! tak tahannn....:P

Friday, June 03, 2005 

FFAF - Hours Rocks! (3rd June 2005)

that's all i can say for this great rock band...Funeral For A Friend!'s sound different than their first album (Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation), but i believe this one's even better...My favorite song is 'Streetcar' & catchy...but others like 'All The Rage', 'End Of Nothing', 'Roses for the Dead', amongst others are really worthwhile to head for your nearest local music store and get one!...whoops, it isn't there, is it? maybe mr.torrent will help..:)
PS - the girl in the album's cover looks cute...huhuuuuhuh

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