Friday, October 28, 2005 

miss you, ramadhan...welcome, syawal...


tonight is the 25th day of Ramadhan...5 days before Eid ul times passed by...and how near we are at the end of the holiest month of all...Are we really gonna miss it dearly, or actually 'happy' since we do not need to fast for another year & celebrate that one day to do what we couldn't do before...To tell you the truth, I really don't know...In fact, this is something of a mixed actually depends on how you filled your Ramadhan day...Did we take full advantage of all the good things Allah grant us in this month? Have we missed our Tarawih? Have we completed the Quran? Did we always zikr and say our prayers? Did we give our charity? Did we successfully control our 'desire' (nafsu)?...something that we should think about...this is what we called 'muhasabah diri'
thing to remember that we may NOT be able to meet another Ramadhan...suppose that this is the last, then we really are at 'lost cause'...

However, it is not wrong to celebrate Eid ul Fitr and be happy...but, it'll be even better if the happiness of getting closer to Allah during Ramadhan precedes it...then we are rightly and fully deserved to celebrate our victorious day...

Tonight will be my last blog of Ramadhan...I will be going back to my hometown, Putra Permai tomorrow (Saturday) and meet my lovely family...I don't know whether we are celebrating there or 'balik kampung' to grandparents home, either at Gopeng or Rantau Panjang (or both)...for the past 2 years, we stayed at home, and going back to kampung on 2nd or 3rd day of raya...Of course, I had to come here (Parit Raja) quickly since the
final exam is on following week..most probably next Saturday...

For this moment, I would like to an oppurtunity to give my sincere apologies, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you for any wrongdoings I 'd done...from the tip of my hair to the tip of my toe...from the inside to the outside...and I would like to say "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin...dengan ingatan tulus ikhlas dari lubuk hati yang suci"...sorry, I could not give you duit raya, but instead, you should give yours to me :p...If we (my family) are at home during raya, please do come and visit me...and don't be shy when eating our kuih raya...they all taste the same...(since we're 'buying' at the same maker/packager/distributor/seller etc.)...

for those in a long journey, please remember your love ones; drive safely...don't speed up too often, don't drink & drive, don't drive when sleepy, don't drafting (cucuk angin) too near, don't blablabla...come back here with one peace, and not in many pieces...For those who are still playing fireworks and bamboo cannons, well...try not to lose a finger or two :p...kidding, it's better if you can avoid it...

I think this is it...wait for my next blog, sometime next week....Wassalam...

PS - 5-days countdown...the devils, ghost, ghouls & evil spirits are coming have been warned...bwahahaahaha!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 



yesterday was my FYP I seminar day...i was presenting my project (hot-swap card module for IDE hard drive) in front of two panelists, Mr Danial & Miss Nik Shahidah...they were very nice and didn't fire anybody with some death question...I'd glad to have them, although I myself could not present properly...I stammered a couple of times, even there were not a lot of students in the lab left...I had this giddy feelings everytime I presenting in front of someone I did not recognize...I did not have this kind of problem to my coursemates, maybe a little bit...Anyway,I'd only have a few slides, but I tried to explain it as it had 100 slides, and the time limit for presentation was 10 panelist asked me to speed up...hhuhuu shame on the end of the seminar, Mr Danial asked "The concept is good, but it looks as this project is too easy..." rightly said, since he saw that the only thing i have to do is buy the suitable components, and connect it without further analysis...hahaha so true...the circuit is based on the chip manufacturer datasheet...I told them that I am modifying the circuit to fit my needs..and there WILL be some analysis, some measurement to be done, which will be done on second phase...this is because the datasheet only shows the test procedure on one specific condition, whereas I will test it on various hard drive, power supply (or computer) to check its compatibility...Another thing I suggest to them is that I will be doing the software part, so it will do the process of detecting/uninstall the hard drive I/O interface with Windows, automatically...originally, I did not cover this one because the manual way is not too hard to do...but of course, I need to make sure that on my second phase FYP is "hard" enough to please the panelist...Finally, one thing I couldn't forget is from Mr Danial..."Nice tie", he said, looking at my Kolej Legenda tie...hehehe..he compliments the tie, not me anyway :P BTW, I didn't have my pictures during the friend borrowed my I could only show you my pictures -AFTER- the presentation, at home...this is probably the ONLY time you could see me wearing smart outfit..huhuhu

PS - this semester isn't over yet...there's still final examination after raya...warghh...!!

"kacak sederhana melampau"...the picture is bit blurry, taken from Syam's Sony Ericsson K700, in his's Najib's locker at the background...

looking forward to the future...poyoss...

Friday, October 21, 2005 


assalamualaikum....sorry for not updating this blog for so now, all those seminar papers stuffs haunted me for a couple of weeks...and if you think that since my lecture weeks are over and i have my free time doing anything, think again...i still need to complete my full PSM report by Monday, and prepare some presentation slide for my presentation on Tuesday...and my log book is still empty...warghhh dhvuidsahdafhe....anyway, I haven't buy my 'balik kampung' ticket...I dunno if it is still available...If not, maybe I have to ride with my friends arrr, if they have any available seat...warghhh again..

by the way, I miss the 100,000,000 download of Firefox, which happened on Oct. 19th, 2005...darn...I usually have my TickerFox on my status bar, telling me an estimation of how much people have downloaded it...but since I've upgrade my Firefox to 1.5 beta 2 (and adding one counter for the netters), this TickerFox is not supported, so I could not track down the total downloads...warrghh...

Finally, deep condolences and sympathies to our PM, Pak Lah, whose his wife died yesterday after fought hard on her breast cancer for so many years...this was a devastating news for Malaysian, and we hope that Pak Lah could pull it off calmly despite this difficult moment. al-Fatihah...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 

berbuka posa di padang ragbi...


lama gak tak menerengkas kat sini....minggu ni adalah antara yg kritikal, selain minggu depan n minggu lagi satu...aku nak kene antar seminar paper psm khamis week, full report next week, presentation....entah tetibe lak aku terase 'teruja' lak dgn psm nih...biasa pening memanjang.....bukan ape, aku tak sabar nak buat bende alah projek ni (hot-swap card module) yg akan dijalankan next sem..sebab bende ni mmg aku selalu nak guna kat pc orang lain, mahupun kalau orang lain nak guna kat pc aku...senang nak copy file besar2 pakai hard disk biasa...takyah shut down pc...korang pon sure leceh kelau tetibe orang datang nak copy file software, video ke lagu yg besar2 tp pakai hard disk, AND pada masa tuh korant tgh buat keje kat pc...nak guna pendrive, xmuat...guna external hdd, xde...nak shutdown gak? downtime is unproductive - buang mase arr (walaupun kebanyakkan mase kite buat tang mengadap pc memangle bende2 lagha je - surf, game, tgk anime, dota etc)...emm cite lelebih lak...nanti aarr, biar psm1 lepas dulu...kang xjadi ke ape susah lak...doakan aku lepas je psm ni cukup sem baru buat serius skeet...heheh

emm...aku tak cite lak aktiviti last sunday ek....buat kali pertama dalam sejarah, ahli geng-geng main bola petang telah menganjurkan majlis jamuan berbuka puasa...di padang ragbi selepas main...hehehe....penganjur utama terdiri daripada geng thay of paris (5 orang je) dan sorang je ahli luar di taman bintang...almaklumlar, setelah penat menunjukkan bakat2 serta skil2 gelecekkan yg memukau diatas padang, dah tentuler rase penat...maka rasionalnya majlis nih ialah dapat main sampai maghrib (waktu bukak) pastu terus tala kurma dan air R.O., serta juadah2 yang lain...perrghh masyuk gilerr waa cakap luu...

sejak hari tuh, kitorang kekadang membawa makanan ke padang...walaupun tak semeriah ahad ari tuh, tp iyelah, orang cakap main pastu berenti 10minit seblum bantai hanyut semalam n hari nih aku tak turun...injured (serius nihh)...salah stretching...rase sakit kat mesti hamstring hari ni dah ok, besok boleh turun main...yearghh...

seblum makan, warmup dulu kat padang...kot kot perut cram ke ape :p

due sahabat baik yg nama hampir sama...ama n oma...sori xrotate...korang teleng pala jelarr...pada masa nih, walaupun kelihatan amar tgh ceria, tetapi hatinya hancur luluh kerana kejadian malang yg berlaku seblumnyer :'(

oma mengetuai bacaan doa bukak posa...walhal orang lain dah tala dulu dah..(spt dpt dilihat diriak muke amar n rashid )

yearghh...dah 'kick-off'...jemput makan...nyam nyam....

haa...niler die juadah kami yg tak seberape...tak mampu nak beli yg best-best cam murtabak, air tebu dan ayam percik...huhuhu

tempoh half-time telah tgh nak rest2 jap..

...yg ni lak dah full-time...memasing dah sarat a.k.a. 'full'...extra time xde, karang ade yg 'tarawih' kat padang lak :p

Sunday, October 09, 2005 

R.O. yg makin sedap (dan murah)


entahler, takde idea la pulak pada ketika nih nak tulih blog...mungkin tak banyak aktiviti yg dibuat tang bulan posa nih...karang aku kate aku banyak beramal, dituduh riak lak...heheh...but then again, mmg kita sepatutnye tak perlu bermegah2 dgn kebaikan yg kita ade nih...sapelah taraf kite nak ek lelebih sgt...even Rasulullah s.a.w. yg maksum (terpelihara dari dosa) pon masih menundukkan diri dan meningkatkan ketaatan kpd Allah kite yg "picisan" nih takyah lak yg hiinnnsss (hidung mengembang tinggi) memanjang...

petang semalam (sabtu) ade test II sains antara subjek yg patut dah pupus tp still ade gak manusia2 cam aku cube 'memberi nafas baru'...dah 3 kali amik, rasenye boleh dapat Phd Material Science kot la ni :p..soklan senang tp giler ar, pagi semalam membongkang je...bile bangun tghhari, tak stadi sgt...mase jawab rase nyesal gak...tapi ape nak buat...

cite pasal semalam gak, malam seblum tuh, kitorang the Samads Gang (minus pakya, wady, rashid, kamal n the gurls) menjalankan misi mengolek berbotol2 air R.O...bulan posa ni letih le katekann, dan ntah ngape, bile dah biasa sgt tala air ni, rase sedap lak...kalah air sirap maupun vanilla coke...seliter 20sen je...walaupun kami dah merasa dah setiap pelosok vendor R.O. yg bersepah kat Parit Raja nih, ianya takleh celen satu vendor yg ade kat kedai apek kat Paris nun...

ngape ek? sebab vendor ni ade tempoh-tempoh 'sengal' yg kalau nasib baik, boleh dpt banyak...bayangkan dgn 30sen je, boleh isi 8 botol saiz mineral water + 1 botol RO 3 liter tuh!! perghhh....tak tau kalau mmg tokey vendor ni pemurah ke ape....rasenye tak, sebab time die sengal yg alik satu, isi 30sen baru separuh sebotol mineral water...aii katok balik nampak...

tp apepun, kami tak melepaskan peluang ketika die tgh weng...air-air ni bolehler digunakan sebagai juadah berbuka yg sgt menyelerakan (cam kuih ape lak) setelah penat bermain bola diptg hari...ape?igt posa takleh berpeluh dipadang ke? ade berani turun le woi!!!

Omaq merasmikan vendor R.O. nih..

...sedang memasukkan syiling dgn penuh ketelitian...

Syam menahan pintu dari ditutup...itu antara trick vendor nihh...

Antara botol-botol yg telah penuh diisi....30 kupang je nihh...

botol 3 liter berjaya diisi penuh...yearrghhh!!

kerna masih banyak lagi lebihan air, Syam cube menyedut terus dari nozzlenyer..

Tuesday, October 04, 2005 

Ramadhan, we meet again...

"O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those who came before you that you may keep your duty to your Lord (having taqwa)" (QS 2:185)


Tonight is the 1st Ramadhan's night of 1426H...say our prayers to Allah s.w.t. for giving us the chance to meet Ramadhan once again...This is the month that all Muslims are waiting for, where we are even more closer to Allah, where all our good deeds are blessed exponentially and multiplied thousand times, where our sins are forvigen by Him, where devils are non-existence, where heaven's doors open widely and hell's door close tightly.....(there's more than you could ever imagine...)..We all should take full advantage of this month by doing more good deeds, behave well, change our manners and attitude from worst to best...He will sanctify each and every bit of our good act, Insyaallah...

For this entry, I would like to fill up some good stuffs from various source, and would like to share it with you...


For starters, visit here to know all about fasting, and here to
understand why we should be eager to meet the 'ultimate visitor'...

This picture is taken from Aleng's friendster. I like it; I think its quite funny. However, syaitans aren't going anywhere. They are captured, chained, and punished mercilessly by angels by Allah's order throughout Ramadhan. Not even one of them ever manage to escape Allah's wrath.

Even when the 'real' devils are out in the way, we have to remember than inside ourself,there is this thing called desire (i mean, 'nafsu'), which COULD be our 'devil'...Our desire in everything is unlimited, and most of the time, uncontrollable.This month is the oppurtunity for us to defeat this desire, out biggest 'enemy' ever...


I've taken this directly from here. This is a very nice prayers which can be recite in every Ramadhan day

Doa Hari - 1
Ya Allah! Jadikanlah Puasaku Sebagai Puasa Orang-Orang Yang Benar-Benar berpuasa. Dan Ibadah Malamku Sebagai Ibadah Orang-Orang Yang Benar-Benar Melakukan Ibadah Malam. Dan Jagalah Aku Dari Tidurnya Orang-Orang Yang Lalai. Hapuskanlah Dosaku Wahai Tuhan Sekalian Alam! Dan Ampunilah Aku, Wahai Pengampun Para Pembuat Dosa.

Doa Hari - 2
Ya Allah! Dekatkanlah Aku Kepada KeredhaanMu Dan Jauhkanlah Aku Dari Kemurkaan Serta BalasanMu. Berilah Aku Kemampuan Untuk Membaca Ayat-AyatMu Dengan RahmatMu, Wahai Maha Pengasih Dari Semua Pengasih!!

Doa Hari - 3
Yaa Allah! Berikanlah Aku Rezeki Akal Dan Kewaspadaan Dan Jauhkanlah Aku dari Kebodohan Dan Kesesatan. Sediakanlah Bagian Untuk Ku Dari Segala Kebaikan Yang Kau Turunkan, Demi KemurahanMu, Wahai Zat Yang Maha Dermawan Dari Semua Dermawan!

Doa Hari - 4
Ya Allah! Berikanlah Kekuatan Kepadaku, Untuk Menegakkan Perintah-PerintahMu, Dan Berilah Aku Manisnya Berzikir MengingatMu. Berilah Aku Kekuatan Untuk Menunaikan Syukur KepadaMu, Dengan kemuliaanMu. Dan Jagalah Aku Dengan PenjagaanMu Dan PerlindunganMu, Wahai Zat Yang Maha Melihat.

Doa Hari - 5
Ya Allah! Jadikanlah Aku Diantara Orang-Orang Yang Memohon Ampunan, Dan Jadikanlah Aku Sebagai HambaMu Yang Soleh Dan Setia Serta Jadikanlah Aku Diantara AuliyaMu Yang Dekat DisisiMu, Dengan KelembutanMu, Wahai Dzat Yang Maha Pengasih Di Antara Semua Pengasih.

Doa Hari - 6
Ya Allah! Janganlah Engkau Hinakan Aku Karena Perbuatan Maksiat Terhadap-Mu, Dan Janganlah Engkau Pukul Aku Dengan Cambuk Balasan-Mu. Jauhkanlah Aku Dari Hal-Hal Yang Dapat Menyebabkan kemurkaan-Mu, Dengan Anugerah Dan Bantuan-Mu, Wahai Puncak Keinginan Orang-Orang Yang Berkeinginan!

Doa Hari - 7
Ya Allah! Bantulah Aku Untuk Melaksanakan Puasanya, Dan Ibadah Malamnya. Jauhkanlah Aku Dari Kelalaian Dan Dosa-DosaNya. Dan Berikanlah Aku Dzikir Berupa Zikir MengingatMu Secara Berkesinambungan, Dengan TaufiqMu, Wahai Pemberi Petunjuk Orang-Orang Yang Sesat.

Doa Hari - 8
Yaa Allah! Berilah Aku Rezeki Berupa Kasih Sayang Terhadap Anak-Anak Yatim Dan Pemberian Makan, Serta Penyebaran Salam, Dan Pergaulan Dengan Orang-Orang Mulia, Dengan KemuliaanMu, Wahai Tempat Berlindung bagi Orang-Orang Yang Berharap

Doa Hari - 9
Ya Allah! Berikanlah Aku Petunjuk Kepada Ajaran-AjaranMu Yang Terang, Dan Bimbinglah Aku Menuju Kepada KerelaanMu Yang Penuh Dengan KecintaanMu, Wahai Harapan Orang-Orang Yang Rindu.

Doa Hari - 10
Ya Allah! Jadikanlah Aku Diantara Orang-Orang Yang Bertawakkal KepadaMu, Dan Jadikanlah Aku Diantara Orang- Orang Yang Menang DisisiMu, Dan Jadikanlah Aku Diantara Orang-Orang Yang Dekat Kepada-Mu Dengan IhsanMu, Wahai Tujuan Orang-Orang Yang Memohon.

Doa Hari - 11
Ya Allah! Tanamkanlah Dalam Diriku Kecintaan Kepada Perbuatan Baik, Dan Tanamkanlah Dalam Diriku Kebencian Terhadap Kemaksiatan Dan Kefasikan. Jauhkanlah Dariku KemurkaanMu Dan Api Neraka Dengan PertolonganMu, Wahai Penolong Orang-Orang Yang Meminta Pertolongan.

Doa Hari - 12
Ya Allah! Hiasilah Diriku Dengan Penutup Dan Kesucian. Tutupilah Diriku Dengan Pakaian Qana'ah Dan Kerelaan. Tempatkanlah Aku Di Atas Jalan Keadilan Dan Sikap Tulus. Amankanlah Diriku Dari Setiap Yang Aku Takuti Dengan PenjagaanMu, Wahai Penjaga Orang-Orang Yang Takut.

Doa Hari - 13
Ya Allah! Sucikanlah Diriku Dari Kekotoran Dan Kejelekan. Berilah kesabaran Padaku Untuk Menerima Segala Ketentuan. Dan Berilah Kemampuan Kepadaku Untuk Bertaqwa, Dan Bergaul Dengan Orang-Orang Yang Baik Dengan BantuanMu, Wahai Dambaan Orang-Orang Miskin.

Doa Hari - 14
Ya Allah! Janganlah. Engkau Hukum Aku, Karena Kekeliruan Yang Kulakukan. Dan Ampunilah Aku Dari Kesalahan-Kesalahan Dan Kebodohan. Janganlah Engkau Jadikan Diriku Sebagai Sasaran Bala' Dan Malapetaka dengan KemuliaanMu, Wahai Kemuliaan Kaum Muslimin.

Doa Hari - 15
Ya Allah! Berilah Aku Rezki Berupa Ketaatan Orang-Orang Yang Khusyuk Dan Lapangkanlah Dadaku Dengan Taubatnya Orang-Orang Yang Menyesal, Dengan KeamananMu, Wahai Keamanan Untuk Orang-Orang Yang Takut.

Doa Hari - 16
Ya Allah! Berilah Aku Kemampuan Untuk Hidup Sebagaimana Kehidupan Orang-Orang Yang Baik. Dan Jauhkanlah Aku Dari Kehidupan Bersama Orang-Orang Yang Jahat. Dan Naungilah Aku Dengan RahmatMu Hingga Sampai Kepada Alam Akhirat. Demi KetuhananMu Wahai Tuhan Seru Sekalian Alam.

Doa Hari - 17
Ya Allah! Tunjukkanlah Aku Kepada Amal Kebajikan Dan Penuhilah Hajat serta Cita-Cita Ku. Wahai Yang Maha Mengetahui Keperluan, Tanpa Pengungkapan Permohonan. Wahai Yang Maha Mengetahui Segala Yang Ada didalam Hati Seluruh Isi Alam. Selawat Atas Mohammad Dan Keluarganya Yang Suci.

Doa Hari - 18
Ya Allah! Sedarkanlah Aku Akan Berkat-BerkatMu Dan Sinarilah Hatiku Dengan Terang Cahayanya Dan Bimbinglah Aku Dan Seluruh Anggota Tubuhku Untuk Dapat Mengikuti Ajaran-Ajarannya, Demi CahayaMu Wahai Penerang Hati Para Arifin.

Doa Hari - 19
Ya Allah! Penuhilah Bagianku Dengan Berkah-Berkahnya, Dan Mudahkanlah Jalanku Menuju Kebaikan-Kebaikannya. Janganlah Kau Jauhkan Aku Dari Kebaikan- Kebaikannya, Wahai Pembed Petunjuk Kepada Kebenaran Yang Terang.

Doa Hari - 20
Ya Allah! Bukakanlah Bagiku Pintu-Pintu Syurga Dan Tutupkanlah Bagiku Pintu-Pintu Neraka, Dan Berikanlah Kemampuan Padaku Untuk Membaca Ai-Quran Wahai Penurun Ketenangan Di Dalam Hati Orang-Orang Mukmin.

Doa Hari - 21
Ya Allah! Berilah Aku Petunjuk Menuju Kepada KeredhaanMu. Dan Janganlah Engkau Benarkan Syaitan Untuk Menguasaiku. Jadikanlah Surga Bagiku Sebagai Tempat Tinggal Dan Peristirahatan, Wahai Pemenuh Keperluan Orang- Orang Yang Meminta.

Doa Hari - 22
Ya Allah! Bukakanlah Bagiku Pintu-Pintu KurniaMu, Turunkan Untukku Berkat-BerkatMu. Berilah Kemampuan Untukku Kepada Penyebab-Penyebab KeredaaanMu, Dan Tempatkanlah Aku Di Dalam SyurgaMu yang Luas.

Doa Hari - 23
Ya Allah! Sucikanlah Aku Dari Dosa-Dosa, Dan Bersihkanlah Diriku Dari Segala Aib.Tanamkanlah Ketaqwaan Di Dalam Hatiku, Wahai Penghapus Kesalahan Orang-Orang Yang Berdosa.

Doa Hari - 24
Ya Allah! Aku Memohon KepadaMu Hal-Hal Yang Mendatangkan KeredhaanMu, dan Aku Berlindung DenganMu Dan Hal-Hal Yang Mendatangkan KemarahanMu, Dan Aku Memohon KepadaMu Kemampuan Untuk MentaatiMu Serta Menghindari Kemaksiatan Terhadap-u, Wahai Pemberi Para Peminta.

Doa Hari - 25
Ya Allah! Jadikanlah Aku Orang-Orang Yang Menyintai AuliyaMu Dan memusuhi Musuh-MusuhMu. Jadikanlah Aku Pengikut Sunnah-Sunnah, Pengikut NabiMu, Wahai Penjaga Hati Para Nabi.

Doa Hari - 26
Ya Allah! Jadikanlah Usahaku Sebagai Usaha Yang Disyukuri, Dan dosa-Dosaku Diampuni, Amal PerbuatanKu Diterima, Dan Seluruh Aibku Ditutupi, Wahai Maha Pendengar Dari Semua Yang Mendengar.

Doa Hari - 27
Ya Allah! Rizkikanlah Kepadaku Keutamaan Lailatul Qadr, Dan Ubahlah Perkara-Perkaraku Yang Sulit Menjadi Mudah. Terimalah Permintaan Maafku, Dan Hapuskanlah Dosa Dan Kesalahanku, Wahai Yang Maha Penyayang Terhadap Hamba-HambaNya Yang Soleh.

Doa Hari - 28
Ya Allah! Penuhkanlah Hidupku Dengan Amalan-Amalan Sunnah, Dan muliakanlah Aku Dengan Terkabulnya Semua Permintaan. Dekatkanlah Perantaraanku KepadaMu Diantara Semua Perantara, Wahai Yang Tidak Tersibukkan Oleh Permintaan Orang-Orang Yang Meminta.

Doa Hari - 29
Ya Allah! Liputilah Aku Dengan Rahmat Dan Berikanlah Kepadaku Taufiq Dan Penjagaan. Sucikanlah Hatiku Dan Noda-Noda Fitnah Wahai Pengasih Terhadap Hamba- HambaNya Yang Mukmin.

Doa Hari - 30
Ya Allah! Jadikanlah Puasaku Disertai Dengan Syukur Dan Penerima DiAtas Jalan KeredhaanMu Dan Keredhaaan Rasul. Demi Kenabian Muhammad saw dan Keluarganya Yang Suci, Dan segala Puji Bagi Allah Tuhan Sekalian Alam.


I've just recieved a message from my abah..."Selamat berpuasa, semoga Ramadhan kali ini lebih baik dari dahulu dari kita semula"...It twitches me somewhat, not because the message itself, but it makes me feel guilty for not contacting them for so long...I mean, way TOO long...I then looked at my family photos on my wall...I feel sorrow...I missed my abah...I missed my mama...I missed my family....I think i've become somewhat disobedient son...Even parents cared about their children more than the other way around...I cried :((

"Insyaallah, Mudah-mudahan kita semua perolehi keberkatan Ramadhan dariNya" is my reply, and the only thing I could do, period. I'll contact them whenever is possible, insyaallah...


Lastly, don't forget to recite our fasting intention (niat), whether for whole month or every Ramadhan day...

For daily recite:

"Nawaitu shauma ghaddhin 'an adai fardhi syahri ramadhana hazihissanati lillahi ta'ala"
"Sahaja aku berniat puasa esok hari untuk menunaikan fardu Ramadan tahun ini kerana Allah Taala."
"I will fast in days of Ramadhan this year because of Allah taala"

One more thing, try to fill up our night with tarawikh...We might meet the lovely 'Lailatul Qadar', insyaallah...

Happy fasting!

Sunday, October 02, 2005 


[Number dialed]

And there's the rub, we can talk for a while
But I have sweet nothings to say
You don't want me anyway, you don't want me anyway
So why, why should I stay?

So goodbye to you and your life
Your new best friends, your confidence
And I'll be here when you get home

Sitting halfway, away from nowhere
Praying for our lips to touch
Holding myself for a second
Just to catch you smile on this line

So goodbye to you and your life (two months, eight weeks)
Your new best friends, your confidence (turn my hours into days)
And I'll be here when you get home (when you get home)

So goodbye to you and your life (two months, eight weeks)
Your new best friends, your confidence (turn my hours into days)
And I'll be here when you get home, when you get home

[Spoken:] I can't feel the same about you anymore [many times]

Is it just like you said it would be (it's never easy),
I can't feel this way about you anymore
Is it just like you said it would be (it's never easy),
I can't feel the same

I can't feel this way,
I can't feel the same about you anymore (it's never easy)
About you anymore (it's never easy)
No, I can't feel this way
I can't feel the same about you anymore (it's never easy)
About you anymore (it's never easy)
About you anymore

[Dial tone]

ARTIST: Funeral For A Friend
ALBUM: Hours (2005)

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