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Tuesday, March 03, 2009 

Kota Perdana is HSDPA Covered!!


I don't know when did Maxis actually upgraded their coverage in my area, as I never noticed this before. What I knew was that, for the past 10 months or so, my maximum connection speed was full-bar UMTS (3G) level with the dark blue light lit. This was what shown on my Maxis HuaWei A220 Modem. Sometimes, it dropped pathetically to GPRS (2.5G) level, the dreaded green light.

But today, I notice for the 1st time at my home, a different colored light with a different connection level...

Yup, light blue indicator shows that my area has a HSDPA (3.5G) covered. Finally. Yay!

Not just any HSDPA, but it got a full-bar coverage as well...

Detail view of my dialer shows that I've reached 1.3Mbps at one point, my maximum so far. I've got an average rate of 700-800Kbps, which is for me, quite acceptable for a wireless broadband. Of course, I know that this will never challenge the speed of a wired connection. (Hey, even Snailmyx often drops lower speed than this :P). Another thing is that, this HuaWei modem has a speed limitation up to 3.6Mbps. Updating the firmware will enable it to connect at 7.2Mbps, so there is still far, far away to reach up to this theoretical speed. At least, it gets an even larger headroom, and who knows, there are times that 'burst' data speed may occurs so sometimes, user could feel a sudden surge of speed in short time. Nevertheless, I'm quite happy with the connection so far. Surely beats my previous surfing experience of max. 150Kbps with avg. Rate of 50-60Kbps when using UMTS.

Direct Download would be a bit more pleasing this time. The speed above shows about the same as during my Snailmyx time at Parit Raja..(actually, this even faster)...

And so does torrents..:)

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