Tuesday, September 30, 2008 


I haven’t answered Achique’s tag yet for quite some time…So here it is…Don’t get bored okay…using the same order as Jamal’s:

1) Nickname

I think…I want to make a specific entry on this point someday later…so tunggulah kemunculannye ekk..

2) Knocked

I couldn’t remember when was the last time I had an accident, or if I even had an accident…probably because if I had an accident and get knocked, I might have memory lost so I could not remember the accident (back to the start)…Em let’s see..When I was a Standard 5 pupil at Kedah, I remembered that abah gave me the chance to ride the C70 bike…this was after a Friday prayer when abah rode until we reached our residence area but not yet our home…then abah asked me to try and ride it till we reach our home, with him being the co-rider (ape pembonceng omputeh cakap ape ek)…it was only 500m away, and only 1 junction to turn to…since I was nervous, I pressed (twisted) the accelerator too much, so it made a sudden jump so I was out of control…it only took 3 seconds for me and abah to fall down, and with the hot exhaust of the bike pressed on our skin and swelled it..Of course, I made another (successful) attempt and we reached home…with a broken lamp signal and that swelling skin to show to mama…the following week was my LAST ever motor ride (this time, I didn’t fall, although my feet was a bit short on the brakes so I hit our home gate), until now..

Ehem, based on this story, there was no real accident involved…We just fell down, that’s all :p

3) Driving License

I’ve already an entry regarding this point. Actually, two, here and here…But to sum up, yes, I’ve just acquired the proper P card this year on April….Although I passed my car test with my only 1 attempt last year, I never get to hold the card as I had to complete the motorcycle test as well…man, I hate riding a bike, and I took it for the sake of having it (alang-alang bagi ade jelar)…although, I did rode Mior’s bike within our area, and also from our rent house to UTHM…that was about 3km, and the furthest ever distance I’ve been on a bike! I failed the test early this year (that blasted concrete plank!) so I had to burn some more money for the retest (and also to extend my L card deadline)…I thought I barely got the 7 second minimum plank test that time…the rest was a breeze…

But then again, I’ve actually got hold my P card on August! I asked my tutor to send it to me but I do not know why it took her so long…I even twice went to BP to get it myself but she ‘wasn’t around’...which means, for 4 freaking months I was still immobile!

Still, after August, I am yet to drive a car or ride a bike until now…I think I’ve already forgot the step.. :p Oh well, there’s always public transportation available…

4) Motorcycle

The explanation is same as above….

Oklerr, I think I have to change my perception on bike after this…As you know, I am currently working at Shah Alam and it took me about RM11 max daily for my public transport fare between my home and working place, back and forth…the least I could spend a day is RM3, that is, only if I want to get there really late…RM5 is average…RM11 = 3 time meals at Parit Raja…what a waste…We have 4 bike at our home, and I only need to ride just one..Is that really hard enough?

5) Athletics

I do not considered myself among the same league as Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Rafael Nadal or even Datuk Lee Chong Wei…but I think I am a very healthy young lad who walks anytime, anywhere…especially during my GRB days…walking for 3 km in the middle of the sun is normal for me (6 km back and forth)…I also walked home from Equine Park since that is the last bus stop of both Metrobus and RapidKL…Of course, with the help of some cool, isotonic, non-melamine drink, I could walk even further, like, from Puduraya to KLCC…So, I think I’m quite an athletic person, mind you…

UPDATE: Actually, I think the farthest was from Stsn Pasar Seni to KLCC...Anyway, I think I'll let you know the list of the major roads in KL that my feet has stepped on its asphalt (excluding any small path and minor roads), and this may not be comprehensive:

i) UOA Centre (Former workplace)

Tun H S Lee, Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Gereja, Ampang, Raja Chulan, P Ramlee, Pinang, Perak

ii) DBKL HQ & Raja Laut / Sogo / Interview

Tun Perak, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Raja Laut, Dang Wangi, Munshi Abdullah, Raja Abdullah

iii) Low Yatts / Imbi / Times Square / Pavillion

Sultan Ismail, Imbi, Bukit Bintang, Pudu

iv) Hotel Midah (tempat bulah posa)


v) Site Project (Jinjang/BTR/DBKL Cheras) / Darul Puteri

Kepong: Kuang Bulan, Burung Hantu, Kepong Baru, Kepong, Mergastua. BTR: Budiman, Tenteram. DBKL: Cheras, Chan Sow Lin, Yew

vi) Electronics Stuffs


vii) Rumah Jonoh

Pandan Indah, Pandan Utama

viii) KL Sentral

Tun Sambanthan, Travers

ix) Nur Salam

Chow Kitt, Ipoh

x) Alam KeSESATan!

Raja Muda Aziz, Tun Razak, Yap Kwan Seng

6) Sports

I joined cricket when I was in from 1 and 2…the rest of the time, I was very lazy and passive…Although, sometimes I played football just for fun during my U years…If not, nobody would called me Shaggy Henry for nothing, surely there was some kind of exceptional skills, composure, speed, accuracy, balance, strength, determination, stamina, endurance, technique blabla2 (list down all the attributes from Championship Manager game) that I’ve acquired…

7) Study

During primary school, my favorite subject was on the middle of the time table…’Waktu Rehat’…this was the time we ‘learn’ new things, like, how to play jengket, aci ligan, aci sembunyi, bola soleh, tudung botol, batu lambung, zzzz etc…that’s why I flunked most of the time during those days…

It was also my favorite subject during my secondary school…But of course, the only activity can be done was zzz and eat other people’s share of food at the dining hall..gile keji…I like Science and Maths, while Living Skills & English was okay but I HATE HISTORY! In my later years, I kinda like Physics although I couldn’t score it…I also sucked in Add Maths but I had a very great teacher who never gave up on me…I’ve got my ONLY A1 in Add Maths in my lifetime during the SPM papers…I was surprised, so did her and some of my friends who were expected to get A1 as they scored brilliantly on their trial and test paper, only end up getting A2 (tetibe jadi riak ni, nauzubillah!)…I’ve got a total 3 A1 in SPM, and a ‘Henry’ number on aggregate, but that was it…the rest, I sucked big time…

How about my U days? Emmm…C Programming maybe, and some Computer subjects, and surprisingly, ‘Projek Tahun Akhir’…but in reality, I didn’t really focuses on any of the subject too much, that’s why I faltered too many times and deservedly to be kicked out, but wasn’t…This was probably due to my ‘change of direction’, when I knew I could be one heck of a Post-Production Editor..

8) Music

I also want to reserve this one…stay tuned

9) People

Most of the time, I pissed them as I was not always serious on doing something…Or even I was actually serious, I didn’t LOOKED serious…One of my major weaknesses is that while I cared for other people, I couldn’t show it, or do not know how to show it…I’ve made a lot of people disappointed in me, and some of it was truly REGRETTABLE…If only there is a time machine…

10) Ethnicity

It is written in my IC that I’m a Malay, so I take it as it is…But there’s a bit twist and turns about my ancestors…Mama told me once that I am having a SULTAN’s bloodline somewhere from Sumatra, you know, kaum kerabat keturunan diraja like that…I couldn’t remember who it was, but nonetheless, you guys and girls should BOW down to me, and GROVEL at my feet, HAHAHA..poyoss…We even had this adat turun temurun that every child that born at my Mama’s side will have this kind of ‘jinjang’ rituals, where we will wear official Sultan clothes (Yellow), and the parents (the one with bloodline) will walk their child on some kind of flowery stuffs scattered on the carpet…There were all those kinds of traditional things like sireh, gambir, kemenyan, kapur, pinang etc and the ‘perasap’ thing…I think there could be a photo of me doing the walking so let me dug into my old family photo collection and upload it here…Heck, I don’t even recall if I ever did that, but I noticed my other siblings photos of the jinjangs…It could be lurking somewhere…

11) Understanding

Maybe people can understand me better more than I understand myself! Nuff said…

12) Kids

Hmm…how should I say this…Depending whether the kids are really kids or spoiled brat…I don’t like brats, especially those who cried without reason…it makes me to ‘give’ them a reason, either by hand or feet..But babies are always cute to see, to touch, and to feel the soft, yet delicate skin…for those handle less and hyperactive kids, I usually let them do whatever they want as long as they don’t annoy me and break my things…

13) Selfish

Yes, I’m selfish…don’t know what else to say..

14) Sewing

I can sew buttons, patch a hole and reattach loose fabric…usually this happens as I have the tendency to pull out ‘lost’ threads on the clothes as it doesn’t look nice…But I only know the very basic technique – Jahitan Kia…or another ‘blasah-kan-aje-asal-cantum’ technique…I don’t know how to operate a sewing machine as well, manual or electric..

15) Hobby

Some of the favorites:

i) Sleeping – I’m too lazy to lift my butt, so stay put and continue with the last alphabet non-stop.

ii) Computers & Internet – especially the latter…There’s no life without the internet… (There’s even no life WITH the internet either)…especially downloading loads of stuffs at torrents, like music, warez & movies…I used to play computer games quite frequently, but now I haven’t had much time to do it…

iii) Reading – I used to collect PC Magazines monthly, but now I selectively buy when I have the money and depending on the cover story (and cover girls as well :p)…magazines like HWM, PC.com, T3, Max-it, Stuff are the frequent ones, I seldom buy Chip and PCPlus (read: thin zines)…Majalah PC? Ewwwww.…But then again, since I’ve been possessed with the curse of the Internet, I almost don’t have the time to read all of the zines as all those techies and gizmos news can be read online anyway…Anyway, besides magazines and internet, newspaper is another source of knowledge…I like The Star, especially the sports and cartoon section…and of course, In Tech pullouts..

iv) Blogs – reading and writing crappish…like this one…although, lately I am out of ideas…every time always repeating the same story, with about the same sentence and structure…trips, friends’ marriages, foods (bulah), works etc...But of course, that’s life, and that’s what’s happening around me and you every day…

v) Post-Production Editing – is this a hobby? It’s more likely an ambition…Doesn’t necessary complicated stuff like I did the BVC DVD…something simple like converting MPG to XVID format, synchronizing subtitles with movies, enhance the quality of audio for music video (cutting, normalizing, compressing etc), photoshopping pictures and all the rest..

vi) Karaoke – I put this point as whether the original tagger, Achique, wants to know if I like to karaoke or not…well, this is not really my hobby, but I can always join if there’s some friends want to hang out…BUT, what I hate karaoke the most is that, there are only SELLOUT songs in the damn jukebox! I cannot sing any of these songs; I’m a ‘ganaz’ type of person hahaha…but still, I did attempt some whichever I know the lyrics…like Ekamatra or Phil Collins…[more one these points when I write about music]

Oklar, I think I’ll tag….anyone who read this blog…I dare you...

Friday, September 26, 2008 

Semakin Puasa, Semakin Kuat Bulah?


Actually aku ni mane ade mende sangat nak cite…so aku taruklah cite aku membulah2 sepanjang minggu lepas…patutnye ini entry bulahspot material tapi rasenye blog tu dah terbengkalai je, xde sape nak tengok, hhuuuhuuuh… anyway, hari sabtu lepas (13 sept, lama tuh), kitorang the gangs of uthm bukak pose kat hotel midah, kl…1st time bukak pose kat tempat2 cenggini yang dikatakan ‘mewah’2 ni…tapi nak kate mewah tu xgak, RM35 aje sekepala…budak2 plan untuk makan2 ni pon dasat gak..saling balas berbalas emel secara berkelompok…ammar pelopor perhimpunan aman nih..setelah tempat ditetapkan, maka pada hari yang berkenaan, maka bergegaslah set2 manusia rakus ke hotel itu…xpelar, just makan, bukan nak buat projek ke ape :p…aku macam biaselar, mode of transportation aku Cuma due: public train n public feet..kebetulan mama abah nak beli juadah kat serdang, so tumpang diorang mintak antar ke stesen serdang..turun kl sentral pastu naik monorel ke maharajalela…dekat aje…bebudak ramai dah berhimpun…set2 single (aku jamal ammar elie japlon kacang jawa), buat2 single (bapak) dan bakal xsingle (amin mus fikri zan) menyemakkan lagi keadaan…xcukup kat hotel, lepas tu singgah lak kat kedai mamak kat belakang…nak tengok bola punye pasal…liverpool man u…aku xsapot due2 tp dlm hati sanubari kecil mmg nak tgk Liverpool menang…tapi kejap je sebab kacang n japlon nak balik, so buleh tumpang diorang…sempat aje tengok kat rumah..

alah, mende biase yg anda lihat dirumah...xde spesel kebende...

rerakan taulan yg tolong menambahkan beban tukang cuci pinggan hotel nih...

renungan sinis seorang jejaka kachak tampan menawan sejurus sebelum sepinggan nasi itu lenyap dari pandangan...

incik ammar sebagai along sedang mengugut mangsa2 yg hapless..jika xmau bayar, maunye dipecahkan perut mereka yg sarat itu..

abg mushy dan abg chang...sesedap mane pon makanan di hotel, kedai mamax jugak menjadi pilihan..

Hari berikutnye rerakan taulan STARian lak…tempatnye xlain bukan ialah dirumah headboy kami, mr arie elephunk kat rawang nun..huhhuu gile lame xjumpe diorang…rasenye dah 6 kenduri membe kot berturut2 xpi…si bob berbesar ati nak tumpangkan dari shah alam, so kenelar berkomuter ke sane…tapi ade satu peristiwa hampir menyayat ati nak berlaku…lagi 2 stesen nak sampai shah alam, aku terase cam nak pitam gile (aku berdiri je dari kl sentral nun)…tetibe mata aku blur, jadi warna monochrome siap bertompok2…ala, macam efek mosaic dalam photoshop…pale otak terus jd berat, kaki dah lembik…in fact, mase org komuter dtg nak cek tiket dlm tren , mase aku nak amik balik tiket langsung xlepas 2kali sebab xnampak kat mane tangan si tukang pengecek tiket tuh…xpenah jadi lak bende ni kat aku seblum nih, bukan xbiase berdiri lame2 dalam tren…maybe sebab seblah petang kot, berbanding pagi2 aku berdiri, so energy dah kurang sket..or postur badan xbetul…time kuar tren pon aku menggagahkan diri utk xjatuh dan KO, sbb dah blur sgt, hampir xnampak jalan..kalau org lain maybe dah kene usung dah kot…aku duk kat kerusi jap,rehat lame sket, baru pitam tuh ilang…isk isk ngeri2 dengan pengalaman rebah dimuka bumi…

beginilah kesan efek sebagaimana kelihatan dari pandangan mata stereoskopik si penulis ketika beliau di dalam tren...sememangnye bukan 'wajah' spt diatas kalau x memang angker giler arr...

naik keta racing bob aku terus tido sampai rumah arie…bebudak sume ramai dah sampai, even makanan pon banyak dah terhidang, so datang memecahkan perut jer…dah le pening tadi xabis lg, so lepas makan pon tido kat sane..mase balik pon tido dalam keta lagi…even kat stesen komuter pon tido lagi sampaikan terlepas 1 tren…mujur ade satu last tren lagi..isk isk..

dari jauh ku renungi sesuatu yg mengujakan permandanganku...jam dinding yg menunjukkan lagi 5 minit nak bukak posa...isk isk lambatnye...

Mat Fitt (kiri) cube membuat gaye posing kachak cam aku tp ternyata beliau tewas...tp apepun, baby Adam Mikhael yg didukung oleh incik Toye sememangnye yg paling terkachak sederhana melampau..bravo bravo

chef2 yg bertungkus lumus menyiapkan bahan bakar yg bakal dighaibkan oleh perut2 yg xbertanggungjawab

ngaku jelah...korang terkeliur tgk gambar nih...seriously, aku nampak lelehan saliva menitik membanjiri jubin lantai mezanine rumah anda...ni baru suku je dari sume makanan yg ade..isk isk

incik headboy, arie (baju putih) mengetuai pasukan upacara ritual kerakusan manusia..

woiii xacii2...aku jugak yg cume merase air bandung soda pada hari tersebut tatkala ade org lain ade skill bulah lebih dari aku...isk isk (tp aku tipu je..mane bleh pakar bulah melepaskan peluang juga?)

Minggu lepas, ade makan2 yang grand sket dgn staff kompeni…kat grand blue wave, shah alam…cam biase, bile dah ade buffet, rambang mata dengan tekak nak amik yang mane satu…dengan sifat rakus tamak haloba manusia yang alpa lagi keji, aku pon amik satu jenis setiap satu sampai penuh pinggan…itupun rasenye banyak lagi yang aku xrase…jam perut aku…balik rumah pon lambat pulak arr, sampai kul 12 lebih…

sekali lagi..permandangan tipikal sepinggan juadah seorang pembulah...

aisey kantol...malularr I....

Hari isnin bebaru nih, lagi sekali kitorang staff gi mentekedarah kat restoran lake view, belakang opis kitorang jer, kat tepi tasik..banyak lak duit kitorang ni ekk…kali ni dapat makan open air arr, menghirup udara nyaman sepoi2 bahasa jawa sambil berasap2 penuh kenikmatan (bukan aku arr)..sayangnye aku xamik gambar yg kat sini lak, sebab aku sibuk serta concentrate dekat set2 pinggan yang aku bawak...sampai overloaded…inilah kehidupan pembulah sejati…nafas pon sesak sampai bergetar muke aku…nasib baik sorang staffmate tumpangkan sampai kl sentral, so jimat sket tambang aku…

Then lagi sekali, memboyotkan perut pada hari rabu lak…actually ni kebetulan je bernasib baik…ade sorang staffmate aku yang lain ajak aku turun jb nak hantar hamper2 raye…actually aku pon ade cakap nak ikut gak sebab die kate balik hari je…aku on jelar…bile sampai petang tuh kat hotel blue wave gak (cawangan jb), tukar plan lak, nak tido situ dgn staffmate2 lain yg memang ramai dah turun situ sebab ade function..aiseyman, aku dah le xbawak baju ekstra, tapi kebetulan intuisi aku menyatakan bahawasanya aku perlu membawa kain pelekat pada pagi tuh…heran aku cemane boleh terlintas dalam pale otak aku…tapi nasib baik arr, boleh jugak pakai…baju lak, aku pakai jaket insep tujelah, dalam kosong…huhuu…xpelar, yang penting dapat makan pree lagi, berbukak dan bersahur sekali…makan western style lak, dgn roti, pancake, french fries, cornflakes etc hehe…

aise xde gambar makan lagi...dpt gamba minum air suam dari sudut yg sukar pon kire bolelarr..

semalam, bersama2 rakan2 uthm lagi sekali membulah, tapi kali ni kat rumah sewa mus/zan la plak kat shah alam nun…idea kali ni ialah nak kembalikan nostalgia zaman2 U dulu, iaitu beli bungkus segala bulahan yang boleh kat pasar ramadhan, then tala diwaktu berbuka…menu2 standard cam murtabak, nasi ayam percik, satay, air mata kucheng, korma dll…7 orang je yg datang, n makanan pon banyak lebih sebab ade geng yang nak diet plak dah (mus, jamal)…aku xde diet2, nafsu amarah bissu lebih penting, tolong abiskan makanan diorang mane yang patut…kedatangan lain termasuk ammar, jawa , wady n kak ani…zan terpakse berbuka kat opis die...malam tu aku tido rumah diorang jelah, nak layan wifi rumah diorang punye pasal..hehe…

asyik muke aku jer..kali ni tengok muke pelahap kawan2 la pulak...

Then, baru tadi je, artis metal terkenal tanah air, roll/mambo NROCINU, yang baru melancarkan album sulungnye bulan lepas, KEAMANAN, yang telah laris terjual melebihi 100…unit je(bakal triple platinum nih, kurang sket je dari album Metallica baru) dah ajak aku berpoye2 kat shah alam lagi…isk2 orang dah gaji angka 5 kat depan beb, xcampur lagi dengan royalty hasil jualan album, isk isk masyuk gile mamat nih..time die sampai shah alam, alik2 terserempak lak dgn apek, fairus palapes n sorang member diorang…ape diorg buat kat shah alam pon xtau…tp oleh kerane abg roll kite kaye raye, maka sume sekali beliau open table…sungguh baik ati sekali encik roll kite ekk…maka sape2 yg lain yg rase nak membaikkan atinye, jgn segan silu utk membelanja rerakan, terutamanya aku..hahaha…ehem, okaylah incik roll, nanti aku tulihle review2 yg baekknye utk album baru ko… kat sini kalau ikut scale from 1 to 10, aku kasi 11 kat ko..ok x?

terpotong lak muke si artis pujaan para wanita nih...maunye die sue aku kang :p...tapi itu xpenting, kerna ape yg dihidangkan itu yg paling penting...

Isk2 sori le rerakan…aku mmg ke’mandul’an idea…xpelar dr xtulih langsung..

Wednesday, September 03, 2008 

The Day That Never Comes

Born to push you around,
Better just stay down,
You pull away,
He hit’s the flesh,
You hit the ground,

Mouth so full of lies,
Tend to black your eyes,
Just keep them closed,
Keep praying just keep waiting,

Waiting for the one,
The day that never comes,
When you stand up and feel the warmth,
But the sunshine never comes,

No the sunshine never comes

Pushed you across that line,
Just stay down this time,
Hide in yourself,
Crawl in yourself,
You’ll have your time,

God I’ll make them pay,
Take you back one day,
I’ll end this day,
I’ll splatter color on this gray,

Waiting for the one,
The day that never comes,
When you stand up and feel the warmth,
But the sunshine never comes,

Love is a four-letter word,
And never spoken here,
Love is a four-letter word,
Here in this prison,

I suffer this no longer,
I’ll put an end to,
This i swear, This i swear,
The sun will shine,
This i swear, This i swear,
This i swear.

SONG: The Day That Never Comes
ARTIST: Metallica
ALBUM: Death Magnetic
YEAR: 2008

PS - Metallica is back!!

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