Saturday, May 31, 2008 

Goodbye Work?

Hmmm....surprised? Me too...but thats just me...It is part of my life where I reached another checkpoint of my journey...My heart told me to do what's best for myself and go for it, even if it may initially looked as I made a wrong decision. Emm, actually, it is not nessesary wrong, just simply different...we tend to do new things from time to time, and we just follow our heart where it leads to...

Today is my final day I work at GRB...yes, the last day...Nope, I'm not being fired...Just that I've reached the end of my 3 months probation today, and I decided that I could not continue further on here...It's not that I just simply feels like quitting all too suddenly today, but I've made this decision 2 weeks ago...Although I have to say that I was a bit scared when sending my -1st official resignation letter- to my superior...It is a very short stint, and there's still a lot of things yet to deliver, to show them what I can do...

But I've got some major occasion starting next month, this June...this is something to do with my career path...Something that what my job as a 'Project Engineer' is missing...but I'm not saying that I do not feel grateful to get that job in the first place...After all, this is my first official job...

But possibly that it's not the JOB itself I'm looking for, but it's CAREER...I know that my so-called dream career is not in line with what I already have in my lap, but I'm going to try, bit by bit, shifting towards it...

In GRB, I've learned about MS Project, and some advance formula and calculations in Excel...I've read and understand a bit the layout drawings of a project's building...I've learned to deal with some people like main clients and subcontractors...There were several meetings I've attended and writing some reports...I've visited some project's site and monitor the current progress...All of these will be applied again and again in the future, and I know that for the past 3 months, I only gain a little...But hopefully, these little knowledge could be the step up for my future undertakings.

I would like to thank my superiors, staffmates, clients and contractors, and to the rest of the workers, directly or indirectly (if they all read this entry), for helping me settle down and I trully appreciate my time there..From an ex-Project Engineer, I'm signing off.

Ps – I'll try to upload some pictures of me and staffmates later...Maybe when I come and pick up my May salary...hehehe

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