Wednesday, March 30, 2005 

disastrous event!

I've watched the news and read the paper about another earthquake with a magnitude of 8.7 richter scale hit western sumatera again, 2 days ago...while it didn't produce tsunami waves that killed hundreds of thousands of people, it was reported that 300 people died of the quake alone...this is another sign from God to us, who probably thought that the Dec. 26th disastrous event may not occur again in a very short time...
I myself have my own personal disastrous event that actually affect most of of my 5 hard disk finally gave up 3 days ago...It was a Western Digital 80Gb hard drive, and I've configured it to be part of RAID-0 with another we all know, while stripping offers performance, it has no if there's one drive fails, all drive in the same array will also fail (although not physically, just logically)...but the impact was sooo big, as it was quite impossible to recover data from only one hard disk in an array as the file had been divided to small bits and been distributed evenly on all other hard disk in the array...why I'm telling you all of this? Well, all of our BVC class video was IN that hard disk...and was all gone & lost forever :P...but there's still some light shining on me as I still have the source video I've burned to CD before..and there are tapes which still contains the related video and it still remain intact...The only hassles now is that I have to copy/transferred the video to my hard disk back and reencode to (which took days to weeks)...and I have to repair each broken link in the DVD project...warghh...anyway, I haven't started all of these yet..still not in the mood...but I promise you all that it will be finished by the time your convocation...hopefully...

Sunday, March 27, 2005 

Farewell friends!!

we've just have a great (and sad) time at our BBQ party, right? well, it's nice to see most of us came and enjoy the night every last bit...together with our beloved friends who will leave us....I hope it is not forever and someday we will meet again...good luck to all of you who successfully graduate (I mentioned this yesterday...)..remember this, just like what I told you during the party...I'm very, very sorry if I was some anonymous guy who keep my mouth shut most of the time, looks unfriendly, looks serious...avoid talking, no eye contact...blablabla... i know that I might be looked 'sombong' or whatever...I regret that I can't change this stupid self-image problem that haunted me couple of years ago (it build up during my boarding school times)...I want to, but...well, I just don't know what to do...after 5 years, i feel that I was actually useless, and a 'no one' in the BVC class...I virtually have no contribution whatsoever to you...(the DVD is actually an attempt that I am 'something') for those who didn't know me better, I put all the fault, the blame on for today, I've lost most of my friends and not going to see them for quite some time...without even knowing you better...the same also applies to who still have another semester or two...remember this, I actualy CARE whatever happened to our class, like deaths, couple/friend breakout, depressions, etc (whatever that is negative)...I'm very sensitive to these, and if there's any way I could help, I will...I felt there is a bond, a strong bond between us...we always mention that we are all united, and I hope itthat will never change...during the time some of our friend cried when they spoke their feelings, I felt very the sorrow inside hurts, doesn't it? (It hurts more on the person's shoulder carrying it)...hmmm, I don't know what else to next sem, it will not going to be the same ever again like the past 5 years..there will be no more 'The Class Of BVC 2000-2005' like usual...but I hope we kept this spirit alive and going on forever...
my last word, I'll rewrite the chorus of one of my favourite goodbye-n-see-you-again-friendship song from Amber Pacific, 'Always You' (see my previous 2 months post for full lyric)...

'Good times last forever,
I'll keep my heart with yours,
For every minute I have gone,
Swear you'll never leave me,
I'll be there everytime,
In your heart and in your mind.'

PS - ATTENTION : Since I didn't took many pictures of that night (as I had to hold the videocamera 90% of the time), those who have digital camera and took a lot of shots, I hope that you can share your collection to anywhere, particularly at the Internet, in your blog, in your personal websites, send email or whatever...or probably I will go from home to home to collect your photos...As for the video, I'll include that in the DVD...that will be the last piece of footage of our class...(pity me, there's no shot during my speak...kodok didn't press the record button...:'(...warrghh!!!)

Friday, March 25, 2005 

Back to normal...

assalamualaikum...I've just finished all my final exam yesterday....some of the results already out and I've got to know mine...Well, it's not that bad, although it could be worse thinking that I haven't reach to my peak position...jawab cincai-cincai jerrr...anyway, it's all over for now and it's time to enjoy a bit...just a bit as I'm not going to graduate just yet...I've seen some of my BVC friends went out from the NOS test with full of relief...they finally manage to go through all the tough times for the past 5 years....Now, they didn't need to think about any exam, test, quiz, assignment, tutorial, presentation, report, etc....they are going to be...something corporate...going to enter another realm and face new challenge of being a working person...they're going to get good job, big salary, high positions, etc...hmmm...congratulations to them...I hope they will not forget us who still have to face another semester or two of 'hell' time...and I'm sorry for unable to join you in this upcoming Convocation...sob sob...looks like I've blurb it all I probably don't have to say anything on our tomorrow dinner...huhuhuhhu...

Wednesday, March 16, 2005 

This is the DVD box wrapper...but i might use simple plastic cover instead of want cheap, right? Posted by Hello


how the DVD label looks like on the DVD...of course, there should be holes in the middle.... Posted by Hello


and the same goes to Coursemates Part 2 Posted by Hello


The Coursemates Part I : Re-designed. Notice that 'mysterious' person without pictures...who the hell is it? Posted by Hello


Good Luck in Final!!

...i think it is not too late to wish you all for your final hop of the hurdle in the 5-year reign at KUiTTHO...i hope you all will grade with flying colours, so do your best ever in the exam...if not, then you'll be joining me in another semester of two...HAHAHAHA!!! just kidding...anyway, actually I've just finished my 1st final exam, Network usual, all those questions were actually the one I've wrote before but everytime I read new topics, the old one it is using substitution method or any means...nevermind...tomorrow, my economy test...Monday, EMT2...Wednesday, Computer Network...Thursday, Network Operating System...then...MERDEKA!!....then we can have our class party and live happily ever after...(huh?)...ah, whatever...By the way, I've upload the new Coursemates menu, as well as the DVD label and DVD-box cover...hope the design is okay for you...cheers..

Thursday, March 10, 2005 

chances come begging...

I've just finished my NA wasn't hard actually, but of course, I just simply forgot what I just wrote this morning...I wrote and read some notes and most of it was actually questioned in the test, but since I have a very weak memory storage capabilities, most of it gone by the time I entered the Lecture Hall...warrghh...I do not know how much will I score, but I hope it does help me to raise my carry mark a bit....I have a bad CN and NOS carry mark (in other words, sucks!)...I might fail if I don't step up the gear...huhhuuu...whatever...I am thinking of going back to my home tomorrow...but I'm not sure yet...I need to meet my parents before the final exam...'minta restu'...huhuhu...I let them down most of the time but I need to set things right, starting from now on...okay I don't know what else to talk about...later...

Tuesday, March 08, 2005 

Countdown to Final...

assalamualaikum...I've just finished my EMT2's not that hard but...darn, if only I focus on my study just a little bit more...nevermind...on thursday, I'll have my N.A. re-test (the one I've got 1st rank from behind :P) there it is, 2 test within study week...the week I suppose to do revisions...but of course, in this ever-realistic world, who would ever study in study week...(obviously not me) next week, is my final....theorotically, after all the exam, I'll be a 'free man'...humbly and glady graduate from this beloved KUiTTHO...but, that was only a theory...and looks like I prove myself right all along...I can't finish on time like the others...and it is because of my stupidity...(why i always said that??) i'm not stupid...nobody is...but for the fact that I didn't use my time well...just like the verse of surah Al-Asr...
1.By Al-'Asr (the time).
2.Verily! Man is in loss,
3.Except those who believe (in Islâmic Monotheism) and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth (i.e. order one another to perform all kinds of good deeds (Al-Ma'rûf)which Allâh has ordained, and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds (Al-Munkar)which Allâh has forbidden), and recommend one another to patience (for the sufferings, harms, and injuries which one may encounter in Allâh's Cause during preaching His religion of Islâmic Monotheism or Jihâd, etc.).
So after all the exams are finished, I'm going to miss half of my classmates...they're going to grade, work, marry and live happily ever after while I remain stuck in here...Hmm, try not to think about it too much...I remember what my Academic Advisor (Dr Zarar) had said...our whole life is the test...the afterlife (the one at the Mahsyar field) is the true final he said next, that there will be no 'UM' (ulang mata pelajaran) if we fail that exam...there's no way we can fill retest form, ask Allah so He can resend us back to earth so we can do good way indeed..always remember that...I think that's all from me now...Wassalam...

PS - About the class DVD, i'm not sure if I am able to finish it by April...with the upcoming exam, with unencoded videos, and the fact that there's still some of you did not provide your profiles & photos...well...I don't know...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005 

Class DVD nearly completed...

...but this only applied to Disc One...I did mentioned that I intended to make 2-disc DVD, so the 1st disc is currently about 95% finished...The only thing that's still missing is that some of our friends still not giving their profile and photos yet...For those who didn't, please do so....I really almost going to finish it...For those who already gave theirs but wish to change, you may do so too...Although I actually already compile it and burn it to DVD+RW, it is only just for testing (ala beta version)...I've already show this disc to some person...two thumbs up from them indeed...hahaha...I've even tested it on a DVD player and watch it on TV...and I have to say...WOOWWW THIS IS SOOO COOOOLLLLLL!!!! (sendirik puji...angkat bakul...hahahah)...Well, how about Disc Two...hahaha...around 20% progress...but don't worry...since I've use the very same template as the 1st disc, it will take a very short time to complete this one...probably half the time I took when creating disc 1...the only thing that's still bugging me is that there are one more videos need to be edited - the TMNet Clickers trip...also, some of my friends requested that an interview with our P.A., Dr. Zarar is also needed...I'll think about it...But here, I would like to tell you something that makes me dissapointed...I am really...When you are in the class of BVC (or any class for that matter), you are not just inside a class, but a unity, an identity, a union...something like that...We are expected to share something for our friends, give cooperation and lend some hands...Well, there's this ONE particular person...our classmates...he (boy,man,guy,gay..) didn't want to involve with this kind of 'nonsense'...I aksed hime to give him his biodata and pictures so I can put together in the disc...Do you know what he said? "Please do not do that...please remove anything that is related to not make any link about me...assume that we only have 64 person less is still nothing...they won't notice it..."..I was..'terkilan' (what in english haa?) to hear from him..when I asked him why, he said "I don't want people to know me...anyway, this thing is only school stuff...not important...."...I am totally muted...and I said,"Very well...I'll remove you..."..I respected this guy's wish and will do so...I will not say who that guy is, but when you did receive the dvd (when it is finished, I mean..), you will easily notice who is that missing person, here I'm going to ask you all my BVC friends...IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO BE PART OF THE CLASS AND WANT ME TO REMOVE YOUR PROFILE FROM THE DVD, THEN SO BE IT.....but if there's a lot of you who want to pull out, then I'LL IMMEDIATELY STOP CONTINUING THE DVD PROGRESS...which means, NO DVD OR BIODATA OR VIDEO WHATSOEVER...why should I wasted my time anyway if nobody wants please, if any of you read this, tell also your friends and think about it....

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