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One Week of a Researcher's Log Book

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Your Hired! (We're Just Mocking You)


Dear uE friends, how was your 1st week of practical training? (or 3rd week for those at Flextronics)...I heard some of you have made a mark to your boss and potentially become a permanent worker there...great for you! Others, I heard that you had to do some rough and tough jobs outside your supposed qualification...Things like these are normal, you always learn new things and stuffs in a new environment..(ceh, pandai lak aku cakap...poyos)...Whatever the reason, hopefully we'll make a very good impression to the company, so it'll help us for our future career, InsyaAllah...

So, where am I currently? I am undergoing a 3-months practical training at Telekom Research & Development at Serdang..More specificly, inside UPM at the MTDC building, Lebuh Silikon...Originally, there supposedly 5 of the uE clan who should reported here, but only 4 came up...On the next day, only 2 were remaining, me and Daus...both of us got in the same department, "Lightning Protection and Electromagentic Compatibility Center", although we were in a different building..Daus did stuffs about lightning while I'm at EMC..

Since it is still early right now, the task given was quite doable, like designing a circuit and transferred it onto PCB, or making some graphs..This week, I think I'll be getting some tougher jobs...So far so good..Although I haven't got assimilated fully around here, the staffs here helped me a lot to settle down...As you know, I am a quite shy guy, so most of the time they started the conversation...but the nice part is that, I've no longer have to call 'Encik'; a simple 'aku-kau' is sufficient..

Apparently, I've got to know that this department has some kind of link with UTHM..the link I am talking about is on EMC, which I heard that we're the only one to have this Center...and unsurprisingly, the person they've contacted the most is no other than our BVC 'father figure', my Academic Advisor Dr Md Zarar Md Jenu....yup, there's a high chance I'm going to meet him again during my stint here...huhuhu...Other than that, another link is that, one of the staffs here was an ex-UTHM lecturer, Pn Nabihah of Mechanical Engineering Faculty..She is the one who selected us to come here...

There is also another different link I have...I've got to know 2 STARians, one of them are in my department...and guess what, they both are my juniors...yup, you've got it..this shows how 'lag' am I who are only a trainee while they are established researcher (huuiihhh malu le gak, tp sket je)...Yeah I know I slowed my paced a bit, but I'm not going to keep like this all the time...people do 'off-form' for a while at some point in their life sometimes, you know, like a footballer..(cehhh poyo lagi..sebab aku macam ni le aku cakap camtu :p)

I am helping the researchers on 'Digital Communication Interference Analysis Platform'...Specifically, we are doing some research about improving ADSL line for TM (like Streamyx), and eliminate possible interference that my hinder the performance of the connection..the project is still on the early stage, scheduled to be completed in 2009..

Okeh, xnak cite byk2 pasal sini sbb belum 'panas' lagi let me tell about my surroundings..I lived with Daus at the 'Kolej Kediaman 14'...It is only a walking distance (10-minutes walk) between here and my practical place, so we don't need to use any vehicle (definitely not me, not yet!)..Why I didn't simply live at home? It is soooo near (at Putra Permai) and my Abah and Mama's working place is just around UPM...1 major reason: I was hoping I could get a constant Internet connection at the hostel..later on, I realized that while the room did have the network port, it isn't turned on..And yes, there is also WIFI connection but the access point is at the cafetaria, which is a few couple of blocks away, so the signal strength is quite pathetic (if any) when trying to connect at the hostel...and it isn't free, RM2 for 2 hours to be finished in one month (although there is some kind of promotion right now that we are given free access)..(sigh)..But of course, I couldn't simply leave Daus alone here, so I might as well accompany him...

Although it is still early, we've already met some of other friends from other practical companies...And we have travelled far to the west towards Klang to meet Sham and Matyuz who trained at Hakita (at Panglima Garang) and brought along Matyuz's tire rims...And we had some nice little reunion also with Ibrahim there (he treats us, TQ la ek)...And we've already tasted how is like to NOT to be able to sleep at the hostel since we came back late, and the Pak Guard shooed us away, so we slept at Serdang R&R's surau :p..hahaha...

Hopefully, with about 11 weeks remaining, I'm able to show some great impression which might help me to 'extend' my stay from 11 weeks to, say, 20-30 years? hahaha...

yup, I'm part of the staffs..don't let the whiteboard marker writing's fooled you...

That plant is almost equal my height! wargghhh!!

The model of the new TM R&D building, located at Cyberjaya..

There's a good possibility that we'll get the chance to feel the new building and the new surrounding during our training...can't wait for it!

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