Friday, September 28, 2007 

Your Guardian Angel

Yup, this is the song I sang during the mocking interview session...Dedicated to you, whoever wherever you are...specifically, those who always smiles and teaches :)

When I see your smile
Tears run down my face I can't replace
And now that I'm strong I have figured out
How this world turns cold and it breaks through my soul
And I know I'll find deep inside me I can be the one

I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
Seasons are changing
And waves are crashing
And stars are falling all for us
Days grow longer and nights grow shorter
I can show you I'll be the one

I will never let you fall (let you fall)
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all (through it all)
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

Cuz you're my, you're my, my, my true love, my whole heart
Please don't throw that away
Cuz I'm here for you
Please don't walk away and
Please tell me you'll stay woah, stay woah

Use me as you will
Pull my strings just for a thrill
And I know I'll be okay
Though my skies are turning gray

I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven
[to fade]

SONG: Your Guardian Angel
BAND: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
ALBUM: Don't You Fake It (2006)


You're Hired! (We're Just Mocking You :p)


Never in my life so far that I attended any kinds of interviews...Well, maybe there was unofficial interview like, they asked question and you answered it. But that's that...I mean, the kind when you are looking for a job, the one you have to bring your CV, certificates and other stuffs..the one where you have to wear very smart, long sleeves and ties, that sort of interviews..

And why's that? Had I graduate early, I might already had two or three job interviews' experiences. So currently, I have none..

But of course, everything starts with experience, and one has to gain it in order to learn what kind of mistakes we make, and what to improve. So, CEC had organized the last class of INSEP, the two-day Interview Skills. The 1st day was some speech on preparation before any interview. But the next day was the day everyone had been waiting for. At least for FKEE gangs (amongst other few more faculties as well)..

This was a mocking interview day, so we wouldn't get a real job anyway. Even though that was the case, we had to treat it like as it is real as it can be. Like Mr Rashid said, "walaupun olok-olok je, anda mesti gembira kalau interviewer kate "You're hired" kat korang..kalau korang direject kat sini, konpem seminggu gundah gulana jugak larr.."

So that morning, I wore the best possible outfit, polished my shoes, and brought along my INSEP jacket (Dr N told us to do so)..the only thing was missing is my CV; I hadn't print it out I had gone to the MRSD lab and tried printing it.

But no matter how many times I changed the settings, it did not print the size that I wanted. Each of the printouts were half the size of the A4. Since I was late and already wasting much time, I thought "What the heck", and bring along that kind of resume. It came immediately to my mind that the interviewer might ask why I printed like that. I might be possibly kicked out even before I sit!!

Since there were a lot of my friends queue up for the interview, and some others were still looking for the correct job posts as pasted on the walls, we couldn't do our interview session at the morning, so our session started at the evening. (We - me, Jamal, Matyuz, Hisham, Daus, Adnan). This was supposedly the time I should go to CC and reprint my CV, but I was too tired and slept so I lost the chance. With my resume still unrepaired, I gambled and brought it along with me inside in front of the interviewer. Luckily it was a three-person interview, so Jamal and Matyuz were also in my group. But still, the feelings of 'Bad resume = no Job for you' still dangling inside my head. But once again I thought 'What the heck, this isn't real anyway', so I had prepared a bit if the interviewer rejects me..

There were two interviewers. One of them was from a company, as an onlooker (He also asked some questions)..The other one was from UTHM itself. I thought I'd seen him before...Then I remembered my team-building 3 months ago, I thought I saw Dr N showed a lot of pictures along with him. I also seen him going in and out Dr N's room at CEC. But I didn't think too advance, my mind fully (or half-ly) focused on the interview. The moment I gave my resume to them, I could see their 'amusing' faces.

As usual, the question started with "Tell me about yourself". Matyuz opened followed by me and then Jamal. After a lot of QA, this UTHM interviewer evaluated us. When it's my turn, he said something that suprised me, as well as astonishing..."I see that you are a STARian...Do you know that I'm also a STARian?" "OMG" I thought, "By looking your resume, I thought that you are much more capable than what you are right now," he said. So true, I wasn't really prepared for this.

At one point, the interviewers asked us to build 4 equal sided triangle using 6 straws. While they gave us the straw, there's one mysterious tape lying on the table and none of us asked for it (and they purposely not offering it)..Each of our design were different, but I thought I made the correct one. (see photo below)..

See? there's exactly 4 equal-sided triangles using 6 straws. They didn't said that I should use the full length of the straw, so I stand to believe that this was the right one. But of course, they had a better design which utilized the straws completely, and nobody among the 3 of us were thinking "outside the box" the correct design was like this:

This was supposed to be easy, right? (I have 'leaked' to you the answer, so if your interviewer asked about this, you know how to do it :p)

They were thinking of firing us (mungkin gertak je kot), but they reconsider and gave us one last chance. They asked us to sing (that's right..SING) any songs, and sing it thoroughly with emotions and feelings..Matyuz sang Negaraku, and immediately they halted him, "Ok cukup2, mane ade org nyanyi lagu Negaraku sambil duduk.." aise foul ke it was my turn...I stood up, with the straws still in my hand, I held it like a mic, and with my other hand moved as like a real singer (terpakselar, kalau nak tunjuk emotion sangat), I sang:

" I will never let you fall, I stand up with you forever..I'll be there with you through it all, even if saving you sends me to heaven.."

This was the chorus of the song 'Your Guardian Angel', from the band 'The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' (see above entry for full lyrics and sounds)..I didn't choose this song randomly, It immediately came across my mind as I was thinking of someone :)..Next, Jamal sang the Perak State Anthem (similar to Negaraku)

Finally, after much assessment, we were hearing something that everyone one in this planet who are looking for their ideal job badly want to hear..

"I am happily to say that each 3 of you have the qualities needed by our company. And so, I would like to hire you all."

"YEEAHHH bebeh!!!" (actually, this was in our heart, not in mouth). We, the trio, were HIRED..huhuhu..

Still, after that, each of us were evaluated for our performance. When it came to my turn, the STARian interviewer told me:

"Shahiran, I don't really see you lacking in any parts..But there's only one thing..."

My highly probable guess was that he wanted to talked about my CV. Not only I was correct, he did something else...


The sound of my resume TEARED APART by him, shred into lil' pieces...(sorry, I didn't know the actual written sound effect for this)

"Ape resume camnih? Memalukan STARian betullar!!" katenye secara seloroh...aiseeyyyy memang malu sungguh established, successful STARian take on an unstable, unbalanced yet fragile STARian like me...mmg terase sangat maaa tgk resume dikoyakkan didepan mate...tak expect langsung..huuuuu sedey..I apologized to him later on, telling that "I will always try to uphold the name of STAR all the time" and never print that kind of CV again..

When we went out, I asked Jamal if he knew who he was.."aku rase yang niler Dr Wahid"..emm, come to think about it, Dr N has a son in INSEP named Umair bin Wahid...which means, Dr Wahid is Dr N's husband! (which answer the picture and the room thing)...haha how I didn't know this earlier..lagiler maluuussseesss...

Still, we were proud of our achievements..even it was just a mock.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007 

Aktiviti BP Mall - Bukak posa di Pizza Hut & Menjadi Model Catwalk...wargh!

Salam ya adik2...lame menunggu post baru? biaselar dah semakin malas, walaupun semakin xsibuk...oklar aku nak tuilh cerita ceriti yg ditunggu2 sekian lama, iaitu cerita..."Celah Mane Aku XSemena-Menanye Boleh Terjebak Jadi Model?"

Mase last day conference dulu, ade dgr2 cite dr incik Jamal dan MadSyah berkenaan kewujudan aktiviti permodelan anjuran CEC.. ini disebabkan ketua penyelaras aktiviti model tersebut bertanyakan tentang keberkesanan narration group FKEE yg buat show pasal kemerdekaan nun...Beliau nak cari orang yg boleh speaking baik munya utk jadi emcee pada malam model tersebut, maka MadSyah mensuggestkan aku padanya...manakala Jamal lak mengajak aku kerna die pon nak masuk gak..aku kate xde masalah kalau jadi emcee larr..

Time start latihan modelling tersebut pada minggu berikutnya, incik Jamal mmg tersangat beriya mengajak aku bersiap, namun aku buat bergaya sahaja serta melemah longlaikan diriku sendiri aka mengelat utk pergi..iyolar, dah bulan posa, mmgler letih sket...maka incik Jamal telah bertolak dahulu dengan menaiki bas Johore Motor dgn perasaan bengang (tekaan akuler) tanpa aku. actually bukan aku xpegi, aku lambat aje...aku sempat memerhati incik Jamal menaiki bas dari jauh tanpa sempat aku mengejarnye. maka aku pon berpatah balik semula ke rumah dan ingin ber'shaggy'rahat (kalau sebut nama lain, ade pulak yg terase bangge lak :p) ..lalu menerima berderetan sms incik Jamal yg menyatakan bahawa puan ketua penyelaras ingin berjumpa dgn aku kerna aku cube memontengkan diri dari membuat latihan emcee...lame sket aku pon keluar semula dari rumah utk menunggu bas...lalu aku call puan (setelah mintak dr Jamal) tersebut berkenaan status aku yg memontengkan diri...beliau telahpon melantik orang lain jd emcee dgn aku sbg pilihan kedua kalau org lain itu xberape carre...actually, aku rase die nak kate aku telah direject kerna dah ade org lain,cukuplar nak panggil aku lagi cume nak sedapkan hati aku aje...xle kate aku bersedih dan menangis hiba ke ape, maybe the other way around lebih tepat..cume, iyolar, xdele peluang aku nak 'menonjolkan' diri serta
menaikkan saham aku dikaca mata orang2 awam..

venue aktiviti modeling tersebut, atau lebih tepat sekali "Ole-ole Ramadhan" dibuat di BP Mall..kebetulan bebudak clan uE aku dah plan nak buat parti bukak posa di pizza hut di tempat itu juge...kirenye planning lps makan2, boleh le singgah ke port Ole-ole tuh nak usha abang Jamal kachak berposing nanti..namun disinilar mimpi 'ngeri' (xngeri ape pon) bermula apabile ketua pengurus pemilihan bakat-bakat model, incik Pangeran (yg seblum ni pernah nak tarik aku lg tp aku reject) dtg sekali lagi memujuk2 aku kerna aku kelihatan begitu macho sekali pada hari itu..iyelar, aku tetibe nak pakai kasut kulit itam
lak..nak pakai selipar cam keji sgt..nak pakai kasut nike aku, dah basah sket..dlm keadaan aku tidak berupaya melarikan diri serta mencari alasan utk blah dari situ, maka inilah die...aku telah menjadi model!!

The problem is, dengan rehearsal yg satu haram xgi pon, tetibe suruh aku jadi model pada hari tersebut memangle gabak..dah xtau care jalan cemane, care posing, care mengawal kemachoan diri dsb...die mmg ade ajar ondaspot & suruh follow bebudak lain nnt tapi still, kekok larr..nasib baik aku diberi pakai baju melayu biru lengkap beserta samping(die ade modelling pakai pakaian pejabat aka kot, tie).. baju biru merlit berkelipan bersama2 samping biru gak...kesemua pakaian kebangsaan ini di'taja' (diberi pinjam jer) oleh First Lady Boutique..kalau sape2 rase nak beli lepas tuh (atau baju rosak) maka boleh dapat diskaun 30% (utk orang yg join jd model jer)..

[rerakan model yg same2 kachak bergaya]

[mekap muke yg dah hensem menjadi semakin hensem..hhahaa]

[pairing aku Miss Shima..serasi x? huhu]

Mase yg ditunggu telah tibe...dgn pasangan model masing2 (yes, aku telah mendapat Miss Shima...huhu), maka aku pon mengorak langkah menunjukkan bakat2 terpendam dalam diriku utk menjadi peragawan spt yg ditunjukkan pada video dibawah :-

xsangka aku telah mendapat sorakkan yg memberangsangkan..either sebab aku mmg betul2 kachak tampan menawan, ataupun sengal seperti robot yg join marching band :p...either way...mampuih lar ape org nak kate...dah aku ni cume ahli 'menyemak' last2 minit tanpa training, selambe le aku buat pose cemane..huhu

aktiviti ole-ole nih berlangsung lagi pada minggu berikutnye..patutnye ade lagi rehearsal, namun xsempat nak gi sebab aku ade mocking interview (see previous post) yg berlangsung petang tuh...abis tuh, lepas aku amik baju2 aku, terus gi BP Mall utk berbuka dan bersiap sedia nak jadi model kachak lagi..tapi gile xaci, ade ramai gak yg model last week xjoin utk minggu nih..(sampaikan incik Hisham pon tetibe terjebak oleh Pangeran utk jadi model...same cam aku gak..:p) dah le stage menjadi semakin pendek sebab diorang ubahsuai papan banner kat care nak jalan pon kene ubahsuai sket..

spt gambar diatas, kelihatan seperti muka kami dicelup dalam tepung goma...malah, dgn lipstick yg dibubuh pada kami menyebabkan kami kelihatan spt...WARRGHH!! WHAT THE ----?? tiidaaakkkk akkuu tiidakkk relllaaaa...auuuu auuuu seksi siot...

For my 2nd modelling day, sile usha video nih lak:-

Boleh diperhatikan secara langsung pada aku (takkan le Shima..let me take the blame larr huhuu) menjadi bahan tawaan para VIP yg terdiri drpd Dr Zainal Alam, Dr Noraini and yes, you got it, my 'CV shredder' Dr Wahid..huhu (gurau2 sesama STARian je Dr, xpe la kot..huhuhu)..maybe bukan ketawa actually, cume kegembiraan kerana ade gaya yg unik ditunjukkan oleh aku..tapi ape pon, aku dengan gayaku, korang dgn gaya koranglerr...mane bleh tiru!!

[Two STARians in Two different Generations: Me & Dr Wahid]

[isk ni Ikmal le tangkap blur..bukan senang nak ade gambar camni...with Dr N, Dr Wahid n Pangeran tukang penjebak mangsa]

UPDATE (23 October): Aku telah menerima panggilan dr Mr Sharil CEC berkenaan baju kebangsaan biru yg aku pakai time catwalk nun...die kate orang2 First Lady Boutique tidak mahu menerima semula pakaian berkenaan kerna diorang kate ia dah 'rosak' mereka 'memaksa' aku membeli jua baju tersebut dgn harga asal RM50+ bape ntah, kemudian didiskaun sebyk 30% utk aku...kos akan dibayar melalui pemotongan elaun oleh CEC, dan aku kene datang UTHM utk amik baju tersebut dr Mr Sharil..hmm sebnarnye aku xkisah kalau kene beli pon, ade le jugak baju raya utk pakai raya haji nanti kot aku nak fikir kat celah mane lak yg aku buat bg rosak..rasenye aku dah jaga sehabis rapi dah pon sepanjang possesion aku...agaknye mungkin terdapat kotoran atau bau-bauan yg telah serasi dgn badan org yg memakainye menyebabkan mereka tak sanggup utk menyimpannye apatah lagi utk menjual semula...agaknye larr..

koleksi gambo2 yg berkaitan...

nanti saya tulih pepanjang...okehh yeeee....

Monday, September 17, 2007 

My Nike Advert

Tak acii...tak aciii....asyik AchiQue je yg uplod video ngarut2 lg sengal...aku pon nak gak...actually dlm simpanan aku memangler belambar for the past...say 5 years...sejak aku ade videocam sendiri larr...(8mm lagi tuh!)..dah banyak dah aksi2 terlarang dan terlampau yg dibuat bersama2 dan diabadikan dalam cd sebagai kenangan di hari tua serta buat tatapan anak bini cucu cicit..ehehhh?

About diz video...actually dah ramai sangat dah pon yg tengok...bebudak kelas BVC dah tgk...bebudak geng Samadz pon maybe set2 uE dan seantaro dunia blom tgk lagi kot (xtau kalau bebudak yg dah tengok dah sebarkan ke ape kan...)'s an advertisment..Nike Football munye..(AchiQue konpem tak minat punye :p)..dihasilkan pada January 2003..mmg terpikir nak buat video cam ni dah lame dah...kebetulan time kelas Effective Communication (bukan dgn Dr Berhan time INSEP skrg...time zaman2 degree with Mr Nizamuddin), ade buat group interview kitorang buat pasal bola so aderle nak temuramah superstar bolasepak (aku lar...ahahhaha)...sambil2 tu tunjuk la iklan nih kononnye dapat endorsement dari Nike...aku buat pakai Windows Movie Maker je baru start berkecimpung dalam dunia video editing...pelakon2 terdiri dari aku, Oma aka Maram12th, Ais Sham dan Rashid...kameraman incik Wady Maskin..maka silelar menonton sambil mengunyah popcorn ciken dan air coke..

Thursday, September 13, 2007 


Assalamualaikum semua!! lame gile xmereview pasal program ni sampai lupe lak...

apepun aku try le gak...selepas berjaya aktiviti PECIPTA '07 bulan lepas, maka terase mencanak2 utk join aktiviti2 yg besar seterusnye...sejak awal INSEP lagi mmg conference ni dah dirancang, cume xterpikir nak jadi AJK ke ape..rentetan peristiwa bermula apabila encik Ibrahim Aizuddin, rakan INSEP uE gua offer kat aku "Shag, nak jadi AJK x? xcukup ahli nih.."..time tu ade meeting 1st nak buat show ape pada malam conference (which eventually, the pantomin was chosen, amongst others like dikir barat, lakonan, choir, nasyid dll)...aku pon pikir 1000x dulu nak masuk ke x, tanye brahim keje die cemane, senang x blabla...perlu diingatkan bahawa hari itular motor Encik Mio tunggangan aku dirantai kerna parking ditempat yang salah setelah 3 bulan pak guard buat xtau je...cesstt..walhal hari tu aku dah offer brahim suruh bawak aku balik naik motor..terpakselar aku n die menapak kedepan dari Kompleks FKEE ke gazebo kat seblah blok akademik nun..maka terjumpalar dgn Jun, Joe, Along (ketua AJK yg baru diken ai time tuh) & lagi sorang xtau lak name..

Walaupun aku tau Along tu ketua AJK suatu "bidang" tertentu serta memberitahu senarai tugas, task yg perlu dibuat oleh ahli2nye, aku cam biase hanyut seketika, masuk telinga kiri kuar kat idung..langsung blank amendeler yg die cakap..infact, aku sendiri XTAU YG AKU NI JOIN AJK APE NIHH??? WTF?? xpelar ade Joe n Jun tu kire oklar,apehal2 aku tanye diorang...

next, aktiviti memasang banner..Joe yg mintak tolong sebnarnye...rasenye ini bukan bidang tugas AJK kami (walaupun time tuh aku masih xtau lg bidang tugas aku :p) tp xpelar, aku tgh mood baik munye so datang pasang sekitar UTHM je..tang bebudak pasang kat sekitar BP aku xfollow...

Crew2 pemasang banner

Hanye Pa’Joe je yg mampu panjat2 tiang nih..

Selambe je timpal tindih banner aktiviti lain

ade satu malam, seminggu seblum conference gitu, ade meeting bebudak AJK dgn orang2 besar INSEP nak tanye progress..time tuh ade minah mesej2 aku ingatkan aku ni AJK die..minah ni bernama Adila dan ingatkan aku ni Jamal yg berAJK mati2 aku declare aku AJK Pameran...walaupun kat meeting aku duk seblah Jun, aku xtanye die pon sampai Adila mesej kate yg die tersilap org, lalu die menkompemkan yg aku ni AJK PERALATAN (Yess!!!!! dah tau dahh..hahaha)..meeting tu pon aku cabut awal (saje je) sbb Mio tgh tunggu kat luar lame, pastu kami nak membulah kat tapak konvo jap..

Keesokkan ari tuh dah start hari2 perit aku...selame ni aku ni dikira ngelat gak buat keje aka 1st time datang keje sbg AJK Peralatan sbb Encik Raden Haslin Sophian baru tau kewujudan aku hari tuh, ahli lain semua die dah kenal abis masak kene ragging' olehnye dgn menolong mengangkut segala barangan dan kertas2 kertasan dari stor barang ke CEC..ulang alik kesane
kemari naik jip ito..setakat tuh xpe lepas tuh, aku telah diberi special task yg eventually hanya aku je yg 'sanggup' lagi 'mampu' buat..

Bak kate Adila, sampai aku sanggup ‘bercakap’2 dgn mesin nih..dah jadi cam member lak..

yaaa adik2 abang2 kakak2, aku telah menjadi penjaga mesin potostat di CEC utk mencetak segala kertas2 proceeding utk conference..bayangkanlar, proceeding ade dalam 20 lebih kot lecturer submit..setiap satu kene cetak 450 COPY (Empat-Ratus-Lima-Puluh), dimana satu copy proceeding adalah dalam 5-7 guna kalkulator dan kire bilangan kertas serta rim A4 yg perlu dipakai..oh ye, kire sekali berape jam aku melepak dan menadah kertas2 itu disane jike utk menghabiskan kesemua 450 copy tersebut mengambil mase kekira 2-3 JAM..tu utk satu pendek kate CEC dah jadi rumah kedua aku utk seketika...dah kenal dah setiap staff dalam pusat tuh...siap kene overtime lagi tuh...yg xbleh handle, kenelar aku bersua juga dgn 'Father Figure' kami, Dr Zarar sbb bilik die kat situ gak (walaupun die bukan sebahagian dari CEC)...malu-malu...asalnye incik Aly Rajaie ade datang tolong memula, pastu last2 beliau juga ghaib...mesin potostat yg boleh pakai 2 tinggal 1 je..dah tu, memang sekali sekala kene cek kalau2 kertas dah abis ke x, so kene reload balik...tu xkire lagi staff2 yg nak tumpang potostat kat mesin tu...apatah lagi kalau ade paper jam (kertas sangkut)..lagi la jenuh nak kuarkan kertas2 tuh..bayangkan yg aku ni yg asalnye n00bie mesin potostat, last2 rasenye dah boleh bukak kedai repair mesin potostat kot, sebab dah tau kat mane nak tanggalkan kertas2 yg sangkut tuh..follow instruction kat LCD screen kat mesin tu je, walaupun mmg sebnarnye banyak gamble gak..then dah ade pengalaman menukar botol toner mesin..isk isk banyak nih, nak suruh Ammar tolong tarik aku keje Fujixerox walaupun mesin potostat aku tu Minolta..xpe same je konsep...xpelar, ade sekali ketua CEC / penaung INSEP Dr N tgk betape jerihnye aku ketika itu, maka beliau memberikan beberape (banyak) serbuk bancuhan kopi dan creamer bg aku buat di pantree & minum...mase tu mmg dah nak maghrib & mmg igt nak kene stay smp tgh malam, mujurle En Raden kate cukuple aku sempat minum secawan, yg lain aku taruk dlm laci pantree, maybe staff2 situ dah balun smp abis kot :p..

Wargh paper jam lagi! Skrg celah mane lak kertas yg nak kene tarik dulu..

ok tinggalkan dulu cite mesin potostat..aku bersama segerombolan rerakan dipilih utk menjadi pelakon2 utk pantomin bertemakan Kearah Kemerdakaan, lebih kurang cenggitular...aku jadi askar jepun, so tugas aku ialah membuat kacau2 org kampung, merogol anak dara orang (tp scene ini dicut pada saat2 akhir..hahaha :p), dan yg ultimatum, mesti mematikan diri ditembak askar melayu..takkanler bagi askar japang menang kot?

Isk lebey2 lak pak botak kat depan nih..ade yg nak kene potong kapara nih..

“CUT! ACTION!” Incik Jeff tuan director sedang memarahi anak buahnye yg berlakon dgn sengalnye..

Namun role aku sekejap je, kerana maybe tuan director/producer pantomin, encik Jeffri melihat bakat aku menjadi narrator aku berubah role pada rehearsal seterusnye..

Crew narrator, miss Lina, miss Wani & incik MadSyah..aku lak tersembunyi dibalik himpunan org2 kampung..

Ahli2 geng pantomin FKEE

Sehari seblum conference, cam biaselar, kalau dah jadi AJK peralatan, tak sah kalau xmengangkut ape2 peralatan yg berkaitan ke lori pengangkut..dari komputer, printer ke troli, LCD projector, LCD screen, sound system termasuk mic & speaker, fail2 utk peserta conference, segala macam kertas proceeding conference dan yg last sekali yg paling menyayat hati...aku perlu mengangkat 4 buah flip chart (mini whiteboard) yg setiap satunye berjisim 15kg++ dari Lab Multimedia ke CEC yg berjarak kekira 200m++ SEORANG DIRI...why? kerna mmg aku sorang yg 'sanggup' lagi 'mampu' melakukannyer :p....bekas parut lecetan pada tangan masih kekal menjadi tanda ingatan sampai bebile..huuu...xpelar, Along munye pasal...die kate die dah try pinjam dari PPA tp diorang hari lori nak antar barang, hari tu gak gi pinjam...gamble xde surat rasmi, pengesahan jumpe ketua Lab Multimedia, isi borang ondaspot (patut 3 hari sblm peminjaman) dan amik ondaspot..mujur encik ketua itu memahami, dgn katenye “kalau student lain pinjam, mmg kene 3 hari, ikut protokol memandangkan awak bawah CEC, oklar xde mslh..sbb saya nak menunjukkan sokongan penuh kpd Dr N”..cayalah incik, tenkiu2...

Lebih kurang cenggini rupe flip chart..aku xamik gambo yg ade kat Lab, so aku cari yg lebih kurang jelah kat web

so kemane kite? mestilar ke Hotel Katerina, Batu Pahat..segala barang dari lori, baik barang peralatan kami mahupun barang pameran, barang stage dan apentah dibawa naik ke tingkat 2...perrgggghhh giler arghh aku rase AJK memang shortage sbb kami kene angkut barang2 nun maybe 10 kali turun naik..dah le lif belakang ade satu je, kene tunggu giliran lagi, berebut dgn pekerja2 hotel lagi..isk isk..once again, aku gak yg angkut flip chart sorang2 dr lori ke ruang legar tingkat 2...maybe disebabkan mmg yg terer angkut flip chart aku je kot :p..anyway, malam tu dapatlar lepak2 bilik tido hotel CEC sponsor utk semua AJK..sayangnye aku xdapat tido mlm tu sbb barang keperluan aku sendiri xpacking lagi..iskk..kene balik bersama Daus dan stay up manakala AJK lain dpt tido..tapi sempat le posing dan baring2 dulu di malam pertama..

Aksi terlampau Khairy dan Aly

Sayang :)...sayang saaayyyaaang sayang...sayang sayang sayang? (cam poyo je)

So hari ditunggu telah tibe...National Conference on Continuing Technical Education and Training 2007 (CCTET ’07) bermula, dgn tema “Continuing Education and Training for Sustainable Development: Preparing Global Workforce”..walaupun kami semua mmg kene masuk dewan dan “mendengar” (sambil pejam mata?) ucapan2 VIP, aku ade mase kene kluar utk uruskan peralatan, especially kat dalam bilik2 Parallel..kene test notebook, projector,speaker,mic blabla kene in working order..

Contoh pelajar yg menumpukan perhatian dalam conference hall

Penjaga loceng bilik Parallel..actually ni bukan tugas aku..

Sebahgian rerakan yg masuk Parallel hanye utk minum2 dan bukan utk mendengar ceramah..

Along: “Siapa kejadahnye tampal mende2 nih kat flip chart kite? Sungguh cistt!!”

Inilah SVIP kite, Y.Bhg Dato’ Pahamin A.Rajab, Pengerusi Air-Asia, sedang mendengar penyampaian Encik Yuzrin kite, sambil diperhatikan oleh Dr Noraini dan Dr Hashim..

Ade mase sekali sekala lepak kat partition kami sendiri, booth uE yg cantik tersergam indah nan permai :p

Antara penyampai dan pendenger di bilik Parallel

Salah seorang penyampai, Puan Nafisah (merangkap lecturer statistik aku dulu)..tuu die flip chart yg aku bawak..setakat aku usha, cume puan je yg menggunakan ruang flip chart utk tulis2 benda..

Sebahagian jejaka cube mendampingi gadis ini...siapakah pilihan hatinye? Kite tunggu selepas ini (gaye Jalaludin Hassan :p)

Lain2 masa, lepak kat bilik hotel sendiri lar..hahaha

Tapi utk Day 1, aktiviti kemuncak ialah malam tuh, “The Colors of INSEP”..time niler setiap fakulti akan menunjukkan bakat2 terpendam menonjolkan diri..dari Zapin ke Choir ke Fashion Show ke Pantonim (fakulti kami)..tidak dilupakan juga, aktiviti bulahan segala makanan2 yg lazat2 lagi mewah..especially shark fin soup..wargh gile xpenah makan..mau 4 mangkuk tambah...yg lain2 tu biaselar, ratah ayam, ketam, nasi goreng dll...tatkala orang lain dgn mudahnye menggunakan chopstik, aku dgn SELAMBEnye pakai tangan je...mamposler, ape barang chopstick2 nihh..pakai tangan barulah menonjol sket kebulahan diri..(actually, the real reason is, I SUCK at using chopstick..serius xreti giler..arrghh xkire, xnak japang mempengaruhi aku, jdi org melayu pakai tanganler makan..huhhu..)..tapi adeler sekali due attempt nak menyedapkan ahli meja..huhu..

uE clan..minus Ibrahim, Daus & Jun..

Huihh sape xterkeliur tengok niih? (patut bulahspot material nih)

nikmat lazat merase shark fin soup...fuuhhh

aduh terseksanye makan nasik dgn chopstick..nasik orang Japang ketul2, tu yg senang nak angkat..

Perhatikan encik MadSyah sedang cube membuat resepi ayam berperisa teh cina (lihat gelasnye) secare tersengaja..itulah antara faktor aku taknak guna chopstick! Huahauhauuha..


Orang2 besar INSEP pon kene catwalk gak..ingat kami je yg kene...

Penyanyi yg bakal top (ye kot) menyanyi bersama pengacara TV3, Encik Nizal Mohammad (bukan Hadfi Ismeth ekk..yg tu RTM), yg sudi datang meriahkan majlis.

Choir la pulak

Time pantomin, highlight utama ialah mestilah tang askar2 japang kene tembak oleh askar melayu...kalau rase nak tengok sorang sahabat kite “mati tergelincir”, boleh tgk video kat blog
Achik..hahaha..aku boleylarr jadi narrator, dgn baju kebangsaan lengkap segak bergaya..

Tentera melayu dan japang dah bersiap sedia nak berperang sesama sendiri

Gadis2 zaman moden yg alpa tentang erti kemerdekaan..huhuhu

Apis: “aku sorang je patriotik ni ape baranggg..korang ni larr..isk isk xleh jadi nih...”

Gadis2 kampung yg tunjuk2 rajin sementara set2 laki tau main takraw je..

Dah sampai 2 otai japang nak cari mangsa yg sesuai

“Syoh syoh kami nak duduk sini lak!!”

Budak2 laki pon diorang tala gak..isk mmg super ganazzz

Japang menguasai tanah melayu (dgn care melepak dan berbaring aje)

Amik ko..kan dah kene serang


Malaysia...cemerlang terbilang..negaraku gemilang!” (curik gambar UciTV)

Pantomin crew selepas berlakon..yeah!

Sebahagian uE clan dgn Encik Nizal (sekali lagi bukan Farit Farahan ekk)..

Pasang huruf elok2 lar Aly..hempuk karang baru tau...

Lewat malam sket, sebelum masuk bilik tido (dapat gak tido hotel), xcukup makanan hotel, kami & gangs kuar minum2 di bus stand lame..order roti kosong 2...serius s*it, itular roti yg paling xsedap pernah aku makan diseluruh alam buana lanc*u, rase tepung je..blacklist ler kedai tuh utk makan roti, maybe bende lain ok kot..wargh! mujur bukan aku yg bayo..

Krew menunggu drebar

Sengal ke ape nih

Mane roti xsampai2 lagi nih? Xsampai terus pon xpe kalau tau xsedap..

Tak layak terus kedai ini dimasukkan dalam bulahspot..not recommended!

Day 2 sebijik cam day 1..yg bezayer kamera aku kasi Jamal & Matyuz pegang, so abis shot2 perabih kat diorang..sile tgk koleksi gambar kat Picasa aku jer la..aku lak lepak dalam bilik Parallel dan terus ZZZZ...serious ngantuk gile..selambe je aku tido walhal aku duk depan sekali sambil dah 3-4 orang presenter berucap kat depan..

Gaya aku kebosanan dalam conference hall

Gaya aku kegarangan kat booth

Qider: “memperkenalkan...niler die cosmonaut Malaysia yg sepatutnye berlepas ke ISS nanti tp xdapat sebab 'terlebih muatan'...xpelar, beliau singgah jap nak bagi inspirasi kpd bebudak” :p

Membulah di dining hall waktu tengahari tidak dilupakan

Tidak ketinggalan aksi terlampau dibilik hotel..kat bilik orang lagi tuh..

Petang tulak aktiviti kepenatan berulang lagi, iaitu packing segala macam barang yg diangkut ke hotel, kali ini dibawa pulang ke UTHM perkara sama dilakukan seperti diatas (aku angkut sorang2 flip chart bla2)..mujur next day miss Jun bersama-sama tolong antar ke Pusat Multimedia tuh (TQ!!) xpelar, in the end I think it was worth CEC said, the INSEP
students themselves organized this, satu lagi aktiviti major yg mane aku jadi AJK boleh ditulis dalam resume utk tatapan interviewer...huhuhu...

AJK Peralatan (minus Pa’Joe)

So pulanglar dgn perasaan hendak mencari tilam dan bantal...malam terawih pertama dah terus burn :p..

PS – adakah ini entry terpanjang pernah aku tulis dlm sejarah? Maybe so..

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