Saturday, March 29, 2008 

1-month Job Celebration


So, what’s with the ‘proper’ attire I wore on Lan’s wedding before…what was that occasion? Well, fear not my friend…this Monday would be my 1-month anniversary for me being a ‘worker’..yup, that’s it…after for so long, sooo looonnggg, thinking when will my chance of earning my own salary…it finally came on that day…

I currently work in a contractor’s company somewhere around KLCC. Specificly, I work as a ‘project engineer’ at GRB Sdn Bhd, situated inside the UOA Centre. This building is exactly at the front of the Convention Centre main entrance.

So, what does a contractor do? What is really my job? Hmmm…Frankly speaking, I am not very clear of my task just yet…So far, it is something like this: My boss handed me a project from our main client, and I deal with some documentation for the project, such as Letter of Acceptance, Work Order, some tender filling stuffs, Schedule of Rate, CIDB and levy-thing, EFTs, BQs blablabla…I also have to cooperate closely with my Quantity Surveyor and Site Supervisor, also with some of the important staffs from the main client and sub-cons. And yes, I’ve attended a site meeting (one so far) and inspect the project’s site itself.

What about the work environment? It’s okay, quite pleasant, like a typical office…the staffmates here are also the ‘gile-gile’-type and funny as well..and for the fact that I’ve finally got myself a new PC to work on, just arrived late last week, theoretically*, my work productivity should increase (* - notice this long do you actually ‘working in the whole working hours? :p)…

I started my job at 9am, so my Abah or Mama will send me to the Serdang station as early as 7:15-7:30am…but I do not necessary get an early train ride…I didn’t mean to belittle the Komuter service, but it always happen…the train does not often arrive at fixed schedule, and they tend to skipped time as well…by that time, people are getting more and more as they come…the people at the station itself can fill the entire empty Komuter train, if one (ever) arrives…the problem is (as usual), when the train comes, it has been jammed-packed like sardines in a can, and we have ‘compress’ ourselves to get in…even that depends on luck as well…sometimes, I had to ‘let go’ 2 or 3 trains until I got myself in, (and arrived late at the office)…After arriving at KL Sentral, I took the RapidKL to KLCC…

Our rest time is at 1-2pm…Here’s the thing…I have accustomed myself with the restaurants and stalls at Parit Raja during my study time..Here, I could have cried while eating, thinking about the price I had to pay for about 2-3 times higher! So much for being an ‘orang Kay-El’…

We stopped at 6pm..I don’t usually get out early, that’s the weird part…I leave the office around 6:30-6:45pm, sometimes even later…by average; I would reach my home between 9pm-10pm, and on rare circumstances, up until midnight! And yes, I always ‘dead’ tired, and sleep very early…the cycle continues every day, except for Saturday when I work until 1pm only (half-day), and Sunday is the off-day…

So, what is my monthly income? Hmm…I could not say this…Let’s just say, since this is my very 1st job, and I’m actually in a 3-months probation period, the salary would be just fit for my level as a n00bie…If there’s my chance of continuing here after 3 months, it might rise to a more ‘normal’ level, I don’t know…But like any other worker, the early stage of working is to get use to the environment, and get as much experience as possible…My task so far was something really new, something that doesn’t have to do with my degree as an Electrical Engineer. So I want to see how far I could go with these kinds of challenges...

But then again, you wouldn't know where your future lies...I might last more than a year, or I wouldn't even last another 1 week! I still seen videography as my long-term profession...Let's see if I could stay focus of what I love, or let it go if it means progress...

So I think that’s it for now…Sorry, I do not have photos of me and the office, with the staffmates just yet…so stay tuned, this ‘working adventure’ of mine is just the beginning…Wassalam..

Friday, March 21, 2008 

Best wishes, madam :)


Dear, I would like to express my warmhearted congratulation to you on having the official title of 'puan'...May you and your husband live prosperously, peacefully under His Blessings and Guidance..Also, hopefully always remember those who loved you and those you loved...I wish that one day, I will attain the happiness like you do...Wishing you all the best in you new 'status'... Godspeed dear...:)

And yes, I found the 'book' was just laying 'around the corner' all the time, waiting for someone like me to pick it up..(after doing a lot trial and-error of some missing keywords before..huhu)...I'm making sure I enjoyed every single letter of its content (which is the reason I haven't yet finished reading the 'What people are saying...' section for the whole week, let alone the actual content :p huhhu)...Thank you, dear :)

"Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry." ~ Tom Mullen

PS – I kinda like the element of surprise I've got...Before, I used to become a 'stalker', digging some infos and reading some gossips (which indeed true)...This time, I was 'idling' myself for so long, very long..I haven't log on more than a month!...Maybe, it's better this way so the news I heard comes directly from the heart of the love ones...

but then again, I can't let that happen very's not so good from my part of view...if I want to know some news and updates, I should also contact her often, and to show that I care enough...

Sunday, March 16, 2008 

Nazri and Elaiza's wedding

Who: Nazri & Elaiza

When: 15-16th March 2008

Where: Dewan Bunga Kertas, Taman TTDI Jaya, Seksyen U2, Shah Alam

Summary: Nazri @ Ayie was my left-sided neighbour (If I’m facing at my rent house front door) at the Samads Community since we all move to that area since year 1…Ayie was my ‘tokan’ of most of the latest movies and animes, especially that involves cute girls (shoujo) and ec…emm, xyah sebut lar hahaa…Also quite up-to-date with some latest gadgets and would ‘race’ with me in who has the most sophisticated one…haha pancing ajelar…while Elaiza, previously known as ‘Gombak’ but since she had moved out to Shah Alam, I just called her Ela…Ela, the super smart & ‘chomey’ girl was my right-sided (selang 2 rumah actually) neighbour in the same community…I used to ‘raid’ their house to do some ‘hand job’(gile ayat cam buat amende aje…I helped repaired their PC larr..)…they both were from Meche courses…So same community, same course, we could guess the way they met each other…but their relationship is kinda ‘unique’, which I won’t tell it here unless you have followed my blog (and others, particularly) for the past 3 years…I’m glad it finally end up very well..

Run-down: The ‘kenduris’ were held two days…the 1st day was at Ela’s home, so most of the girls, especially her housemates and her coursemates came on this day…The next day was Ayie’s, but it held at the hall…Actually we’ve been invited to attend to either or both of the places, but I chose to come at Ayie’s place since I was more used to him than Ela (pretty obvious)…At around 10am, Lann (the one who married 2 weeks ago, reviewed at my previous entry) called me and asked whether if I could come…He said he could pick me up at the Batu Tiga Komuter station, as it was so near to the hall…but I didn’t realized this, as I thought he was going to pick me up there for his convenience, as the address stated that it was at ‘Shah Alam’…I took the RapidKL bus from my place to the Serdang station…This was the time when ‘hell’ usual, the train did not follow its schedule, and it lagged unusually long…I also had to wait a bit more at KL Sentral for the train to Klang…thinking that Lann surely agonizingly waited for me, I called him and tell him to go first…The card stated until 4pm, but I’ve got my train at around 3:30pm..I chosed to stop at Shah Alam station, only when to find out (when I called Ayie about my late arrival) that Batu Tiga was indeed nearer…It was already past 4, but I had high hopes that I could make it there, at least a little feast of leftovers :p…this was when I met Mat Yuz at the station (surprise, surprise!) with his packed bags, like someone who was moving out from home…In the end, all the fusses paid off nicely, ye tak incik Mat Yuz? I took a cab then from Batu Tiga station to the hall, cost me about RM6..huuu..the time was around 4:30pm, and as expected, except the couples and their families, the rest of people were nowhere to be seen..Even the food, plates, chairs and tables were being packed up…haha poyo sungguh dtg kenduri lambat2 nih..but of course, latecomers will always have a ‘special’ invitation (lagi la poyos), and they brought me along with them to Ayie’s brother’s home…So dptle makan2 disane beserta layanan istimewa dari Ela juga,hahaa :p…But wait, I was NOT the LAST person to come to their wedding..The record went to Encik Maswady Maskin, who arrived around least ade gak member datang lg, malu lar makan sorang2…huhu…

Okaylar, once again, all the best and happiness forever, Incik Ayie and Puan Ela! (ops tambahan, jage elok2 Handycam aku time gi honeymoon nun…pastikan ia kekal ‘suci’ bawak balik nanti..huhuhu)

[koleksi gambo]

haa..amik gambo kat taman bunga lagi tuh...
kan spesel namanye hehe..

Thursday, March 13, 2008 

Unbalancing act...

entri tiada kene mengena dgn gambo diatas..
soriler nak semakkan blog dgn gambo ntah ape ntah

Hi all,

Just a quick, short and sad story…March 13th was supposed the day I’ve completed one part of my long delayed objective – that dreadful motorcycle test. I departed at night (8 o’clock) by bus, with ‘Parit Raja’ engulfed my mind, and PURPOSELY skipped the Batu Pahat station for two reasons (*), and headed straighted to Pontian (look at the Johor map and compare the distance, please). And the next morning, I took a bus back to Batu Pahat, approx. RM5 fare ticket, 2 hours travel.

(*) 1 – Since I arrived at Batu Pahat at midnight, I was quite sure that my tutor will not going to get me at the station. There were no more local bus services, except taxis, but I didn’t want to waste some bucks on them…My one and only hope is Mr Daus of Senggarang…Pity me, he kinda ‘reluctant’ to answer and/or reply my calls/messages :p..must be busy of something

2 – I don’t mind sleeping at the bus station, but not at Batu was too open and too cold…There might be one or two ‘bad guys’ who will kidnap me and take me as a hostage (haha like I’m a million dollar boy – not)…So I took a gamble of staying in the bus until it reached Pontian, the bus final destination…At least there was a surau, which was accessible from the outside, so I could sleep comfortably (albeit sharing with two person…I think they were wanderers themselves)

I reached the driving school at around 10:30am…the test will be started at noon, so there was a lot of time to rest, but no time (not allowed) to do last minute training. There were a lot of people, mostly juniors, more specifically gals, with all those chubby and cute faces, which would be the contribute ‘factor’ of my test results..huhuu..Anyway, my number was around 30, so I was able to see other people first on how they manage it..

FYI, it had been almost 2 months since I last touched a bike, let alone ride of course, I forgot a lot of things – the route, the hand signal, and the ‘balancing’ act..

I could see some other people failed early on, the plank test. To make matters worse, people who were waiting for their turns were seated exactly right in front of the plank, so they would able to see directly..arrghh! I wondered what will happen to me if I fail this one “’ve come this far...wasted a lot of time, money..I cannot simply fail this...I have to do it...”

Then, it was my turn…with the motor just in front of the plank, and with the signal from the JPJ instructor, with my gear was on 2, I’m off…

…way off…

…OFF THAT DAMN PLANK! WARGH! Just as I thought…I fell off without actually getting on the plank! when I said fell off, not that kind of ‘jatuh tergolek2 lalu bergelimpangan’…it was just that I didn’t manage to get on the plank, so I went straight on the asphalt…I could hear some gals screaming (bemused?)..WARGH! my ‘water-face’ has dropped! How could I hide it? Darn, because of this, I failed the whole Part II test (this include Emergency brake, the ‘8’ and sharp turn), so I headed straight for Part III (traffic)…The only positive was that I passed this one…But then again, I have to come here again, pay my bus fare again, also pay and take only the Part II test, which will be held..I don’t know…still unallocated…I think I should start on gear 3 the next time, although I did test on 2 before, and it was okay…Maybe because during the test day, they were using the brand new motorcycle, so there was some pickups on gear 2.

Because of this, I still unable to hold my 1-YEAR OLD PASSED driving license!! (I took a combo package) much for being one-time-attempt-driving-test...If I knew, I would only take car license...

Sunday, March 09, 2008 

Malaysia...heading towards the 'one' direction

March 8th was the day when Malaysia held the 12th General Election…Like the last time, my abah and mama had gone back to Kedah to vote there, as they hadn’t change their locality yet..the specific places were the Kuala Kedah parliamentary seat and Pengkalan Kundor state seat, that was our last home before we moved to Selangor…My brother crossed names at DUN-Seri Kembangan and Puchong parliamentary respectively…Me? I was just a ‘flag-waver’…yeah right…I'll admit that I was not a ‘responsible Malaysian citizenship’ for not going out to vote. In fact, I’m not even a registered voter! (Shame on me)…Had I knew that my parents were still going to vote there, I would be a part of this huge bandwagon, and follow them there…It has been so long I last took my feet off the land of ‘Jelapang Padi Malaysia’…Ahh, home sweet home…

And you know what, when the results came out, I would say that I regretted not being a part of this year’s GE. As you can see, this scenario, the so-called ‘winds of change’ does not always happen, and it might not happen again for quite some time…This year’s GE was one of a kind, and it has shown the people’s mighty power…I would love it when I see the results of certain places involving certain would-be leaders, with the majority of, say, 16531, and then I would say “Hey, that extra 1 man is me!!”…

I think it’s good for both ruling government and the opposition. It will provide stronger checks-and-balances than the last time…The rakyat’s voices will now be heard even when they just whisper…Before, most of the time, they ‘screamed’ with vain as those ‘up there’ just twiddling fingers and sharpening pencils…At least this time, most of them have been replaced, which some of them we knew for so long are greedy,corrupted b*sta*ds...or for those still in power, they wouldn’t dare to keep their ears shut anymore…After all, the PRs should earn their position as they are chosen by the rakyat themselves…(but not me…huuu sedey xpi kuar mgundi matter lar..)..

It’s interesting to see what both of the parties are going to do next..What kind of tricks they have in their sleeves to woo the rakyat…For the ruling government, since this is a major setback, they might want to review and re-review some rules and policies which had burden the rakyat, like, the ever-increasing oil, toll & consumable prices…and also those wasted mega-project which only benefit a very few people (read:those ‘up there’), while the rakyat can only ‘watch’ and drip their saliva…For the opposition, since they have laid out their nice, lovely list of manifestos, it is about time they start to deliver…maybe not all of them immediately, since there is still 4-5 years for rakyat to evaluate them…we’ll see if there is some sacrifices or compromises of what they had promised, and whether it is worth it…surely they don’t want to lose their 5 states which they themselves surprised that it fell into their lap…

As for me, I hopefully able to become one of the proud voters who could cross out some parties’ representatives in the 13th GE, sometime in 2012-2013..But 1st, I have to register myself first. I want to see the outcome first…kalau rase lain macam aje, maleh ler nak daftar,huauauau (keji gile)… Still, I hope the scenario won’t change a lot…

PS - This is by no means a political blog...It's just my personal opinion, so kalau nak flame tuh agak2 sket arr..aku mane reti sgt cite politik sebnarnye..If you think that this is I.S.A. material, I might remove it :p

Saturday, March 01, 2008 

Nazlan & Zurina's wedding

Assalamualaikum…I think it’s time I add some one-month worth of entries here…As usual, I set the date according to the time I first initially think of writing about it, without the actual writing itself..all of these took me about only 2 days..(29th March)

Who: Nazlan & Zurina
When: March 1st, 2008
Where: JKR Hall, somewhere near Bank Negara Station

Summary: Nazlan @ Lann a.k.a. the ‘Guava’ boy (haha kasi pekene Lan sekali) is my long-time STARIAN friend, since form 1..we were in the same dormitory (Arenawati) and the same class once (1S), so some of his secrets are already inside my pocket haha..We also in the same U and the same rent house in the Samad’s Community, so it’s the same face I’d seen for the past 10 years…dah bosan tengok :p (lek..gurau2 je Lann)..Zurina is Lann’s coursemate at UTHM..but they started their relationship sometime during the final 1-2 years of their study. Lann currently is a Geotechnical Engineer while his wife resides at the Borneo island, a lecturer.

Run-down: Actually, this day was my 1st day of some other occasion, so I had to go there first..around 1PM, I took the RapidKL train from KLCC to Masjid Jamek, and then I walked (yes, you read that right) to the Bandaraya might asked why should I walk when there’s a train from Masjid Jamek to Bandaraya? Well, the length between these two places is not worth the fare charged, IMHO. Along the way, there was one tourist asked me the direction to the ever popular Petronas Twin Tower…I was a lil giddy when talking to a true English speaking guy, when I myself talked ‘Manglish’..He said that he didn’t mind walking there (hey, at least I found someone who had the same preferable mode of transportation like me :p)…but I suggest him that he should take the train to go there…I forgot the exact words, but I told him something like this:

“sir, you go to Masjid Jamek station over there (I pointed it)..You cross this road, and then this road, and go straight there…but don’t buy the tickets there…next to it, there is a go down this stair and through the underpass will cross the road to reach the other side…down there, there is a counter that you can buy tickets to KLCC (KLCC…is that the place it is called? – he asked)…Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre…That’s where the Petronas Tower is situated..”..I hoped that he understands my direction…

Reaching the Bandaraya station, I crossed to the Bank Negara station…From here, using my trusty ol’ map (I snapped from my Abah’s KL map book using my hp), I walked towards the place…I thought it was about 1.5km…upon reaching there, I’ve met a lot of friends who had filled their tummies, although I didn’t arrived that late..Friends were from both of the higher institution “stages”, the STARian and the UTHMian, so you could imagine how the crowds were..and for the fact that it’s not only Lann who weds, it’s a dual wedding day, together with his brother..

So here, I met with those ‘typical’ faces from UTHM, and some not-that-often from STARian..but I also met my long-lost friend back from ITTAR days (8 years ago), Mr Ayoi..uih gile arr lame xjumpe..ader pertalian darah jugak dgn bini Lann (actually, Ayoi’s fiancée larr)..

So okaylar, dah jumpe rerakan, bocorkan perut, tonggang2 sume (uik?), maka kenelar beredar la pulak…B’coz the next day I had to become a cameraman for Maos’ two brothers’ I had to go home and prepare my equipment..Inchik Mohsin also wanted to come to my home to give me some ‘stocks’ (moobih n anime lor), so better get back arr..

All the best and happiness forever, Mr Nazlan & Miss Zurina!

[koleksi gambo]

ehehe...pehal aku format sgt nih?

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