Friday, February 29, 2008 

Febby bye bye

wargh..aku terlupe nak bawak entri ni kat opis...dah penat2 masyuk karang kat rumah dah..isk isk xpelar aku tipu tarikh dulu lar...nanti aku datang aku tukar yg nih..and aku add lg satu entri utk bulan mac nnt..orait bebeh..jangan mare :p


Like the past, I usually did not have anything particularly interesting in the month of February. After completed my industrial training last month, I’ve reverted myself to the plain, old, unhealthy lifestyle of me. Of course, in the early weeks of becoming a ‘grapist’ was enjoyable, as there was a little bit of free time to do…’nothing’…(hench the term ‘grapist’, as coined by Jamal)…I’ve returned to Parit Raja to hand in my log book and report, and continued my long-postponed motorcycle training for my license…I thought that I had managed to balance myself on that blasted bridge, after it haunted me for quite some time..the rest – hand signal & actual route – was on-da-spot kind of thing, so no worries…Being a ‘true’ wanderer myself, not only I slept at Daus home, but also at my driving tutors’ home for couple of days, and even at mosque for a night…huhu…Then I took another 3 days, visiting my comrades at JB…Mr Siput had ‘threatened’ me to come, or…hmm whatever…I came back to my home sweet home a day before CNY…

And so, my grapist activity continues…After a while, I thought that…What the heck am I doing at home? Sleep and eat all day was so unproductive…If I could earn some cash while ‘zzz’ing, then that was another story…my Mama has told me to go and find one almost all the time..and, with the fact that I’ve yet to be paid for my last practical training didn’t help my cause, so I was both jobless and moneyless as well…except, only a few remaining balance I kept, given by CEC…

My supposed JPJ test was on 28th (yesterday)…that was what my driving tutor told me then…I was really eager to complete this as, if not, then I would not be able to ride a bike AND drive a car as well – I registered for both for my license…(so add another one – jobless, moneyless and ‘move’less :p)…Jamal had something to settle at UTHM, so we went to PR ‘together’ (4 hours gap actually) on the day before and slept at Daus home…Not forgetting the ‘kerang’ session in the evening at Senggarang…

I could not reach my tutor, so I assumed that the date was correct, like she told me before…

Hmm…tough luck…I ‘wasted’ RM32, back and forth, (excluding ‘enjoying’ fees) in hoping the complete my test…apparently, my tutor ‘forgot’ to tell me that the date had ‘changed’ to some other time, as that day, it was already full…har har har…oklar, to be able to ‘open table’ to my friends was already good enough for me…

I took some time to visit the Popular book store at the summit…In the past, I used to stroll around, skimmed some pages without even buying it…and that was really, really long time ago…but that day, I was looking for a book…it was supposed to be ‘popular’, at least, that was what ‘she’ told me…my guess that it might be some kind of motivational, or self-improvement book…maybe a novel? Naahhh… there were others, like..emm, ‘Mars and Venus : Starting Over’…the book is about…emm you figured it out…I looked a bit the content of the book, and, surprisingly, I realized that I made a mistake – I’ve got the role of Mind vs Heart reverse! (that was what the author himself thinks)..He said that all those negative or bad things actually comes from the heart, while those positive and counter-measure comes from the mind…hmmm I think I keep my own version for a while…even reading that book itself was something astonishing…it was sooooo not-me…The religious book entitled ‘Jangan Bersedih’ was even better…

Coming back to KL, I stopped for a while at Low Yatt Plaza to buy some techie stuffs…I’ve got myself a 4GB pendrive with the price less than 1/5 of my 1st 256MB pendrive I bought 4 years ago…I’d also bought MS Pro Duo for my hp, also 4GB, which sadly, I cannot use it because my hp’s card compartment was faulty…and the ‘cap-ayam’ brand of multiple card reader was indeed cap-ayam…almost every major memory card cannot be read, except SD & microSD (I don’t have any MMC family [include RS and micro], and also M2), …2 days later, I came there again for a replacement with another cap ayam model…this time, it fared better, but now my microSD was unreadable…dang it…got to replace it again (*)..anyway, after Low Yatt, I went to Times Square…the place where wonderful things happened some time ago…went to MBH, again, looking for that book…hmmm…maybe I did not remember the exact keyword, as I still could not find it…short-term memory loss, maybe…OKlar, tomorrow I have important stuff to do…c u again in a month! Just kidding ler, I hope I could write a lot more after this…Wassalam…

* - I had brought it to the shop...surprisingly, he tested and it was okay...apparently, I did not inserted the microSD card deeper into the slot...wargh penat menapak pi Low Yat lagi..isk isk..

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