Saturday, September 30, 2006 


Assalamualaikum...I stumbled this kind-of-surveys at someone's blog...Actually, it was on Ammar's now extinct blog (cest ampes lu...sampai ati berenti tulih! dah xde blog laki budak ito lain yg aku bleh bace dah...wargh!)..i kept this as a draft for almost a year (10 more days to its 'anniversary')..i didn't publish it before to avoid similarities and 'plagiarism' of his ideas..huhu.....dah terjebak survey pulak :p ..a lot of these actually had been written a long time ago, with a little bit update as of today..

01. Your name: Mohd Shahiran Shuhaimen
02. Hobbies: football, computer stuffs, pc games, video editing, surf the web
03. Gender: male
04. Primary school: SK Teluk Kechai, Alor Star
05. Horoscope: Cancer (ketam)
06. Height: 170cm (tinggi tak?)
07. Secondary school: STAR Ipoh
08. Address: Kota Perdana, Putra Permai, Selangor
09. Email address: azzaeff-AT-yahoo-DOT-com (no spam plz)
10. Hair: straight
11. Eye colour: black...or very dark brown..entahlerr...
12. Hair colour: pure kekadang tuh, mmg penah ade uban...dah tue rupenye :p
13. Right or left handed: right...kiri pon berguna gak, utk bersuci...huhuuhhu
14. Marital status: Single, solo n still bachelor (penting nih!) least, for now...
15. Siblings: 6
16. Last digits of HP no: 4
17. When's yours and your special someones birthday: 1*-0*-1982 DD-MM-YYYY (applicable for BOTH person...guess what * is..huhu :D)
18. Do you have a Car: adess...lesen pon takde camna nak bawak?

* Have You Ever *
21. Tried smoking: ...yeah, i've tried (to answer this Q honestly)...but i'm glad it never a healthy life!
22. Drink alcohol: DRINK it, but may possible USE it (as a chemical solvent for cleaning electronic components)
23. Been hurt emotionally: hmmm...maybe so...ade pernah rase depress gak...
24. Kept a secret from anyone: most of the time...maybe pernah tercelupar..but if he/she asked me to keep it for myself, i'll definitely do it...
25. Been on stage: kecik2 dulu rasenye cam pernah naik stage...sebab ape ekk skrang ni pentas yang 'satu' nih still tak merasa naik lagi :'(

* Favourites *
26. Colors: pelangi...i mean, any colors will do...or, lagi pelik color tu lagi bagus! (bantai je beige,turquoise,burgundy etc)
27. Food: must follow this order - 1) halal 2) sedap 3) banyak 4) mengenyangkan...ade sume ciri nih, settle...
28. Drinks: teh o gelas...tu yg paling biasa...
29. Number: 14 for thierry henry...
30. Cartoon characters: chidori kaname (FMP)...hehehhehe
31. Sports: makan bola tido bola tengok bola main pon bola arr
32. Songs: emo-screamo-pop-punk-metal-hard-rock type (malay songs? layaanssss...try me)
33. Movies: Equilibrium (not without incident...bum bang piu dush!)...Disney animation (especially Lion King)
34. Subject: ape2 subjek yg aku tak UM @ tak amik lebih dari sekali :p
35. Day of the week: Saturday

What r u doing now??
36. Eating: tgh posa arrr...makan mase buke & sahur nanti
37. Hairstyle: banyak nih..kecik2 dulu belah tepi...pastu belah tengah (ilham jonoh)...then sikat belakang (ilham suhaib)...skrg sikat blakang sambil belah tengah (gabungan ilham mantap) kalau tgh xkacak, biar serabut cam 'tong sampah' (istilah dari maram12th...huhuhhu)
38. Looking at: the words i am typing -now- (blognyer pasal..nak tengok mane lagi)
39. Thinking of: camne nak sara anak bini nanti...huahua
40. Listening to: baru jap tadi, "Diary of Jane" by Breaking Benjamin...lps nih layan FFAF lak kot..

*Do You Believe In*
41. Love: yes
42. Faith: yes
43. Yourself: yes
44. Ghosts: yes (haven't seen one though..& i never intend to see one too!)
45. Angels: yes

* In The Last 24 Hours *
46. Worn jeans: i almost -never- wear jeans in my entire KUiTTHO life...ade le dlm 4-5 kali dalam 6 tahun...not that i don't like it, but i only have ONE jeans, compare to TEN slack trousers in my closet...xpakai rugi lak :p
47. Cleaned your room: bersih suci lagi menawan...ahahhaha...tak caye meh le melawat..
48. Cried: hari ni takde sebab nak nangis...nanti2 jelah..
49. Met someone new: takde
50. Last person I talk to on the phone : Mambo Nrocinu (baru malam td...nak tanya camna convert movie ke format utk handset)

* Love Life *
51. Do you have a GF: seganlerr...
52. Do u admire anyone: yes, definitely...i am -now-
53. Do someone admire u: saperla diriku nih...walaupun kacak sederhana melampau, namun tiada yg sudi...huuuhuuuu (poyo)
54. Do you plan on having kids: sudah semestinyer arr...
55. How old you wanna be when you get married: ikutkan hati, la ni pon dah teringin...jeles tgk rerakan sume dah apakan daya, grad pon belum...keje pon takde...duit kering je...awek lagi arr...
56. How old you wanna be when you have your first child: 9 bulan selepas kawin
57. How many kids do you want: bergendong-gendong...banyak anak kan murah rezeki...
58. Would you have kids before marriage: pekejadahnyerrr....
59. Have you found your other half: I'm already whole, physically....
60. What do you want most in a Relationship: anything as long as we are happy with what or who we

* Either One *
61. Pink or Black: due-due warna cam tak best je...emm, itam jelah
62. Kiss or hug: :-*
63. Summer or winter: dok Mesia tak merase nak main, Summer...
64. Sunny or rainy: Rainy...sejuk skitt...ade reason nak eskep gile kalau tido time nih..hehehe
65. Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla 1st prority...coklat kalau dah takde rase lain dah...
66. Hanging out or chill: ape nak buat, nak lepak dgn memember kat mandrem takde melangut depan pc jelar...
67. Music or TV: MPEG Audio Layer 3
68. Hamburger or Pizza: Big Mac caj perkhidmatan mahal nak mampos..hampes.
69. Smile or Laughing: Smile in your Sleep :)...takleh gelak, nanti elie ajuk lak...tensen aku..
70. Sleeping or eating: zzzz
71. Mc Donald's or KFC: Big Mac lagi...
72. Silver or gold: Silverstein...hahahah
73. Sunset or sunrise: Sunset...sbb time tuh baru abes tunjuk skil kat padang..hehe..
74. On phone or in person: berani cakap kat tepon je (kalau pompuan arr)...very shy arr..
75. Diamonds or Pearls: intan permata hatiku...ewahh
76. Ocean Pacific or Roxy: amende nih?
77. Band member or model: member...nak jmp Matt Davies boleh?
78. sneakers or boots: Boot Adidas Copa Mundial ku yg leathernye cap jamal le tipu aku...:p
79. clubbing or live music: rasenye tgk concert music lagi carre...
80. jennifer lopez or jennifer aniston: jenny hii yee ling (BVC)..kuikuikuikui...(best ape, nice n funny gal...)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 

BVC 1st Reunion Party 2006


sorry, i took a while to add this this is it...this entry is about our 1st official* BVC reunion 2006 (* - some may dispute this since the party wasn't grand or fancy enough...i'd say, if it is a gathering where a lot of friends involved in planning the agenda, setting the place up, collect funds, make invitation etc., & most importantly, attending it, then it's OFFICIAL..and no, this is nothing like calling 3-4 person loitering together at some marketplace staircase and call it 'reunion') was held at (where else?) kak zai's stall (a.k.a. kak janda) on 9th Sept ...that's one day before our friends Convocation Day...

the original anticipated number of friends was around 27, which is quite a lot regarding of the 'simplicity' of the party...but unfortunately (and predictably), the number declined dramatically at the last moment...the turnout was 23 (not that much you say..well, think about those wasted food, although a lot of us capable of swiped clean the food for an instant)...and even some of us had to leave early
because of family matters or other stuffs, which reduced to around 18...anyway,
while this party supposed to be for BVC and surely involved a lot of those who will attending the Convo the next day, one must not forget that one of our friend, miss V (Chew Ping) was the only one from last year graduates came here, and also, a special appearance by Hatta Azuwar of BVP...

but that doesn't stop the amount of FUN involved...originally, the word shouldn't be in my personal 'dictionary' at that moment..i felt that this party wasn't for someone like me anyway (you know why..that's why i reluctanted to reply those emails about the party)...but after a bit persuasion from K-Ani, I thought I should come after all (thank you !), had not for him, I would be attending another 'special' occasion on that afternoon, which was coincidentally, had to be postponed for unavoidable cause...oh well...(but of course, at the same time, I was frustrated for those who wasn't in the same state 'as me' couldn't come)..

where was i? ohh, the FUN...apparently, I was amongst those who created a lot of 'havoc' was that? while we were eating & cooking, we were required to pick a number out of a box...this was for either a 'lucky number-winning prize', or a 'punishment' for certain activities...mine was no.1...our 1st activity was to eat the "spicy cake"..(amende nih? makan kek bercabai, sort of)..each group of 3 will
guess, which of the other group who one of them had ate the cake which contains a bit of chilli...of course, the one who ate it usually will try to cover it's spiciness so he/she will not be pointed out as the 'culprit'...the problem was, the
chilli was not that spicy, and most of us (me, especially) could eat it without any was just a lucky guess for the winning group...We (me,hatta,zue) guess the other group wrong, and they (k-ani, bulue,naz) guess us right because k-ani saw the 'content' of the cake when I was switching it with zue (she knew she had the 'unlucky' cake and couldn't eat it, so she exchange it with me :p)...the cake still tasted sweet, regardless of the chilli inside :p...

the next activity was 'kerusi berlagu'..again i dunno the exact name of
walk around a number of chairs while a song is played, and when the song is stopped, you quickly sit on the chair...the person who misses the chair is out..then, one of the chair will be removed, then song resumed, and the walking continues...the person who successfully sits on the one and only chair that is left
wins...this was probably the hardest activity, especially when you considered Jerry as the 'big bully' could never win against him...but it looked like he had a true contender in Gen...who eventually won the final 'battle'...Gen, with his military background, probably knew the strategy and the tactics to be used in this kind of event, that is "to stay alive at all cost"..huhu...

The Poisonous Box...this is the game where a box contain fulls of 'poison' - a rolled paper containing the instruction of what to do - to be passed around in a circle of friends where a song is being played until it stopped...the last person who are still holding the box is required to pick up one 'poison' in the's some rundown of the victims:

1) Shida was required to sing a song about..emm I forgot what it song? apparently, Hatta purposedly stopped the song when Shida held the box...I bet Bulue might have a little something for Hatta after the night...

2) Jerry had to confess his love to someone ala Romeo style...and the lucky Juliet was Jim...and the roses were some pile of rambutans...very romantic indeed...

3) Ane had to do the robot know, the one Peter Crouch did when he celebrated his goal?...but this one was not so reallistic, it looked more like C-3PO than Crouchie (and I'm not even a Liv' fan)..i guess it was funny after all, since Gen laughed the loudest...

4) Amin did the monkey dance & sound...emm, not much to comment...he hestitated to do it anyway...

5) It's my turn? the box was supposed to stop at Kodok's hand but Hatta misses the stop button by a fraction and the box landed on my hand...oh well, it wasn't that bad...mine was to sing the Bujang Lapok song, together with the other 2...the paper also included the it was no problem, and I eventually let Kodok sang himself...hahaha...

6) R.B. also had to sing...a Rock Song...yearghh babeehh!!!...of course, Raja is an 'R&B' listener,however, with the help of Hatta, she managed to sing the Queen's "We Will Rock You"...ahhaha simple lyrics...we will we will rock you 3x..

The rest of the night was the lucky draw of the prizes, as well as the winner for the respective activities...I managed to win a hamper, not bad huh...our group,
represent by Zue (2nd place for 'Spicy Cake'-whatever) received a set of glasses and an ashtray (that's specificly for Hatta)...She took one glass, I took the other
3...Shida won the...what-the-heck-was-that-long-thing? my guess that it was a fork-like scratcher, the one you use it to scratch your back if your hand couldn't reach it...i could be wrong though, hopefully it's not something more 'unusual' :p..Jerry the 2nd place winner of the around-the-chair, receiving a drinking glass...Gen, the winner, got himself a picture frame, so he could hang his Convo
picture up...the same went to Nazrul as the group winner of the 'Spicy Cake'..

this was my lucky number and the 'poison' I read it for Raja (yups...previous lucky person had the privilege to read it for the victim)...

and that concludes the night...although there weren't a lot of activities & friends, this night was one of those memorable moments we treasured in our hearts and minds..hopefully, our next reunion will be even better, more fun stuffs, more activities, and most of all, more friends...the only thing I regret was that I couldn't treasure this moment within my videocamera...while it was and still functioning, the zoom function had broken, and it stayed zoomed in all the time no matter how hard I pressed it...backing off further behind won't worked as the different light condition and ambience between the place I'm standing and the target...I thought that I could make this one a free video for you guys...darn it...oh well...probably this is the time I survey some models of HDV I a freak or what?

Thanks to the "Master" organizer, K-Ani, RB, Jim...

PS - If you (esp. the gurls) have any pictures uploaded anywhere for sharing, I would be grateful to see it..

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