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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 

MRCB. The Ending...

Assalamualaikum… After about 7 month’s apprenticeship at MRCB Prasarana Sdn Bhd, it was time to say goodbye and leave this company. I was short 2 months to complete my training, but since I had accepted a job offer at other place, I thought that this was the time I took another bold step and look for a greener pasture.

I brought along abah’s camera so I can take some shots of my staffmates that somehow had helped me getting accustomed with the environment. As usual, I was a quiet and shy person, and I didn’t really talk a lot. If it weren’t from these people, I would be totally muted.

Coincidentally, it was someone’s birthday on that day, so it became a double event on the same time. I treated (belanja) them during lunch time, and I bought a cake for the birthday party. It was a surprise party, so things became pretty interesting afterwards.

Let me introduce to the young and dynamic staffmates that I’ve got along. By young, I meant that those who had the same age or younger than me, hehe.

This birthday girl is Ms. Sharifah Masytah. My original seating was just opposite, face-to-face with her, so I could see her almost all the time, hehe. Ita is from the Environmental division actually; our floor was 2 divisions combined. I kinda like this girl. Her soft and ‘manja’-like tone had swayed me sometimes, haha. When I was being ‘relocated’ to other seat (nearer to the main entrance), sometimes when she passed by, she would call my name and I’ll surely got red-faced and did my sheepish smile.

The girl at the foreground is Ms. Nurul Suriati. She sat at my right-side of my original seating. She is a very friendly person indeed. She was the first girl ever talked to me here, and she, more often than not, will start a conversation between us. Had not being her, I thought that I would remain quiet to anyone the rest of my time here. She would sometimes come to my table (actually, to Fetty’s table) and have a little chat and bring along some tit tat from the pantry.

The girl at the background is Ms. Faeizah. Also from Environmental like Ita. Not much can be talk about this girl as she was quite new, and ‘mysterious’ as well. She usually had her lunch with her boyfriend so she seldom joined us. (cheh, macamle aku selalu keluar makan dgn diorang pon..hhuhuu)

This girl whose seating just next to Ita is Ms. Faradilla. Also a Kelantanese like Fetty and me, and she would, like Nurul, come to Fetty’s and had some girly talk using our local dialect which I myself hardly understand. Fara is about as old as me (and Nurul too).

Mr. Hafiz, the handsome guy here is the one who had ‘taken away’ my seating and ‘pushed me’ to the far end of the corner. Haha, just kidding. But yeah, Apis is currently sitting at my original seat. He’s the latest team of the Environmental division, fresh from university. Also a Kelantanese as well, although I would never attempt to talk Kelantanese to him. I respect this guy much as he has ‘ustaz’-like characteristic. Very humble and cool.

There’s one more girl which I didn’t have her shot here, Ms. Zammira from Environmental. At my original seating, she sat at my left side, opposite Faezah (see? I only had girls seating at my 180-degree view of my eyes. Apis currently will be very lucky). She bears a resemblance to my second sister, huhu. Not much can be said without a picture.

And of course, who would forget my partner in crime at MRCB, Ms. Rafhati aka Fetty. We’re from GREEN so we had seen each other before. Originally, she had Zuwairi (Ery) sat near her, but since Ery relocated to Pahang, she’d been left alone until she herself moved to HQ at KL Sentral. So I’d basically take Fetty’s and Ery’s place, although on certain occasion, Fetty will come here as well (like, today. Huhu). Fetty, janganlar menangisi pemergianku ini…aku ku beli MP4 player untuk mu jua huhuhu…(She’s already engaged, so don’t think of something else).

Girl power! Yeah!

would like to say thank you to MRCB for giving me the opportunity at your company as an apprentice. Hopefully we’ll cross path again someday and do some business in foreseeable future.

[Want more pics? see here.]

salam abgngahku...
apa ni abgngah, nurul apply gems tu skali dia kol dia kata nurul x layak nk join,huhuhu...awat? knp? timkai? why?...punye la bkobar-kobar nurul nk join, apa igt nurul ni lekeh sgt ka,gugugu...ini tidak adel, kwn nurul dpt plak,hukhuk..xpe la, dh xlayak nk wat cmna ;p

shah...wheres my mp4 huh!

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